Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

Naboo, six months before the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

Human 49: Attention Naboo. Ceci est un message important. La rébellion prévoit une invasion. Ils nous aideront à sortir l'empire de notre planète. (Attention Naboo. This is an important message. The Rebellion is planning an invasion. They will help us push the empire out of our planet.)

Meanwhile, far from Yavin 4, hundreds of Mon Calamari Starships were travelling with blockade runners, Rebel Transports, U-Wings, Y-Wings, and X-Wings through the galaxy.

Rebel Announcer: The evacuation of Yavin 4 has been a success. I repeat, the evacuation has been a success. Go to your commanding officers to receive further instructions.
Rebel Captain: Our colonel is double checking now. We'll either be meeting with the Republic in Coruscant, or getting our new base set up in Hoth.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A bituin Wars tagahanga Fiction

The Longest Day

Based off of the 1962 film of the same title.

Rebels: *Walking down a long hallway*

Starring everyone in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Taly Orrkan
Armie Hammer as Bail Organa Jr.
Ashleigh Ball as Jyll Baitson
Ben Wishaw as Wedge Olkan

Rebel Pilot 38: *Flying an X-Wing out of a Mon Calamari*
Rebel Pilot 50: *Lands in the same starship, then gets out*
Rebel Mechanics: *Refueling the X-Wing*
Rebel Pilot 50: *Takes off his helmet, then follows behind the big group of other Rebels walking down a large hallway*

Brett Dejneka as Anthony Dino
Christoph Waltz as Vick Musker
Christopher Ragland as Early Aalton
Colin Firth as Franklin Sine
Craig Becker as Mee Hoto
Dax Shepard as Seeq Hester
Dwayne Johnson as Hollin Russo
Emily Del Greco as Salope Meima
Eminem as Paul Soloda
Hugh Bonneville as Martin Dalton
Ian Lafferty as David White
Jeffery Itov as Warek Goode
Jeremy Clarkson as Gator O' Donnell
Joseph May as Helvin Paller
Jules De Jongh as Rican Lebelt
Justin Kix as Orrian Lesden
Kerry Shale as Cody Sireeto
Kendal Ozzel as himself
Lorth Needa as himself
Luke Skywalker as himself
Maximilian Veers as himself
Michael Schumacher as Taylor Kamen
Nigel Pilkington as Rish Packard
Pierce Brosnan as Shawn Rouillard
Pitbull as Tom Buyard
Richard Hammond as Michael Rustay
Ross Parker the Mon Calamari General as himself
Sebastian Vettel as Faust Jörgenstien
Simon Greenall as Mick Torrow
Tara Strong as Danielle Flannigan
Taron Egerton as Yarrin Nax
Teresa Gallagher as Phoebe Porter
William Hope as Dyle Gouissant
Zachary Gordon as Alan Rutler

Back on Naboo, several Imperial officers met up with each other in a big building.

General Ozzel: I've had several stormtroopers intercept a radio transmission from someone on this planet.
Rican: What did it say?
General Ozzel: That the Rebels are planning an invasion.
Captain Needa: From what planet? We just pushed them out of Yavin 4.
General Ozzel: They could meet up with the Republic in Coruscant.
Rican: We must find out soon, and make sure that the underground doesn't destroy our sensors. Two of their spies were caught attempting to destroy those in Itola.

Meanwhile in Champalla, Vick was playing with an astro droid that he created himself. He looks like R2-Q5, but is black and red.

Vick: *Laughing as he plays with his astro droid* Good boy, good boy! *Holding a stick* Very good. *Chuckles* Are you ready? *Throws the stick* Fetch!
R4-P9: *Beeps five times as he goes after the stick*

General Veers was nearby, making sure that the beaches were heavily fortified.

General Veers: Our sensors are very powerful, but their only weakness is that they can't detect any ships when they're near that ocean.
Imperial Officer 56: We understand how important this is General.
Imperial Officer 15: But we've been doing all of this work for almost 48 hours without any breaks. The men are very tired.
General Veers: Which would your men rather be? Tired, or dead? This galaxy is practically dominated sa pamamagitan ng the Rebellion. We only have possession of several planets, and this is one of the best that we've got. Lord Vader has ibingiay me an assignment to fortify the beaches, and that's what I tend to do. *Points at the ocean* Look at the sea out their gentlemen. A sea of nothing but water, and it'll keep us from scanning any Rebel ships if they get close enough to it. They'll most likely have them on boats, and we must keep them at bay. The invasion of Naboo is going to start soon, and the beaches of Champalla is where it'll begin. The battle in this town could make this the longest araw of our lives. The longest day.

Coruscant, one of 678 Rebel barracks. It was raining, and the thousands of soldiers in the barracks were getting lunch.

Rebel Cook: *Serving pagkain to the soldiers* Keep the line moving. Take a lid. Silverware is to the left of the lids.
Rebel Soldier 53: You expect us to eat this slop again?
Rebel Cook: I don't care what you do Mack. Eat it, throw it out, do whatever you want with it. I only get paid to do one thing, and that's cooking. You're holding up the line.
Rebel Soldier 53: *Leaves*

Outside, a few of the Rebels were enjoying the rain.

Anthony: *Yawning*
Early: Didn't you get any sleep last night?
Anthony: I haven't been getting any sleep since we landed on this rock. I want to get out of here, and attack the Empire on Naboo.
Early: I do too, but we still need to wait for the signal.

At a Republic base, the Republic were getting their soldiers ready to assist the Rebellion.

Franklin: *Walking with Martin to a Triumph bituin fighter*
Martin: Any news?
Republic Pilot: Nothing yet. Still waiting for our superiors to give us the green light.
Franklin: Bollocks.
Martin: It's the weather that's delaying us. It's also looking bad in Naboo.
Franklin: I guess we'll have to continue waiting.
Martin: Nothing else we can do.

Back to the Rebels.

Taly: *Sitting behind her mesa looking at a few maps*
Hollin: *Walks into the office with Cody* Ms. Orrkan.
Taly: Oh, hello you two. I was expecting both of you, but I was hoping to speak to Colonel Russo alone.
Cody: Then we better get this over with quickly. How much longer do we have to wait until we go to Naboo?
Taly: I can't make that decision.
Cody: Well, can you at least talk to Luke Skywalker for me? Those men have been waiting impatiently for the operation to start. I really care for them. Can you find out how much longer we have to wait?
Taly: I'll try.
Cody: Thank you. That's all. *Walks away*
Hollin: What did you call me here for?
Taly: You and your squad have been ordered to take Los Ingles. It's a small village half a mile north of Champalla, but it's an important crossroad for the Empire. Hold Los Ingles, and the enemy can't get any reinforcements.
Hollin: I've been looking at those maps, and this sounds pretty dangerous. Now the main drop zone for us to take Los Ingles is a quarter mile north of the village itself, but it's mostly surrounded sa pamamagitan ng swamplands, which the Empire could flood to make it madami difficult to maneuver. If we undershoot, we'll be killed sa pamamagitan ng the Empire, but if we overshoot, we'll most likely drown.
Taly: This is a tough assignment. That's why I'm giving it to you. You're the greatest officer we have. I know I can count on you to do this.
Hollin: Yes ma'am.

