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What should I do?

Ok, so, i told my best friend i liked this guy and she sinabi he was cute but he'd be a really good boyfriend and that i should go out with him. The susunod araw i went over her house with my other friend Lauren. Lauren called the guy and asked him who he liked and he sinabi Mahnoor (the back-stabber) was one of them. I was mad. REALLY mad. She sinabi she doesn't lke him and even if she did she would never go out with him. She went out with him the very susunod day. she lied to me. Then she told me she would break up with him if I wanted her to. I told her to and she sinabi no. She lied again. Then she sinabi she really did break up with him and at the football game I asked him out and he sinabi he was going out with Mahnoor. She lied again. So I got really mad and called her a bitch. The net araw she came crawling back to me sayin that she was stupid and that she gave him up for me for real this time. Now we're mga kaibigan but she always talks about him. It hurts. Im havin doubts that shes a true friend. tell me what u think^^
 Smexxy_Vamp posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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lilacool said:
U shud never b mga kaibigan with such a liar.Dont b mean to her though.Just tell her u dont want to be her friend anymore but that u will still b polite to her.Hop i helped
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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