Rachel Berry [Season 02, episode 14: "Blame It On The Alcohol"] Funniest Rachel moments: which one was your favorite?

Pick one:
pag-awit the original song written sa pamamagitan ng herself, "My headband"
Being drunk for the first time
Dancing drunk with Finn
Saying Blaine his face taste awesome (after the "Spin the botlle" kiss)
Telling Will his vest is really cute (still being drunk)
Seducing Mike sa pamamagitan ng telling him how great he is (still being drunk)
Calling Blaine (still drinking at her house)
Bringing the lefts of the alcohol to the school (adding it Oreos and cough syrup)
Quote [See in comments]
Feeling happy after being rejected sa pamamagitan ng Blaine (for getting inspiration to compose)
Quote: "Let's partaaay!" (with a faltering voice)
Quote: "It tastes like pig! It tastes like piiiigggg!!!"
 Surpr1zzm33 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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