Dude, this is scary! Let me tell you want happened.

I was walking up some stairs at school (we have alot of stairs) and a guy, a student I don't know is screaming at me,


As I normally do, I replied "Hi." Now here is the disturbing part. He sinabi (and still yelling),


I was shocked. A stranger wants to touch my toes! So I sinabi "No" and he did a "Darn"

Then he told all his mga kaibigan that I'm was his girlfriend. I was scared! It was soooo random. He asked me if the was true or not so he can prove it. Awkwardly, I answered "Yea......." THEN, then he did this really weird dance. He skipped and clapped at the same time. His mga kaibigan were laughing and he called me "Sweetheart"

I thought I may want to share