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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya p.o.v
We were makin out passionatly until I heard sounds ….
Pr: man not again sinag sinag and nasha all over again
Mya: babe don’t worry about them ..
Pr: I’m tryna have moment and they ruining it ..imma go and eff them up I’m tryin to makeout!!
Mya: prince u hang out with me too much u turnin into me…
Pr: baby I knw wat u sayin is important but let me see watt happenin
Mya: obviously people havin boogie it involes two ppl men and women-
Pr: ok Stop I know I’ll be back …
( while he left I went on twitter on meh iPhone and I got a Dm from a mb tagahanga tellin me to watch a video)
( I’m watching)
Mya: oh damn ,,( thoughts: sexy…..)
Prince ??
I walk to where he is in front of de and twist room..
Mya: they only went out for 3 weeks …
Pr: so it not bad considering de and twist is older than me and u!!
Babe slowerrrr…
( moan)
( halik on the neck)
Pr: yup it’s de and twist …..
Mya: prince come
( I bring him back in the room)
Mya: babe wat is this ??
( I ipakita him grinding on stage)
Pr: nuttin just somethin for fans ….
Mya: Mhmm why u didn’t ipakita me that ?? Huh and do u have to do it in new Orleans on a stage but not ipakita me!!! I’m shocked!!
Pr: u want me to ipakita u now ??
Mya: let me sit first …
( he grabs a chair)
Mya: wat??
Pr: sit on it..
Mya: umm ok…
( he gives me a lap dance ..)
Mya: babe imma pass out on this chair..
Pr: baby this is just the start ..
( he lifts his shirt) ( then grinds slowly)
Mya: wow u got abs?? Man jus kill me babe kill me!!!
( he stops)
Mya: why u stop ??
( he makes me get up and sits on chair)
Pr: u dnt get it ??
Mya: yeah I do ..
Pr: baby shake Ur poms poms…
Mya: no my butt is flat
Pr: no Ur booty HU-
Uhhh .. Isnt flat …
( glare at him)
Mya: give me a beat ..
Pr: I didn’t need a beat …
( I just started givin him a lap dance and slowly grind on hym’)
Pr: yes baby I’m feelin the love…
Mya: u and Ur hippy self peace signs and now u feelin the pag-ibig I should just stop ( I smirk I’m liein)
Pr: nooo!!
( pulls me on to him)
( we end up falling on the floor I’m on tuktok of him)
Pr: see I like this position 0f lap dance thing…
Mya: what has sinag sinag done to u??
Pr: nun..
Mya: I pag-ibig it!!
( makin out with him….. ( note that I’m still on tuktok of him …..)
Pr: baby …
Mya: babe…
kiesha p.o.v
( thoughts)
Ke: kiesha wat now a kid pregnant n soon everyone Is Funna be pregnant ….
Wat do I I know set rules
Kiesha (kiesha)
Kiesha (kiesha)
Ohhh kieshaa
If u pergant I might just beat ya!!!
Just beat yaaaa!!!
Ke: kiesha no that’s abuse..
I needa find somthin quick..
( end of pov)
Jawan p.o.v
I’m bored soo I call my friend over her name is amira but I call her Mira or Mimi
(convo on phone)
Mira: hello
J: uy mimi it’s Jawan wanna come ova ??
Mira: oh it 11:00 pm and Ur on the tour bus right??
J: yea it stop im on three araw break
Mira: ok ill be right ova..
J: bye
Yes Jawan !!!! Go Jawan!! Haha she gonna be mine…

tour bus two
Meak p.o.v
Meak: bro haha u suck !!! I beat!!
Jacob: don’t feel special it’s just rock ,paper,scior …
Meak: but I beat u 10 x
Lolo: shut up!!
Meak: u shut up up Lolo…
Jacob: oh snap I gotta go back tahanan u guys leave in three days right ??
Meak: yeah after tomorrow
Jac: I’ll come back after my konsiyerto I gotta wake up early..bye bros tre ,Meak,Dylan ,diggy ( tyga is sleeping)
Meak: ok bye bro
( hand shake thing and leave)
Tre’: well wat now..
Diggy: I don’t know but im going to bed..
( leaves)
Tre: so leaves u ,,me and Lolo,and dylan

