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I just need something to just let all of my rage pour out here in this article. If any of you feel the same way don't be afrad to agree with me.

First off, I'm SUPER pissed at my dad. He never wants to listen to me. And that's especially hard since I'm a girl and he technically will never understand me. When I try to get his attention to something he brushes it off, like it never even happened. But most of the time, he's just caught up in work, only worrying about work. He hardly has any time for us anymore. Maybe because of the fact that he probably, secretly, always wanted a son. That's how he sees me. As some sort of guy that can take anything and has to fight amd fend for herself.

Well guess what dad, this isn't the 1980's. This isn't like back in the araw whem someone called you ugly, you would manuntok their eye or become a bully and hang out with the bad crew in school. Sure my dad chose a good path and married the woman of his dreams(I think) and has a nice job. But, he's the biggest adult bully I've ever seen.

Now, when it's the weekend, I see it as a time to relax and soak in all the free time off school. But my dad decides it's a time for brutal work and madami frustration. Every Saturday or Sunday afternoon, he goes out and works out on the lawn cutting trees, tearing down weeds, and sculpting out the lawn to make it look as good as our refurbished neighbors.

He also, takes it as a time to be able to work EVEN madami at home. All he does is sit sa pamamagitan ng the computer and type away at emails all day. He also has this sort of Facebook obsession, but I won't get into that, although I might say that he found a lot of woman "friends" and it makes my mom rage with a bit of jealousy.

Now here's the reason why I'm REALLY pissed.

So there I am, playing Kingdom Hearts on my estasyon palaruan 2, when he comes storming in after going to the store with my mom. It was my only araw available to play all that I wanted, yet my dad hates. Normally, he'd just be like, "not again" and just sulk in a corner until I've found a save point and turned off the Playstation. But, NO, he just waltzed in and screamed at me,"TURN OFF THE estasyon palaruan NOW! please." At first I didn't want to because I was in the middle of a gummi ship travel and was fighting off Heartless vessels (Kingdom Hearts players, you know what I'm talking about). Because I have a throat virus that hasn't gone away for weeks, I sounded like an old man fighting for the last glass of prune juice they were serving at the high schoo's 25th Reunion.

Anyways, after we had fought for about 5 seconds, he just went all out and turned off the Playstation. Little did he know that you have to press the button for a while to get the whole thing turned off. So the game was starting up again. He then screamed at me to turn it off completely. I was playing dumb and told him,"I don't know how to turn it off." When my nosy butted in and said,"Yes, you do!" So then I decided to take my time in turning off the Playstation. Then my dad got even madami frustrated and said,"That's it! I'm going to take away your estasyon palaruan game time and this game until you earn it back,"(sooner or later I'll find it in his room or forgotten on the kusina table/bar table). He then struggled with the estasyon palaruan for about 10 seconds(which was really funny from my point of view) and forcibly, yanked the game out, put it in the case, and set it down beside his computer.

That's when I exploded. I told him that I hadn't played for a whole 6 days and that I earned the time for playing Kingdom Hearts. He just didn't want to hear it. He just randomly counteracted my thought with the lie that I had played all week. I thought that was bullshit(excuse me for my language I'm just really mad) because not once had I touched the estasyon palaruan or even looked at the game until this day. He then sinabi I was bullheaded and that where I got all that rage and being able to attack someone with an argument like that. I kept telling him over the years that I had gotten it from him, but he thinks I got it from my mom (which is a total LIE).

He then just sinabi for me to stop crying(because I really pag-ibig Kingdom Hearts ever since I firat played it because of how wonderful and beautiful the story was crafted), mostly because this was the segundo time I burst out tears in months because I was "disciplined" to be good and to stick up for myself and not be weak. I bet my dad thinks I'm a total wuss puss now since I cried in front of him. Now he just says he's going to dodge and ignore me completely. Um, hello,dad don't you already do that before?

Anyways, he was like this to my mom. He never helped at all with me or my sister as we were growing up, he just wanted us to get good grades so we could leave the house faster and go to a good college probably because he always told us that he wanted me and my sister to pay for his retirement and to buy and old vintage car that pollutes the air and kills all living things. If I even just get an A, he goes all out and gives me a long speech on how I can do better. I'm barely hanging on to an A in almost all of my classes except for Geometry (I really suck in that). And he always tells my mom to shut up when she's trying to discuss something with him. He's made my mom cry multiple times and made her run for her room and lock the door just so he won't be able to get in and sleep in the extra beds we have in the guest's room.

