Phrases you have probably heard/said in you life from various popular songs. Winner of who sinabi the most gets 50 props.
If I ruled the world…
Don’t you ever feel like your less than perfect to me.
Why you asking all them questions?
You seem so innocent…….
Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.
The stars are shining.
If I was your boyfriend… *Well maybe if you’re a girl you’ve never sinabi that. Except if you were lesbo*
You don’t know you’re beautiful.
I want to be a rock star.
People always say that my music’s loud.
pag-ibig the way you lie.
You build me up, you break me down.
I wish nothing but the best for you.
Am tired of running, let’s stop for a minute.
Am never goanna change my mind.
Am never goanna amount to much.
Chances are one in a million.
Start the party.
I like it like that.
Chilling with the radio on.
I hear the voice in my head.
Turn the music up.
I’ll always be your friend.
I will stick it out till the end.
So exhausted.
I know I’ve exaggerated things.
I overdose on confidence.
We are who we are.
Am goanna hit this city.
It will be okay.
I am a single lady.
Say bye-bye to her.
The future is all yours.
Stand up.
The sky’s the limit.
You won’t believe your eyes.
Who’s done it?
Don’t stop the music.
I see you standing there. pagganap like you don’t know me.
I’ll tell you one time.
You think you’re palamigan than me.
I got you figured out.
I see you in my fantasies.
Nothing is ever as it seems.
Believe in your self.
Dreams will come true. Just wait and see.
Life’s what you make it.
It’s all right.
Everybody’s got their thing.
Close your eyes.
That’s how it starts.
She wore it the first time