tuta in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville is about a human girl named Kate and her dog Magic trying to rescue Princess Iva. The ipakita is has several good characters. This listahan is about the 5 characters that I like the most.

5. Krakia

Krakia is 1 of Eva's sidekicks. Krakia is a uwak who has a hilariously odd voice. She is the most helpful and coolest of Eva's helpers.

4. Princess Iva

Princess Iva is the leader of Pocketville. Princess Iva is a cat. She got Nawawala in a city so a dog helped her. Iva is a cool ruler who knows when to be both serious and lighthearted.

3. Kate

Kate is a young human girl and is the bituin of the show. She is a really nice person who's always eager to help others. She's a polite and heroic person.

2. the Petbuster

The Petbuster is a person that captures animals. He is a hialirious villain, because despite trying to be threatening he's super corny. It's hard to not LOL whenever he's around.

1. Eva

Eva is a cat and the show's main villain. She's Princess Iva's sister who wants to take over Pocketville. She is a very cool villain who manages to be both threatening and entertaining.