My point is, that my dad is no different than any other guy in the street. He's too proud to deal with women problems and too chicken to even discuss something like feelings. He never listens to me, or my mom (strangely to my sister but that;s because she's act like him and is on his side of the family), and he comes up with a lie just so he can get his own way in something. And he thinks himself so young, that he has permission to hang out with any if his hag mga kaibigan behind my mom's back.

You know what's strange, a couple of years ago, when I was 3, my dad and I had made a promise. He told me that in someway, I would never grow up and always be his little girl. Well things change dad. People change, you changed. As I was growing up, I was starting to see the real you, and I think that I see you now for who you really are. A bully. As in someone who can't live up to life's expectations and lives in the past too often. Somehow he managed to marry a nerd (who was my mom) and redeem himself a little, but not sa pamamagitan ng much. So, in the end, I'm PISSED at my dad for taking away my Kingdom Hearts game. >:(
1. You can do whatever you damn well please.

2. Shave your legs and the razor is never dull from his face.

3. Not only is your razor not dull, who needs to shave at all now?

4. You can leave bra and other unmentionables in view.

5. You can slump around the house in any old thing.

6. You don't having to think about birth control, calendars or ovulation. Mother Nature can visit whenever she likes.

7. You can go out and flirt as much as your puso desires, without a worry in the world.

8. The toilet upuan issue -- need I say more?

9. Free drinks at bars! Men seem to know when you're single and tend to...
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Section, AL
Shorter, AL
St. Elmo, AL

Candle, AK
Dead Horse, AK
Krik, AK
Mary's Igloo, AK
Nightmute, AK
North Pole, AK

Monkey's Eyebrow,AZ
Why, AZ

Bonanza, CO
Hasty, CO
Hygiene, CO
Joes, CO
Last Chance, CO
Lay, CO
Paradox, CO
Yellow Jacket, CO

Bear, DE
Blades, DE

Briny Breezes, FL
Cadillac, FL
Celebration, FL
Christmas, FL
Day, FL
Elfers, FL
Frostproof, FL
Havana, FL
Lorida, Florida
Mayo, FL
Picnic, FL
Sopchoppy, FL
Spuds, FL
Two Egg, FL
Wacahoota, FL
Yeehaw Junction, FL

Alley, GA
Enigma, GA
Experiment, GA
Hephzibah, GA
Homerville, GA
Ideal, GA
Quitman, GA

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" Watch out for the idiot behind me!"
Moooooove, I'm trying to speed!
If you're rich, I’m single!
0-60 in 15 minutes!
A clean car is a sign if sick mind.
100% Irony Free
Adrenalin is my drug of choice.
Adults are just kids with money.
Baby on bored
HOME SCHOOL. Smarter than ever.
I talk to strangers
I Think Feminists Are Cute!
Keep honking, I am reloading!
Pain is inevitable misery is optional.
To All You Virgins: Thanks For Nothing.
Tennis players have fuzzy balls.
Your honor student deals the best drugs.

The fastest way to a fisherman's puso is through his fly
Stupidity is not a crime so you’re...
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1. Ask him why did he marry a woman like your mom

2. Tell him you met a guy in school

3. Sing a song he hates

4(reply to number 3) When he plays a song he likes, ask: "What awful music. How do you listen to that crap?"

5. When he is driving you(anywhere), constantly ask "where are we going?"

6. Call him sa pamamagitan ng his name[Not so risky, always done it as a kid!]

7. When he lectures you, after he finishes it, ask him: "Ever heard of breath mint?"

8. Tell him that Justin Bieber is your paborito guy[If you hate Bieber, go with Cody Simpson or some who you like ALLOT!]

9. Come tahanan saying you found your true...
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i didn't write this

1. Totally Ignore the first five people who say "Good Morning" to you.

2. Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say, "just called to say I can't talk right now. Bye".

3. To signal the end of a conversation, clamp your hands over your ears and grimace.

4. When someone hands you a piece of paper, finger it, and whisper huskily, "mmmmmm, that feels soooo good!"

5. Leave your fly's open for one hour. If anyone points it out say, "Sorry I really prefer it this way, it lets the smell out".