One of the Rebels named Alan Nawawala all of his money from a crap game, and was going around a big room with lots of beds. He was desperately trying to get madami money from one of his friends.

Alan: Hey, can you lend me a hundred credits?
Rebel 32: No.
Alan: *Walks to another bed* What about you?
Rebel 59: I don't have any credits to spare.
Alan: *Climbs on tuktok of another bed* Can you spare me 50 credits?
Rebel 49: Buzz off, I'm trying to read a book.
Alan: *Climbs down* 25 credits? Anything. *Walks over to his friend Paul*
Paul: Alright lucky dice, let's do this. *Rolls the dice* Seven!!
Rebels: *Cheering, and giving Paul their credits*
Alan: *Looking at the big pile of credits* Whoa. How much is that?
Paul: 2,500 baby, 2,500!
Alan: That's a lot. What are you going to do with all those credits?
Paul: I don't know. I never had this much before. I could send a thousand to my mom in D'Qar, spend a little on wine, and girls in Naboo, and the rest I'll keep here for ligtas keeping.
Alan: That's nice. Congratulations. *Walks away*
Paul: *Looking at all of his credits* 2,500.

Meanwhile, on another bed, but in a different room.

Jyll: *Having sex with Seeq* Ah! Ah! Nnnnn~... *Lays down susunod to Seeq*
Seeq: You sure do provide a nice view without having to wear anything.
Jyll: Haha.
Seeq: When do you want to do this again?
Jyll: Same time tomorrow?
Seeq: You betcha. *Gives Jyll 50 credits*

They both left the room, and walked in different directions. Jyll eventually met up with Taly.

Jyll: How much credits did you make?
Taly: 700. You?
Jyll: A thousand. Seeq Hester really knows how to treat a lady.
Taly: Well I recommend getting a big guy like that. *Points to a big tall man*
Alan: *Goes towards him* You have any- *Looks at the size of his fists* Never mind. *Slowly backs away*

Back on Naboo. The Imperials were still discussing the upcoming Rebel invasion.

Orrian: Colonel Jörgenstien, why do you and General Veers think that the Rebels will try to invade Champalla first?
Faust: Our sensors can't detect ships when they're near the water.
Orrian: Ozzel and the others do not think so. They would have to be very close to the water. So close, that it would risk sinking their ships, and all of the precious cargo.
Faust: Well I'm not convinced that the Rebels would be stupid enough to go to any other part of the planet, get spotted easily, and risk getting all of their soldiers killed.
Orrian: There's a vacant city fifty miles north of Champalla. It's called Cenell. Ozzel believes that's where the Rebels will start their invasion.
Faust: Ozzel's an idiot. He doesn't even deserve to be a General. Lord Vader sinabi so himself. I trust General Veers on this one.

Gator walked into a Republic officer's club. He looked upset.

Gator: *Sits at the bar*
Waiter: Your usual Captain?
Gator: Yes.
Michael: *Walks over to Gator* Hey, how did it go?
Gator: Our attack run?
Michael: Yeah, did you kill lots of Tie Pilots?
Gator: I did, but we Nawawala Honday.
Michael: What happened to him? Where is he?
Gator: In the middle of space, floating lifelessly around the galaxy.

Another Republic officer started playing a song on a piano: link

Michael: I don't understand. What happened to him?
Gator: He put his mask on, and his oxygen tank when his cockpit was shot open, but he wasn't able to eject in time.
Michael: Oh, that's a shame. Honday and I have seen each other through lots of tough times. He was even one of your best mates.
Gator: Look, he was a great officer, but we don't need to talk about him over and over again. So will you please shut up about it?
Waiter: *Arrives* Here you go Captain.
Gator: Thanks.
Michael: So when do you think we're going to Champalla?
Gator: I don't know, and I don't care. Send me out there within an hour. Half an hour! Fifteen minutes! Even five! I want to go out there now! *Looks at his drink, then smiles* I mean, as soon as I finish this beer.
Michael: *Smiling at Gator*

Meanwhile on Naboo.

Captain Needa: *Walking towards two Imperial Troopers* Have you got him on the phone yet?
Imperial 53: Yes Captain, but he's in a rather foul mood.
Captain Needa: He won't be when I speak with him. *Grabs the phone* Corporal Goode, I hope you're feeling good.
Warek: Yeah, thanks for the wisecracks.
Captain Needa: I heard you were giving some of my men a little bit of trouble.
Warek: I asked politely for madami missiles, madami pilots, madami Tie Fighters, but all I have is Kamen, and those two crates with limited fuel, and missiles.
Captain Needa: You'll get what you need when the time is right. Until then, stay alert.
Warek: If the weather clears up. I highly doubt that'll happen however.
Captain Needa: Just wait for my call. *Hangs up*
Taylor: *Walks up from a bed* Can't anyone get some sleep around here?
Warek: Still haven't received our supplies yet, but we will soon.

General Veers was getting ready to leave.

Orrian: When will you be back General?
General Veers: In four days. I'm heading to Kinyen to celebrate my wife's birthday. Faust Jörgenstien is in charge until I return. I want this to be crystal clear to everyone else.
Orrian: I will make sure that it is General.
General Veers: Thank you Lesden. Hopefully I will be back before the Rebel invasion.

Plans were still being made in Coruscant.

Rebels: *Sitting with Republic Generals*
Rebel Sargent: *Walks into the room: Gentlemen, Luke Skywalker.
Luke: *Walks into the room*
Rebel General: Commander, the weather may not get better.
Republic General: We need a decision now.
Republic General 3: That's enough Eisley, we must be patient.
Rebel General: How much longer do we have to postpone our attack?
Luke: This has been on my mind since I first came up with this scheme. We got over five thousand soldiers rarin' to go. If we postpone this attack any longer, it could bring the morale to an all time low. The weather in Naboo may not be in the best conditions, but I think it's worth the risk. In six hours, we will start the invasion of Naboo. Spread the word, and get the soldiers prepared.

In a dark room, a Rebel colonel was turning a light on, and off. He did this three times.

Rebel Colonel: Alright Sargent.
Rebel Sargent: *Turns the lights on*
Rebel Colonel: *Looks at the soldiers sitting in front of him* You are the eyes of everyone up in the sky. You, the pathfinders will have one job, and one job only. To light the drop zones for our paratroops. Together with the Republic, and Polis Massan pathfinders, you will be the first to land in Naboo. Good luck, and don't forget your two most important tool. The lights, *Holding an A300 rifle* And this.
Republic Captain: *Unveils a miniature dummy paratrooper* This is Rupert. Now we're going to fly Rupert into Naboo, behind enemy lines, and we're going to drop him on the ground. When he does, he's going to do something extraordinary. *Hits a switch on the back of the dummy's head*

Tiny explosions occurred which looked like blaster shots.

