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Poem i worte before i got together with my boyfriend!!!

When did my feelings get so deep
Why did they take that big long leap
Going from friend to crush
What a rush
And I don't think he knows

Since when did his smile make me go weak
Since when did his tears make mine start to leak
Why does this happen when I'm always so strong
When people called me wonder woman I guess they were wrong
And I don't think he knows

When he talks I cant help but watch his lips
To notice their shape and curves when they dip
Wait, why am I looking? I don't even know
And I cant help but wonder if he even knows

His beautiful eyes are nothing like ours
They're so deep and bright you'd believe they were stars
They pour forth emotions in raging rivers
They could make even me believe that Santa always delivers
And still he has no idea

His body is perfection though he denies it
It makes my head spin with every glance I give
He could put any woman under his spell
But he doesn't know how I feel and I don't think I'll tell

I pag-ibig how he looks and who he is
And how he makes me feel like this
I pag-ibig how he's handsome and smart with a puso so strong
And how he lives every araw like nothing could go wrong
Still he hasn't got a clue
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