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Always & Forever
By: moolah
Chapter One: Tuesdays
    Hi! My name is Naomi Locket. I am 15 years old and I have no parents. None! They died in a horrible car accident, but that’s all right sa pamamagitan ng me, it gives me madami time to spend with the hottest guy alive-Thomas Richards. He’s my boyfriend of 2 years. He has auburn hair and green eyes. But, the disadvantage of having a boyfriend, and being so close, is the often result-babies. Our daughter and son (twins), Jordyn(girl) and Emmett(boy) are about 6 months old. Jordyn is the most adorable little baby, whenever she is sleeping, and Emmett has the best eyes-they are a silky blue and they look as soft as a bunny. We kept Jordyn and Emmett and they know, sleep, eat, burp, and poop. I’m in school still, but things get even crazier because I have my little sister, Annie and my little brother, James living with me. My older sister, Hailey took Greg, our poodle and went and decided to live with her boyfriend, Martin. My twin brothers that are older than me, took the great responsibility of taking our two hermit crabs, John and Pauline. They are so mature.
    Today is Tuesday. I hate Tuesday’s because, that’s when Thomas’ bratty little sister, Angie comes and stays at our house with me, the twins, James, Annie, and Thomas. It sucks because she’s always coughing on the twins (she once got Jordyn sick) and she’s always pulling Annie’s hair. She draws on the walls too. Sometimes Thomas covers for her as well-saying it will be decorative. He didn’t even blame her when she got our daughter sick!
    So, Thomas woke up early whenever Emmett started crying. I got Jordyn, because it’s like a chain reaction. Emmett was bawling, because he bumped his head. After he got Emmett settled he made an English muffin with cream cheese on it and hopped in the truck and went on the way to his parent’s house to get darling little Angie. I was ecstatic.
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My paborito part is when he sings about imagination.
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