Republic Soldiers: *Closing their eyes*
Republic Captain: Settle down now. We're going to do this with Rupert, and many of his fellow comrades. This will distract the Empire, and have them head away from the landing zones where the real paratroopers land.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Rebel soldiers were playing with crickets, making them click off over and over again. The noise was very loud.

Hollin: *Walks onto a stand* Attention!
Rebels: *Stop playing with the crickets, and look at Colonel Russo*
Rebel Lieutenant: The crickets have been distributed sir.
Hollin: So I heard. Team, you're about as ready as we can make you. When you land in Naboo, it's going to be dark, and there maybe someone nearby who isn't a Rebel. *Holding his cricket* That's why we gave you this cheap novelty toy. One click. *Clicks the cricket* Is to be answered sa pamamagitan ng two clicks. *Clicks twice* This little trinket will save your life. When you click once, and you don't hear those two clicks, hit the dirt. You all understand?
Rebel Soldier: Yes sir.
Hollin: That's all. *Walks away*

After Hollin walked away, the Rebels continued playing with their crickets. It became very noisy again within a matter of seconds.

Five hours later, everyone gathered into a hangar for the final speech before taking off.

Republic 64: *Holding a big blaster* Some of you maybe issued a vintage DC15, or a DC15-A, but those of you who are lucky will be ibingiay this. It's an NB-49. The NB stands for New Blaster, and the 49 means that you can apoy this contraption non stop for 49 segundos until it overheats, thanks to the big cooling block on top. It does have slightly madami recoil than your usual blaster, so be careful. Corporal. *Walks off stage*
Rebel 85: Here with Commander Skywalker, is Republic Admiral, Mick Torrow.
Soldiers: *Clapping*
Luke: *Walks towards the edge of the stage, and talks into his mic* Ladies, gentlemen, soldiers from Polis Massa, The Republic, and The Rebellion. We are going to liberate a planet that has been under control of The Empire for five years. Five dreadful years of tyranny from men who wear white armor.
Mick: *Talking into another mic* Five years too long, have they been tortured. Your Jedi friend has created this plan that we call The araw Of Freedom. It will take madami than one araw to free Naboo unfortunately, but we will give those Imperials what for!
Soldiers: *Cheering*
Luke: Gather your gear, and get ready. In thirty minutes, we will leave Coruscant. In thirty minutes, we will start our journey towards Naboo. In thirty minutes, we will start, The araw Of Freedom.

Orrian decided to disobey General Veers, and have Ozzel in charge instead of Jörgenstien.

Orrian: He left Naboo, and is going to Kinyen to celebrate his wife's birthday.
General Ozzel: A majority of our officers have left to take part in some war games on Mygeeto. Grand Moff Lebelt is with them. She has ordered Musker and the others to go to their usual spots sa pamamagitan ng the beaches in Champalla. She is still convinced that the Rebels will start the invasion there.
Orrian: It's a good thing that you're in charge, instead of Colonel Jörgenstien. Otherwise, we'd be in trouble.

Song: link

Meanwhile on Coruscant.

Hollin: It's time to go. Get on board.
Cody: Colonel Russo!
Hollin: *Looks back at Cody* Yes?
Cody: May the force be with you.
Hollin: Thank you General Sireeto. May the force be with you too.
Cody: I'll see you after you and your troops clear Los Ingles for us. *Runs onto another ship*
Hollin: Alright, let's go.
Jyll: *Hugging Seeq* I'll see you after the invasion. I wish we could stay together.
Seeq: Me too, but someone has to help Commander Skywalker invade Panera Beach.
Jyll: *Kisses Seeq* I have to go. *Runs towards an X-Wing*

The Republic was also getting prepared.

Gator: *Walks into a Rebel Transport* It was kind for the Rebels to lend us some of their transports.
Michael: It would be nice if we had a few of our own.
Wedge: *Walks towards a group of Republic Soldiers*
Yarrin: Hello Major Olkan.
Wedge: Corporal Nax. Are the others prepared?
Yarrin: Yes sir. Awaiting your command.
Wedge: Alright, let's go.

Near some other transports.

Franklin: Good luck out there Martin.
Martin: All drinks will be on me once this invasion is over.

Once everyone was on board, the Mon Calamari bituin Cruisers, and Rebel Transports were getting close to take off.

Rebel Pilot: *Activating the engines on his bituin Cruiser*
Rebel Pilot 94: We have clearance for take off.
Republic Pilot 53: Acknowledged. Taking off now.

A dozen Mon Calamari bituin Cruisers started rising off the ground as the pilots prepared to leave Coruscant's atmosphere.

Rebel Pilot 19: Cruisers are in the air, I repeat, cruisers are in the air.
Rebel Pilot 72: All transports, you may take off when ready.
Republic Pilot: *Flying his transport, following two more, and a bituin Cruiser*
Rebel Pilot 57: *Taking off*
Taly: *Running towards the X-Wings*
Jyll: *Opens her cockpit* I'm gonna be leaving soon.
Taly: You didn't think you were going to leave without saying goodbye, did you?
Jyll: Taly, you're my best friend in the entire galaxy.
Taly: May the force be with you.
Jyll: *Winks* Same to you.
Rebel 85: All transports have left. X-Wings, and Y-Wings are clear to go.
Taly: *Watching Jyll leave with the other X & Y-Wings*

All of the Rebel ships were in space, leaving Coruscant far behind as they sped towards Naboo.

Y-Wing Pilot: We should be clear of enemy fighters all the way to Naboo, but Skywalker doesn't want to take any chances. We can't afford to lose a single ship.
X-Wing Pilot: I copy ginto Leader.

Inside one of the Republic ships

Rish: *Walking over to Franklin* Captain Sine, our mga kaibigan from Naboo are here to meet you. Shawn Rouillard.
Shawn: Hello.
Rish: Tom Buyard.
Pitbull: Hi.
Rish: And Dyle Gouissant.
Franklin: Pleased to meet you three. My team will be glad to help you get into the center of Yuvana.
Shawn: Good. We will stop at nothing to kill any Imperials in our way.
Franklin: Glad to have you with us then.

Inside the Mon Calamari bituin Cruisers were boats, big enough to hold ten soldiers each, Metra's, ATC's, and other vehicles. This included spare X-Wings, Y-Wings, U-Wings, B-Wings, and there were even a few Kenobi Bombers for the Republic pilots.

Early: We sure do have a lot of equipment.
Anthony: This'll definitely give the Empire a hard time.
Early: It'll be the longest araw for them.
Anthony: And for us too.