Dylan: yeah bye I’m going to sleep on bus number 1 with mb thank u very much see y’all tomorrow…
Lolo: yeah bye .
( leaves)
Tre: Uhh never mind bye bro..
( leaves n turn off light)
Meak: seriously im sittin right here hello?? how all y’all Funna leave. Leaving me in the dark…ok I see how it is!!
( Meak thoughts..twitter!!!)
( than pulls out iPhone..)
Lolo: ( screams from room ) I knw u nt on twitter…
Meak: shut up I can be on it if I want 2 u freaking wanna be!!!
Lolo: in 2 am!!! U wanna be Chris brown!!
Meak: u wanna be princeton girl !!
b-b-b ut it never
Never going to happen ( yeee)
( keep on tweeting)
Lolo: ….( quite)
Meak: that’s what I thought I shut u up…
end of p.o.v
Jawan p.o.v
Mari is finally here
J: uy Mimi
Mira: uy Jawan
J: wanna watch a movie..
Mira: no I just wanna talk
J: bout Wat
Mira: that u rock the stage ..
J: u saw ??
Mira: yea i thought u were so cute up on stage ..( Mira thoughts: did I say this out loud(end)
J: u think soo cause u cute urself
Mira: ( blushes hard) thanks ..
J: so we knew eachother for a long time I wanna know if u—
Mira: yeeesssssssssss!!!! ( screams)
( than jumps on me)
J: Woah girl take it slow..( laughs)
Mira: sorry I’m so excited..
J: I’m excited 2 I just might jump too ( winks at Mira)
Mira: ( laughs) surrrree if u jump on me please don’t break me …
J: why would I jump on u I hate u!!
Mira: ( tears ) wat ?!!!?
J: I hate cause u estola my puso …
Mira: ( tears of happiness)
J: come er girl …I got u don’t cry ..
Mira: it’s tears cause I’m happy..
J: Aww on first araw wow
Mira: Ive been waiting forever for u to ask me out!!
J: oh yeah well we together now promise me don’t let nobody break us apart..
Mira: I promise
( I sit on my kama and she sat on my lap I kissed on the cheek then I looked in her eyes n caught a glimpse of her beauty in the future I see this working out ..( she grabs face and kisses me) ( I laughed ) but I loved it she laughed to and for the night she stayed over and layed in kama susunod to me I was holding her in my arms…while she gently drifted to sleep them so did I .. Dream: my girl Amira!!!!! ( shout out from puwang ) j: Houston we got a problem ..
Houston: wat u want now Jawan
J: she estola my puso !!! Yesss helllloooo world I’m Jawan and my girlfriend is Amira !!!
( drifting away into dreams of Amira)

Ok so what u want to happen susunod ???
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Lol. Just look at Roc
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I hope you pag-ibig this video & please put comments & please no bad comments & thank you & have a nice day!!!!!!
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a araw in the life: new york city
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may 30 2013
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posted by RayRaycutie
okay so busy alot n my mom iz takn time off my computer time n lik....SCHOOOL iz gttng on my nerves n if u guys cnt read this, sorry its early n i cnt type rite now!!! oksy??? so the stry!!!!

india-U DID WAT????
ray-HE DID WAT?????
tasha-who did wat?????
prod-*oming up 2 us* uy guys
me-hey told me...about...u 2...n im sorry 4 the way he's been actng but he just HATES it wen ppl call him afro puff
me-smh wouldve been nice 2 kno!!!!!!
prod-*just laughs*
roc-so hungry yall wnna get sum FOOOD????
dee-dang!!!!! yo greedy self lego thn!!!!
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Omg roc I turned the person around and looked hard I jump about four legit flights it was one of my cousins no this man has to have the same thing roc has but not fully developed yet. Diggy is a monster for black mailing and controlling people to do stuff is he out of his mind. I got a call from my mom and teetee I picked up the fone and they were talking at the same time about roc. WAIT STOP pagganap LIKE CHILDREN AND SPEAK!! I yelled it got quite cuz I never really talk back like a bulistice maniac. Teetee was the first to speak. Roc is going to die out if the electricity don't turn back on....
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ok i swear this iz princeton!!!!!!!!! wut yall think???
mindless behavior