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First off, this is not made to offend anyone! If your offended sa pamamagitan ng this then I apoligize. Anyway these are the most horrible shows I have ever seen! If you have a reason for a ipakita I put comment and I might add it(ill give credit about it to you because its your idea :D) Anyway sorry for all this long pagbaba right here but here we go:
(Cartoon Network)
-(from commercial)Secret Mountain Fort Awesome:
1.Characters are even uglier then the "Problem Solvers" characters who are pretty god damn ugly!
2.From the looks on the commercial, it seems like it has no good things that will happen or any interesting jokes/episodes
(I have a lot madami but im not gonna write them >_<)
-The looney tunes show:
1.It took a bunch of some of the most interesting old charactersive ever seen and made them look like idiots!
2.The jokes are not original! Almost all of them are about Daffy pato being a lazy bum/a douche.
-Scaredy Squirel:
1.Talking animals? Like your channel hasnt done that before! *rolls eyes*
2.The theme song is so annoying! All it is Scaredy going booboo ba and other noises like that until the end when he makes the stupidest joke ever!(I cant remember the joke im sorry)
3.Everything is revolved around the Scaredy's job! Barely anything ever happens that doesnt do anything to Scaredy's job!
To cartoon network from me-Get a god dam head and make original ideas that are funny and dont look and seem like god damn shitty shows!
-Shake it up:
1.The plots dont make sense! For example, they are supposed to be dancers on a show, but the episodes are always revolved around something besides dancing! Only one episode isnt like that though!
2.Duece and Dena set a bad example for little kids sa pamamagitan ng selling basura out of their coats for money! Imagine a maybe 6 taon old at school bringing toys and even their parents things in their coats and hoodies and selling them/trading them for food,money,etc. Because I can see something like that happening!
3.Henry is a boring character! All he ever talks about is Physics and other learning concepts!
-Good Luck Charlie:
1.To related to life! Everyone has had at least one of the problems in the ipakita happen to them!
2.PJ is an idiot! PJ is about 17 I think and Gabe, his brother is 12 I think and Gabe is smarter than him!
My message to Disney-Get a god damn life and make fuckin shows that arent so relatable to life!
1.Always about Tori or Trina never anyone else!
2.When it isnt about Tori/Trina, then whoever its about, the episode is boring
3.The jokes arent funny.
4.Jade and Beck barely ever do anything besides make out! Boring Alert!!
-Planet Sheen:
1.Talking Monkeys-So original -_-
2.The jokes arent funny because they arent original.
My message to Nick-Where you high when you made most of your shows?
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