And now it's time for the intermission.

Song: link

You are not allowed to continue the story until this song is finished.

Song (Start at 3:22): link

The Rebels, and Republic were getting close to Naboo.

Anthony: *Sitting on a box*
Early: You know which tabing-dagat you've been assigned to?
Anthony: Oh I'm not storming any of the beaches. I'm going with Colonel Russo's squad to capture Los Ingles. We're going to keep the enemy from getting reinforcements down to the beaches.
Early: Good luck Anthony.
Anthony: And may the force be with you too.

Stop the song

Wedge: *Talking to a pilot on a hologram* We're in postion. Ready when you are.
Pilot: Yes sir.

Three U-Wings, without any engines were being towed sa pamamagitan ng Kenobi Bombers. This was to be the first attack against the Empire on Naboo, and it would also provide a little bit of a distraction.

Ozzel: Besides, with the weather, the Rebels won't be going anywhere near Champalla.
Faust: I'm not convinced. I'm still not convinced.
Ozzel: The Rebellion has always attacked our planets in perfect weather. Scarif, Tatooine. Velmor?
Faust: I have no time for your idiocracy General. *Walks away*
Orrian: *Walks into the room* Another pagtatalo General?
Ozzel: He's still convinced that the Rebels aren't going to Cenell.
Orrian: I have to admit, earlier I sinabi that it was a good thing to have you in charge, instead of Colonel Jörgenstien. General Veers wanted me to have him in charge, instead of you.
Ozzel: I am grateful that you believe in my competence to command our troops in this planet.

The three U-Wings were getting into Naboo's atmosphere.

Yarrin: Sixty segundos until we land Major.
Wedge: Thank you Yarrin.
Mick: *In Wedge's mind* I do apologize for giving you and your men such a difficult task, but I believe you're the best choice for this assignment. We need to capture Twilek bridge to prevent the Imperials from sending any reinforcements to any of the beaches. We'll also need it to get our troops closer to enemy lines. Once you, and your men have captured the bridge, you will hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.
Pilot: Stand sa pamamagitan ng Major, we're getting ready to detach our cables.
Wedge: Copy that.
U-Wing Pilot: We're ready.
Pilots: *Detaching their cables*

The fake U-Wings started gliding on their own as they slowly got closer to the sky.

Wedge: Here we go, brace for impact!

It was midnight on Naboo. The Imperials couldn't hear the U-Wings, but madami importantly, they couldn't see them.

The U-Wings crash-landed sa pamamagitan ng the bridge, but everyone was okay.

Wedge: Alright, everyone out. Wait until my signal to fire.

Twelve soldiers from each U-Wing got out, and were ready to attack the Imperials.

Wedge: Now. *Firing at the Imperials with a DC-15*
Imperials & Stormtroopers: *Returning apoy towards the Republic*
Republic Soldier 69: *Shooting three Stormtroopers*
Stormtrooper 25: *On tuktok of the bridge, attacking the Republic with a DLT-19*
Yarrin: *Shoots the Stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 25: *Falls into the water*
Yarrin: paghahanap for explosives! Make sure they're all defused!
Republic Soldier 40: Yes sir! *Runs with another soldier*
Wedge: There's madami coming from the left! *Shooting Five Stormtroopers*
Stormtroopers: *Returning apoy with their E-11's*
Republic Soldier 73: *Returning apoy with a NB-49* This really is a good blaster.
Republic Soldier 40: *Finds a bomb, and cuts the wires. He then throws it into the water*
Republic Soldier 47: *Doing the same thing on the other side of the bridge*
Stormtrooper 67: *Shoots Republic Soldier 47*
Wedge: *Shoots the Stormtrooper, and four Imperial Officers*
Yarrin: Major, I think we got them all.
Wedge: Good work Yarrin, set up company headquarters in one of those buildings behind us.
Yarrin: Yes sir.
Wedge: *Thinking about Mick in his head*

Hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.

Republic Soldier 60: Major Olkan just contacted us on the hologram. His team captured Twilek Bridge.
Republic Soldier 52: Good. Let's move.

U-Wings, and Rebel Transports started heading towards Naboo.

Itola was one of the cities that they started heading for.

Imperials: Enemy ships up there!! *Firing cannons at three U-Wings*
Republic Soldier 25: *Holding one of the dummy paratroopers* Okay Rupert. Do your duty for the Republic, and everyone on Naboo. *Drops Rupert*
Stormtroopers: ilipat up! Paratroopers are landing in that field!

Rupert started setting off his miniature explosions, and the Empire thought they were real blaster shots.

Stormtrooper 50: Get down! Return fire!!
Imperials: *Shooting out into the field with E11's, and DLT19's*

Inside one of the main buildings, Orrian went to see Captain Needa.

Orrian: Captain, we got a problem.
Captain Needa: I heard. The Republic is dropping soldiers into Itola, and Reston.
Orrian: The soldiers they're dropping are decoys. They're not real.
Captain Needa: Not real?
Orrian: No sir. They're dummies.
Captain Needa: *Looks at a map* When you create a diversion, it's for a reason. Maybe Ozzel was right. The Rebels are heading for Cenell.
Orrian: Well where's General Ozzel? I need his help to get madami tanks into our sector.
Captain Needa: He has left for Mygeeto. He made a quick stop to sumali in on one of the war games.
Orrian: Perhaps Colonel Jörgenstien can help.
Captain Needa: Yes. I will try to find him for you.

Meanwhile, in Itola, several underground agents were meeting up with ten Republic soldiers.

Salope: I am Salope Meima. The leader of the Underground.
Republic Soldier 44: Five boats are making their way down the river to Champalla. The Empire doesn't know that we captured Twilek Bridge from them, and we hope to keep it that way.
Salope: Follow us. We'll blow up a bridge, block the boats, and sink them.
Republic Soldier 98: Clever plan Miss.
Salope: Let's make it quick. We don't have much time.

Salope's only weapons were several charges in a bag. The others that came along with her hid in a palumpong as she tried to get rid of two stormtroopers standing on guard.

Salope: *Walking towards the stormtroopers*
Stormtrooper 69: *Turns around* Hey, what are you doing?
Salope: Crossing the river. I'm trying to get back to my farm, over there.
Stormtrooper 53: That farm's been abandoned for years. You're under arrest for trespassing.
Salope: *Swings her bag, and knocks out a stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 53: *Shoots Salope in the chest*
Republic Soldier 30: *Shoots the stormtrooper* Alright, get the explosives, quickly.

Without any hesitation, the explosives were set on the bridge. Imperial boats were on their way, but they would not reach Champalla.

Republic Soldier 10: Now.
Republic Soldier 30: *Detonates the explosives*
Imperial Trooper 52: Look out! *Dies*

The five boats began to sink. None of the Imperials survived.

