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posted by ajmindless
WARNING This artikulo may be inapropriate for some users

In the Room

Prince:(kisses her neck) you taste nice
Prince:come on ipakita me your dirty side
AJ:you dont want to see my dirty side
Prince:i want to
AJ:fine shut up and ill go dirty
Prince:thats what i like lay downs ma lady
AJ:(lays down)hit me
Prince:(removes her dress and kisses her slowly)
He untacks her bra and removes her undies
Prince:(lies on her and continues halik her)
AJ:for fuck sake stop halik me stupid afro boy
Prince:(removing his shirt) dont call me that
AJ:or else what
Prince:(moves his pants and underwear)
Goes in super fast
Prince:what is my name
AJ:afro puff
Prince:(goes in faster) whats it
Prince:*tries to play with her boobs*
AJ:weve had sex im done here
Prince:what come on babe
AJ:bye nigga (puts on clothes and goes outside)

They go out and everyone looks at them weird

Ray:im out
AJ:right behind ya ray
Brii and Roc:what did you do
Prince:nothing i think

Now i just remebered these 2 lovers

Keke is now 9 months pregnant

Keke: link

Keke:babe i think my water broke
Diggy:ok lets go to the hospital
Keke:wait how u so cool
Diggy:just get in the car
Keke:ru- ohh fuck
Keke:this shit hurts

In the hospital......

Dr:ok well get her in the kama and well it will happen
Dr:sadly u cant come in to see this process
Diggy:if i could see her naked in kama i can see her now
Dr:not this again
Diggy:every time i come her the same damn thing
Dr:ok just cool of and do whatever you want
Diggy:thats all i want

With sinag and AJ

RAY:*real quiet*
AJ:*super quiet*

P.S theyre at some beach

Ray:u liked it didnt you
AJ:like what
Ray:what happened in that room
AJ:i dont know
Ray:how could u not know
AJ:i just dont
Ray:u lok like a stripper
AJ:i know
Ray:ur makin me pag-ibig you more
AJ:(laughs) so you like strippers
Ray:no only you
AJ:(stares into his eyes)
Ray:i luv u
AJ:i luv you too
Ray:wait you actually sinabi it
They halik then tounge halik then eventually they were making out

Prince:(pulls up in a white ferrari) sinag get the fuck off of my girl

AJ: oh my

What will happen will they fight...will they kill each other

To Be Continued
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posted by Missprinceton1
there was a mb konsiyerto that my friend were going to thay also had bacstage passes they forced me to go or if i did not go they would post the vidio of me dancing on the internet i hate them girls
me; im not going
mia; come on telica
me; no way i hate them boys
mia; no you dont
me; yes what do you like in them
mia; pls you have to go mum is waiting outside
me; i aint goin
kayla; pls or we will post this
me; where did ya get that
kayla; we recorded it
me; give it
kayla; first ya have to come to the konsiyerto
me; fine but ya have to alisin it
kayla; ok
taylor; dayami mia ur mum says to hurry up
mia; were coming...
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posted by Missprinceton1
Me and my friend tess got back stage pass to the mindless behavior konsiyerto this friday.

me: dayami tess are you coming to mb konsiyerto tomorrow?
tess: of course wouldent miss it for the world.
me: what are you gonna where?
tess: i donno ... what are you gonna where
me: something to impress princeton
tess: how can you like him prodigy is the cutest
me: no way princeton is
tess: dream on
me: what ever
tess: you dont talk to me like that ( side click )
me: LOL

**After school**

Me: mum im going
mum: where?
me: to tess house
mum: wait a minuto your grounded
me: for what
mum: don't act like you don't no
me: i don't
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posted by Ilu-princeton
While we though everyonelse was sleep, diggy and Janae stayed up talkin allnight. They gave eachother their number, told secrets, asked questions, and then their eyes met. They started halik uncontrollably and then they stopped. Diggy took off his sando and janae took hers off. Dont worry, she had a tank tuktok on and stuff. They kissed and then he sinabi " i like you alot and i wanna be with you, will you be my yes! She sinabi cutting him off. They kissed and fell asleep in eachothers arms. The morning came and everyone was woke except janae and diggy. Mimi looked at them and sinabi awww, my bestie...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Roc: D its still your turn
D: oh ok.
Roc: i dare you to....hmmmm.. lets see... twerk on ray.
D: fine but you gotta play my song.
mimi played bands and make her dance again and D twerked on ray.
he kept smiling the whole time.
After that we all just played music and all the girls twerked on the boys. Mimi sat down for a minute. Prince started grinding and mimi damn near fell out her chair.
She sinabi " oh hell yeah, lets dance".
at about two o'clock in the morning everyone decides to go to sleep because they have to go tahanan the susunod day. On the way to sleep, ray,roc, prod, shay, D, and tookie heard something....
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posted by Princetonlove01
 So Mindlesss
So Mindlesss
After every1 gets on da bus and goes 2 sleep except 4 Mya and Princeton and Kesha and Ray-Ray.

M-watz wrong boo? P-nuffin juz thinking. M-bout wat? M-U and stuff. M-lyke? P-juz DAT do you hav any1 bac at home? M-no. P-u sure? M-yes do you think i am cheatin on u? P-no i am juz askin cuz i don`t want 2 put my feelings out there and u got pag-ibig 4 someone else. M-i pag-ibig you and you only i tumawid my puso and hope 2 die. P-OK babe. sinag R-so u got pain? K-not really juz nervous. sinag R-wat you nervous about boo? K-juz afraid of being a mother. sinag R-well i am rite here i am not gonna leave you lets...
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