6. In the middle of a meeting, suddenly shout out YAHTZEE".

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1. Keep poking them until they scream in annoyance
2. Pull an Annoying kahel on them. Keep saying, "Hey,(insert name) (insert name)," as long as you want. Really effective!
3. Keep shouting swear words randomly. Like shout out, "Shit!" when they're eating pizza or something. :)
4. Sneeze, HARD, whenever they're around. Continue again and again and again and again and again!
5. Keep repeating, "What? What? What?" whenever they ask a question.
6. Keep calling them ELEGANT names, like if you're friend...
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posted by NatalieSunshine
1.Run with her on the beach.
2.Give her your sweater when she’s cold.
3.Never talk about other girls infront of her.
4.Learn to play the gitara for her.
5.Comfort her when she’s scared.
6.Watch the sunset with her.
7.If she can’t sleep read her a bedtime story.
8.If you get in a fight with her and she starts crying,just stop and hold her.
9.Never force her to do anything.
10.Call her beautifull,especially when she least expects it.
11.Never let her walk alone.
12.Play with her hair when she’s laying on your chest.
13.Always make the first move.
14.Never lie to her she’ll find out.
15.Kiss her when...
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1. find cereal boxes with prizes in them and open the box and stuff the toys in your pockets and hand bag or what ever you can stuff.if caught simply say "these have been recalled as kids are prone to sneezing"
2. Follow the stock person in the vegtables and prutas aisles and ask every minuto "watcha doing?"
3. Ask the stock person as he put one item in "is that ripe? or rotten?"
4.if they have a toy aisle open toys (no matter what age you are) and play with them (if squirt gun go to bathroom and fill it up with water and squirt people)
5.go inside the bathroom and sing everytime someone comes in....
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1. paint everything in your sisters room black see what happens

2. get your sister or brother a drink put pepper in it....

3. play all your music really load

4. blackmail them O.o

5. act like a cow.

6. lick them O.o

7. give them a tinapay sanwits

8. set their alrm for two in the morning

9. bite them

10. flush the toilet when their in the shower

11. ding ding ditch their room

12. eat their food

13. be right in their face when they wake up

14 sit on them

15. put your cat or dog on their face see if the animal farts in their face XD
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A/N:Okay, I have seen a lot of these around, so I decided to look through through all of them an make my own listahan of tuktok Five 'Roses Are Red' Poems. Just cause I wanted to. Basically, everything I do is 'just cause I want to'. Except homework.

5.A/N:Best disclaimer EVER! Well, one of them...
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Me no own
So you no sue

4."Roses are red, violets are blue."
That's what they say, but it just isn't true.
Roses are red, and apples are too,
But violets are violet. Violets aren't blue.
An kahel is orange, but Greenland's not green
And pinkies aren't pink. So what does it mean?...
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Hey, this is my piece for my drama exam, without the stage directions. I started Pagsulat it out on here as a way of learning it, then I thought, why no post it? I may as well, it's going to do no harm. :D
So here it is, its rather depressing though. So if you don't need to be depressed right now, then I suggest you don't read it. :)

[Give me a break. You’re going to go back to your mga kaibigan and either forget all about us or tell a story about the hideous freak you met tonight. You don’t know me, if you did, you’d never think we’d be friends. I don’t have mga kaibigan - except my brother....
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FAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for pagkain
REAL FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food.

FAKE FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr/Mrs.
REAL FRIENDS: Call your parents sa pamamagitan ng their first names.

FAKE FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
REAL FRIENDS: Would be sittin susunod to you sayin "Dang...... that was fun!"

FAKE FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.
REAL FRIENDS: Cry with you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
REAL FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget its yours.

FAKE FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Could write a book about...
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Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?

Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

If you can't drink and drive, why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?

If 7-11...
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Bored? Need something to spice up your day? Why not annoy the living shit out of someone you love? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Go to the library. Every 15 minutes, go up to the same guy and joke, "Working hard or hardly working?"

2. At the dentist, start screaming as soon as you open your mouth.

3. Stand in front of the TV while your dad is watching a big game.

4. Every 30 minutos or so, call your friend who is babysitting and breathe into the phone.

5. Scrape your ring or your nails on the blackboard susunod time you're asked to do a problem at the board.

6. susunod konsiyerto you go to, yell out "Mmmbop!"...
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