Salope: *Stands up*
Republic Soldier 44: Are you alright Miss?
Salope: No. One of those stormtroopers shot my breast.
Republic Soldier 98: At least it wasn't your heart.
Salope: Want to see the damage? *Takes her sando off*
Republic Soldier 44: Uh, I don't think this is a good place for that.
Salope: Why not? Take off your pants.
Republic Soldier 98: We really must get going. Bye miss. *Leaves with the other Republic Soldiers*
Salope: *Sighs, then puts her sando back on*
Underground Agent 99: Why does she always do this?
Underground Agent 56: She's a slut.

After the bridge invasions, it was time for the Rebellion to land their troops on Naboo.

Paul: Hey.
Anthony: Yeah?
Paul: This is your first time parachuting, isn't it?
Anthony: From a moving ship, yes.
Paul: Good luck kid.
Anthony: Thank you.
Pilot: We're in the planet's atmosphere, get ready to jump.
Paul: I'll see you once this is all over.
Anthony: *Nods*
Pilot: Now!

Everyone jumped out of the U-Wings. There were a few good landings, but some were not lucky.

Paul: *All alone as he lands susunod to a stone shed* Where are they? *Looks at someone in front of him as he gets towards a small wall. He grabs his cricket, and clicks once*
???: *Clicks his cricket twice*
Paul: *Relieved, he starts walking towards him*
???: *Shoots Paul with a DLT19X*
Paul: *Puts his hands on his stomach where he was shot* no....I heard two clicks! *Falls down*

The person that Paul saw turned out to be a Scout Trooper. He killed another Rebel, estola his cricket, and used it to trick Paul. He threw his cricket onto Paul, watching it land on his head.

Rebel 49: *Lands on tuktok of a glass house, breaking the ceiling, and getting a few pieces stuck in his leg. He lands on the ground near a mesa with plants*
Woman: *Walking towards the Rebel*
Rebel 49: *Smiles at the woman* Shh...
Woman: *Walks away from the Rebel*

Nearby, stormtroopers were fighting madami Republic soldiers.

Rebel 68: *Lands in a river*
Republic Soldier 45: Hey, cover him! He landed in the water!
Stormtrooper 50: *Shoots the Rebel*
Rebel 68: *Firing his A280 in the air as he falls back into the water*
Rebel 78: *Lands in a well. He tries to climb back up, but his parachute goes in too*
Rebel 71: *Lands on tuktok of a shed, and falls down, hurting himself*
Michael: *Lands susunod to him*
Rebel 71: *Looks at Michael*
Michael: Are you alright?
Rebel 71: Just my foot. I'll be okay. We better keep quiet though, I heard that this house belongs to an Imperial Colonel.
Imperial Officer: *Hears them talking* Rebels. *Puts his boots on, but they're on the wrong feet. He walks out of the house*
Rebel 71: *Hiding with Michael behind the shed*
Michael: *Watching him* He's going away, let's move.

But when they started walking away, Gator was coming towards them.

Colonel: *Spots Gator falling towards him, and shoots him with a SE14C*
Gator: Ah! *Holding his leg as he returns apoy with a K16*
Colonel: *Gets hit in the head*
Gator: *Lands susunod to a greenhouse*
Michael: *Returns* Gator, are you alright?
Gator: No, of course I'm not alright. My leg hurts, and I can't walk.
Michael: Well I'll find a doctor for you. *Runs away*
Anthony: *Falling towards the ground, but his parachute gets stuck in a tree* Fellas.
Rebels: *Walking away from Anthony*
Anthony: Hey, fellas!

No one heard him.

Rebel 26: *Takes off his parachute, and clicks his cricket*

He heard another cricket go off twice, but to be safe, this happened.

Rebel 26: *Clicks his cricket*
Rebel 87: Stop! You're gonna get the whole Empire down here to kill us.
Rebel 26: Sorry, but I seem to be lost.
Rebel 87: Well who ain't? Come on.

Colonel Russo and the rest of his squad landed just outside of Los Ingles, but the Colonel broke his leg.

Colonel Russo: *Sighs* At least we were able to avoid the swamps.
Rebel Doctor: Can you walk?
Colonel Russo: Maybe. It would be easier if I had something to lean on.
Rebel 55: Here Colonel. *Gives him a stick* I took this off a branch from a tree. It should be long enough for you.
Colonel Russo: *Takes the stick* It is. I appreciate that soldier. Let's move.

Anthony got free from the tree, but he still couldn't find Colonel Russo, or the rest of his team.

Anthony: *Leaning behind a stone wall, sweating as he clicks his cricket once* please click twice... please click twice.... *Hears two clicks, then stands up to see madami Rebels* Wait, you're not with Colonel Russo's squad.
Rebel 80: No, we're with Captain Wottin.
Anthony: *Sighs* I'm lost.
Rebel 80: It's alright kid, stick with us.
Anthony: *Following the other Rebels*

As they walked along the stone wall, they passed madami soldiers. Anthony took a close look at them, and they turned out to be Imperials.

Anthony: *Looks at the other Rebels, then back to the Imperials* No. *Watching the other Rebels walk away* Hey. We just passed a group of Imperials. *Sits down, and leans against the wall, feeling depressed* Oh, this is bantha fodder.

madami U-Wings were on their way to drop off soldiers to take over Los Ingles. Inside the town, a church was on fire, and the bells were ringing in hopes to bring madami people over to help put it out.

Stormtrooper 99: *Looks at the fire, then spots the U-Wings* Hey, look up there.
Stormtrooper 67: Call for back up.

Inside one of the U-Wings, a Rebel sa pamamagitan ng the name of Mee Hoto was practicing the language of Naboo.

Mee: Je suis avec l'Alliance rebelle. Je suis Madamoiselle.
Rebel 54: We're about to approach our drop zone. Get ready.
Mee: *Stands up with the other Rebels* Je suis avec l'Alliance rebelle.
Rebel 54: Okay, go!
Mee: *Following the other Rebels as they jump out of the U-Wing*

The church bells were still ringing when the stormtroopers saw the Rebel paratroopers (Start at 1:00): link

Stormtrooper 85: Up there! *Points his E11 at the Rebels, and shoots at them*
Stormtrooper 64: *Running towards the church with another E11. He stops running, and shoots other Rebels*
Mee: *Gets his parachute stuck on part of the church. He watches the other Rebels land, and fight the Stormtroopers*
Stormtrooper 83: *Shooting at other Rebels*
Rebel 49: *Lands behind the stormtrooper, his parachute blocks his view*
Stormtrooper 83: *Falls down*
Rebel 49: *Kicks him, then shoots his helmet*
Rebel 77: *Shooting madami Stormtroopers with an A280 as he falls towards the ground*
Stormtrooper 31: *Shoots him with a DLT19 as well as several others*
Mee: *Grabs his DH17, hoping to blast his parachute off*
Stormtrooper 90: *Shoots Mee in his foot*
Rebels: *Fighting the rest of the Stormtroopers*
Mee: *Wiping sweat off his forehead as he watches the Imperials retreat* We did it.

Captain Needa, and Major Lesden were talking to Colonel Jörgenstien.

Captain Needa: Since General Ozzel isn't here, perhaps you can talk to Lord Vader in Endor, and see if he'll send us anymore tanks.
Colonel Jörgenstien: Well thanks to General Ozzel's silly assumption of an invasion in Cenell, we can't get any tanks to defend Champalla. I just called Cenell, and they believe Han Solo is leading an attack.
Orrian: What? Last I heard, he was in Hoth.
Colonel Jörgenstien: You see my point? You should not have put General Ozzel in charge.
General Ozzel: *Walks into the room* What is going on?
Colonel Jörgenstien: You were wrong all along Ozzel. The Rebels are not attacking Cenell. It's a decoy. The real attack is at Champalla.
General Ozzel: Oh no. What have I done? Now it'll take much longer for me to be promoted to Admiral.

Song (Start at 0:13): link

After taking Los Ingles, the rest of the Rebellion was ready to attack.

Cody: They did it. Colonel Russo, and the others captured Los Ingles. Now we can take Champalla.
Early: I hope Anthony is okay.
Seeq: Friend of yours?
Early: Yeah.
Seeq: I know how you feel. There's a girl I really like. She's an X-Wing Pilot. She's going to help us attack the beaches from the sky. I hope they don't send Tie Fighters to shoot her down.

The Mon Calamari's started heading into Naboo, and began deploying boats into the waters of Naboo. The Rebels, Republic, and Polis Massa were going to attack six targets. The first target was Omega Beach. 6 AM, the sun was rising as Colonel Musker walked into the bunker.

Colonel Musker: *Sighs* Another night wasted. *Looks around* Where's my astro droid?
Imperial 53: Sir? Am I the only one seeing this?
Colonel Musker: What? *Looks out at the beach*

There, he saw hundreds of little boats going towards the beach, followed sa pamamagitan ng the large squad of Mon Calamari's.

Colonel Musker: They're here. Call Headquarters at once! We need help right away!!!
Cody: *On a bangka with nine others* Okay team! Let's ipakita the Empire what we're made of!

In one of the Mon Calamari's a Mon Calamari general sa pamamagitan ng the name of Ross Parker was watching over everything.

Rebel 59: *Walks over to Ross* General in exactly three minutes, and fifteen seconds, we will begin attacking Omega Beach.
Ross: May the force be with them.

Stop the song.

Musker was calling Orrian on the phone, hoping to get madami help against the overwhelming forces.

Colonel Musker: Lesden! Lesden! We need help! There are over 5,000 Rebel Ships deploying boats!
Orrian: The Rebels, and their allies don't even have half that many ships.
Colonel Musker: Dammit Orrian! You come here, and see for yourself!!
Gungan: *Walking towards the Imperial Bunker when he sees the Mon Calamari's* Thosa Rebel ships.
Rebel 95: Cannons are ready! Fire!
Gungan: *Watches a kanyon apoy at the bunker* YEAH!!!! HIT THEM WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!! VIVA LA NABOO!!!!!
Gungan 2: *Running towards her friend* Jim-Jam, you come with me, and get to safety right now!!
Gungan: *Watching Stormtroopers fly as they get hit sa pamamagitan ng a cannon* YEAH!!!! WESA GONNA BE FREE!!!! KILL THOSE BASTARDS!!!!

The boats started arriving at the shores of Omega Beach. Stormtroopers, and other Imperials were waiting for them. Many of them armed with DLT-19's, and grenade launchers.

Stormtrooper 70: apoy the grenade launcher!!
Stormtrooper 20: *Fires a grenade launcher*
Rebels: *Running off the boats, shouting as they get towards the Empire*
Stormtrooper 59: *Shooting dozens of Rebels with a DLT-19*
Cody: *Gets off a boat* Come on, use the metal tripods for cover.
Rebels: *Running past the tripods, and getting killed sa pamamagitan ng landmines*

One group of Rebels was unlucky enough to have their bangka sink. They did not make it to the shore.

Cody: *Looks at a cliff below the Imperials* Get, offa da beach!! Let's, go! *Running towards the cliff*

Several Rebels followed General Sireeto, including a young Corporal, who nearly got shot. He dropped his A300 as a laser whizzed past his left arm.

Rebel 32: *Jumps, and lands susunod to General Sireeto* Hello, General, sir.
Cody: How ya doin'?
Rebel 32: Fine, thank you.
Cody: Don't you think you oughta go back, and get your blaster?
Rebel 32: *Frightened* Out there, sir?
Cody: You're sure as hell gonna need it.
Rebel 32: *Runs back to get his blaster, nearly getting shot in the process*
Cody: *Watching the Corporal return safely. He whistles to a group of Rebels walking towards him with a water raft* Now we wait for those machine mga baril to be destroyed, and we make our move.

Captain Needa was talking to Warek on the phone.

Captain Needa: I need you and Kamen to help push the Rebels off the beaches.
Warek: I told you that we needed supplies! Where are they?!
Captain Needa: You'll get them after you help us defeat the Rebels.
Warek: If it's not too much difficulty, can you tell me where the attack is?
Captain Needa: Champalla. *Hangs up*
Warek: *Surprised*
Taylor: *Walks into the room* What's going on Corporal Goode?
Warek: Champalla. The Rebels are attacking Champalla.

General Ross was watching the battle from above in his Mon Calamari, when another Rebel gave him a casualty report.

Rebel: Here are the losses so far.
Ross: We must get some air support to make the attack easier on Omega Beach.

Meanwhile, in another Mon Calamari.

Luke: *Walks into a room* We're almost ready. You know you don't have to do this.
Bail: *Turns around to face Luke* Of course I do. If my uncle was still alive today, he would have wanted me to do this, in spite of my poor leg. Bail Organa created this alliance for a reason, and he won't live to see it triumph. You, and Leia are my cousins. You're the only family I have left. I can't let the Empire kill either of you. Let's get in the boat, and ipakita those Stormtroopers what for!

Panera Beach, 6:30 AM.

Stormtroopers: *Firing grenade launchers*
Rebel 93: It's almost like they're using blasters. They keep missing.
Luke: That'll give us the advantage. *Activates his blue lightsaber* Charge!!
Rebels: *Running out of the boats, and heading for the Stormtroopers*

There was a much weaker defense on Panera Beach. Luke, and his team only had to fight thirty stormtroopers. This didn't mean that the Rebels were able to avoid any casualties however.

Helvin: *Laying down susunod to another Rebel as he pulls out EL-1*
Stormtrooper 29: *Shooting at other Rebels with a DLT-19*
Helvin: *Puts on his glasses, and aims at the Stormtrooper*

He was to the left of the stormtrooper, so he had an easy time killing him. With four shots through the sandbags, he was dead.

Helvin: *Looks at the other Rebel to his right* Hey. Did you see that Sarge? I got him. *Looks at the Sarge, and notices that he's quiet* Hey, Sarge? Sarge, wake up. *Accidentally knocks his helmet off, and sees that he was shot in the head. A tear begins to come out of his left eye*
Bail: *In a bilog with Luke, and seven other Rebels* This is the wrong drop zone. We went too far to the south. We should be up North, closer to Omega Beach.
Luke: My guess is that the pilots couldn't handle the wind resistance.
Bail: Well, this here is as good as any other spot. Gear up men. We're going to start this battle, right here. Our reinforcements will follow us, wherever we go.

And with that, everyone stood up, and followed Bail, and Luke.

Two Tie Fighters were flying towards Champalla. Warek Goode, and Taylor Kamen were about to attack the Republic, and Polis Massa.

Warek: Listen up, do exactly what I do, when I do it. Alright, here we go. *Decreasing his altitude to attack the Republic, and Polis Massa*

Iffen/Eye Beaches. 6:45 AM

Warek, and Taylor killed over twenty soldiers from Polis Massa on Iffen Beach, and thirty Republic Soldiers on Eye Beach.

Warek: That's good. We've had our moment. Let's head back.

When they were heading back, they noticed four X-Wings at Omega Beach.

Song: link

Warek: They're trying to weaken our defenses. Let's take them out. *Flying towards the X-Wings*
Jyll: Tie Fighters, 9 O' Clock! I'll take them down. There's only two of them. *Shoots Taylor*
Taylor: Ah!! *Crashes into the beach*
Rebel 45: Perfect, we got madami cover!
Warek: Blast! You may have killed my partner, but you will be the one who gets shot down next.
Jyll: *Behind Warek, shooting at him several times*
Rebel Pilot 39: Go Jyll!
Rebel Pilot 42: You got this Jyll!
Warek: *Gaining altitude as he heads away from the beach*
Jyll: You can't run. I'm surprised he isn't trying to fight me. *Launches two Proton Torpedoes*
Warek: *Dodges the two torpedoes sa pamamagitan ng flying between two trees*
Jyll: Hm. Amazing to see a good Tie Pilot for a change.

He saw an Imperial frigate preparing to leave after dropping off supplies.

Warek: Hey, maybe they don't know about the Rebels. I could get their attention.
Jyll: *Shoots the back of Warek's Tie Fighter*
Warek: *Turns around, and shoots Jyll's right wings*
Jyll: *Opens her cockpit* I gotta bail! *Jumps, but lands on the Victory 2-Class Frigate* Oh, this isn't what I wanted.

Stop the song

Warek: *Flying towards Jyll*
Jyll: *Pulls out a DL44, and shoots Warek*
Warek: Ah! *Holding his shoulder as he crashes into the Frigate*
Jyll: *Watching the frigate go down* I got a bad feeling about this.
Rebel Pilot 39: Jyll? Jyll come in! *Sees an explosion*
Rebel Pilot 42: I guess we know where she is now.
Rebel Pilot 39: I don't see those Tie Fighters coming back. She must have destoyed them. Let's finish helping our mga kaibigan on the ground.

Later, Captain Needa talked to Colonel Jörgenstien about the tanks they needed.

Captain Needa: Well Colonel? Any word from Lord Vader?
Colonel Jörgenstien: I just hung up on the phone with a Royal Guard. You know what he said? Lord Vader took a sleeping pill, and he didn't want to be disturbed. The former Jedi, now a powerful Sith Lord, capable of destroying everything in his path, is too busy sleeping to help us get madami tanks. Sometimes I wonder if competence is something that people lack in Endor.

Saber Beach. 6:50 AM

Franklin: Alright, onward!
Young Republic Soldier: This is it everyone! Let's get back at them for killing the Jedi!
Danielle: Did you hear that Phoebe? He mentioned the Jedi. I bet he wasn't even alive at the time!

The ramp on the boats went down, and everyone started heading for the beach. Well, almost everyone.

Danielle: Come on ya bums!! *Holds onto part of the bangka while waving around her NB-49* Come on out you Imperials, Flannigan's back! *Jumps into the water*

She did this on purpose, and even though no one was attacking her, she said..

Danielle: Ah, the evil of it all! Trying to drown someone before givin' em the chance to fight!
Phoebe: Let's go Danielle.
Republic Soldier: *Playing the bagpipes*
Imperials: *Waking up* Hey! The Republic's here!
Stormtroopers: *Firing at the Republic with E-11's, and DLT19's*
Republic Soldiers: *Returning apoy with DC15's, DC15-A's, and NB-49's*

There were only ten Imperials versus the seventy five Republic Soldiers, so capturing the tabing-dagat was an easy task. It was a good thing to, because the entire squadron had a tougher task to complete later on. Supplies, and vehicles were getting unloaded for the susunod assignment.

David White was in charge of getting all of the vehicles off of the beach. The Imperials were firing orbital strikes, and even though every shot was a miss, they couldn't risk getting their equipment damaged.

David: Yes, good, keep those tanks moving.
Franklin: *Standing susunod to a building with Martin*
Gungan: *Running over to Franklin* Meesa want to give you this bottle of champagne for helping us liberate Naboo. *Gives Franklin the champagne, and runs off* Viva La Naboo!!
Martin: A lot of interesting people around here, huh Frank?
Franklin: *Nods*

Meanwhile, a soldier from Polis Massa's army was helping a soldier from the Republic.

Republic Soldier 75: *Writing a letter* We've no holograms, or droids to communicate with the rest of our army. We've got to send them a message the old fashioned way. A letter on a carrier pigeon.
Polis Massa Soldier 76: I got the pigeon.
Republic Soldier 75: Good. *Clips the message onto the pigeon's leg*
Polis Massa Soldier 76: *Throws the pigeon into the air*
Pigeon: *Flies towards the Republic ships, but turns around*
Polis Massa Soldier 76: Where the hell is it going? *Looks at the pigeon* No! You're going the wrong way! Don't go towards the Imperials you idiot! Turn around!
Republic Soldier 75: Damned traitors!
David: Keep moving the vehicles off the beach! The sooner we get everything off the beach, the sooner the Imperials will stop the Orbital Strikes. I need to go for a walk. Come Obi-Wan.

A silver, and kahel R2 unit started following David as it beeped three times.

Republic Soldiers: *Pushing a tank, but it doesn't move*
David: Come on, put your backs into it! We have to get this thing off the beach! If you can't push it, carry it! *Walks closer to the tank*
Rish: *Tries to start the tank, but the engine doesn't turn over*
Danielle: What's the matter? Got your foot on the brakes?
David: What's the matter with this thing? We need to keep everything moving off the beach.
Rish: We can't seem to get it started sir. The engine won't turn over. Most likely filled with sea water.
David: As my mother would always say, anything mechanical that doesn't run, sometimes needs a good whack. *Hits the tank with a stick* Try it now.
Rish: *Starts the tank*
Republic Soldiers: Yeah!
Rish: Thank you Mr. White.
Danielle: I'll be Phoebe. This man's a real genius.
Phoebe: Or a magician.
David: That's enough chit chat, keep moving!
Danielle: Yes sir. *Walks away with Phoebe*

Wanter-Lo. 7:00 AM

Rebel boats were heading to the big clifftops of the town called Wanter-Lo.

Alan: We have to go all the way up there?
Rebel 62: What's the matter Private? You scared?
Alan: No. Not at all. Just what is our objective?
Rebel 57: Imperials have cannons, and we gotta destroy them before they take down any of our Mon Calamari's.

They reached land, and everyone got out of the boats. Stormtroopers on tuktok of the cliffs spotted them.

Stormtrooper 34: They're here! Shoot them!
Rebels: *Shooting the Imperials*
Imperials: *Shooting the Rebels*
Rebel 50: Quickly, set up the ladders, and harpoon guns!
Rebels: *Placing ladders on the cliffs*
Other Rebels: *Shooting Harpoon guns, so they can climb to the top*
Stormtrooper 95: Stop them! They're getting close to the top!
Rebel 9: *Pulls out a DH17, and shoots two stormtroopers. He makes it to the top, and knocks out a stormtrooper with his harpoon gun* Take that!
Stormtrooper 88: *Shoots him*
Rebel 9: *Falls down to the bottom*
Rebel 60: Mine's not working. *Takes the harpoon from his dead comrade*
Alan: *Climbs to the tuktok of the cliff, then gets off the ladder*
Rebel 48: *Going to the top, but his harpoon jams* Hey, I need some help!
Alan: Hang on! *Pulling the cable* Climb!
Rebel 48: *Climbing to the tuktok as he holds onto the cable*
Alan: *Helps him to the top*
Rebel 48: Thanks.
Alan: Anytime.

They went into the buildings where the cannons were supposed to be, but they were completely empty.

Rebel 48: It looks like they were just pulled out, judging sa pamamagitan ng those wires.
Alan: So we came all the way up here for nothing?
Rebel 48: Not entirely true. If we didn't come here, the Empire might have captured this spot, and eventually, they would have set up those cannons.
Imperials: *Surrendering* Bitte! Bitte!
Rebel 48: *Shoots the Imperials* I wonder what, "bitter bitter" means.
Alan: I think some of those humans came from Kaiser. It's a planet where they spoke another language, instead of basic.

Wedge Olkan and his squad were still at Twilek Bridge, when Imperials started heading towards them.

Yarrin: They have rocket launchers!
Wedge: Stop them first! Otherwise they'll destroy this bridge!
Republic Soldiers: *Shooting the Imperials*
Stormtroopers: *Shooting the Republic* Look, reinforcements are coming to help them!
Republic Soldier: *Playing the bagpipes*
Franklin: *Running with the others* Come on, we're almost there!
Shock Trooper: *Aiming his rocket launcher at Franklin's group* Take them out first, then finish off the others. *Fires a rocket*
Republic Soldiers: *Get hit, and fall into the water*
Danielle: *Firing her NB-49*
Shock Troopers: *Die*
Stormtrooper: Pick up the rocket launchers! *Gets shot*
Yarrin: Captain Sine, good to see you.
Franklin: Thank you Yarrin. Let's finish them off.
Wedge: *Shooting madami Stormtroopers. In his mind, Mick Torrow's words continued to echo*

Hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.

Republic Soldier: *Playing bagpipes*
Phoebe: Ever heard such a dreadful racket?
Danielle: Aye, it takes someone from Coruscant's south pole to play the pipes.

Meanwhile, General Veers was taking a shuttle back from Velmor into Naboo. He saw the many Mon Calamari bituin Cruisers deploying madami boats into the ocean

General Veers: What is this?
Imperial Pilot: It appears that the Rebels are invading Champalla.
General Veers: Find a place to land, before they spot us!

In Los Ingles, Colonel Russo was looking around the area.

Colonel Russo: Soldier, what's your name?
Rebel Soldier 99: Sargent Tan sir.
Colonel Russo: Is that wagon in use? *Lays down in it*
Rebel Soldier 99: It was.
Colonel Russo: I have an important assignment for you. Take me into the center of town. I want to see how the rest of my squad's doing.
Rebel Soldier 99: Yes sir. *Pulls the wagon with Colonel Russo on it*

Back on Twilek Bridge, Franklin, and Martin lead a squad to a nearby town.

Danielle: Where are they going?
Wedge: They're off to take one madami town from the Imperials. Then this battle will be over.

Yuvana was a small town, but it had big buildings. This included a hotel, and a casino.

Shawn: *Waiting in an alleyway with Tom, and Dyle*
Franklin: Alright, on a count of three.
Martin: One.
Tom: Two.
Dyle & Shawn: Three!

They ran out of the alleyway, and ran towards the casino. Fifty seven other soldiers were right behind them firing their blasters at the Imperials. They turned right to go across a bridge, passing several boats in the process. They ran non-stop all the way into the hotel.

Martin: *Panting* Good timing.
Franklin: Yes, I thought we'd be goners when I saw their shock troopers. They really know how to throw a party. We got to get a tank to help us.

Shock Troopers weren't the only problem. The casino also had several spots where stormtroopers were firing DLT-19's at them.

Republic Soldier 62: *Stands up to throw a grenade, but gets shot sa pamamagitan ng twenty blasts from a DLT-19*
Shock Trooper: *Fires a misayl which hits the hotel*
Franklin: madami stormtroopers, closing in!
Martin: *Shooting them*
Franklin: *Looks to the right, and sees seven gungans walking towards them* Oh no.
Shawn: What is it? *Looks at the gungans* No! *Runs towards the gungans* Can't you see there's a battle happening here?!
Gungan 5: That is why we have arrived. Weesa tend to the wounded.
Shawn: You can get killed out here!
Gungan 6: Better us, than your comrades.
Shawn: *Shooting madami Stormtroopers*
Republic Soldier 91: *Driving an IFT-X towards the casino*
Imperial 56: Look! Enemy tank!
Stormtrooper 66: They still use TX-130's?!
Republic Soldier 91: *Fires missiles, destroying the casino*
Imperials: *Leaving Yuvana*
Shawn: They're retreating.
Franklin: Yuvana is ours. Call for backup.

Luke and the rest of his team from Panera tabing-dagat arrived at Los Ingles.

Luke: *Looking around the town as he walks into a library* I thought there would be madami soldiers here. *Looks at Mee sitting on a table, and walks over to him* What happened here?
Mee: What?
Luke: What happened?
Mee: Sorry sir, I can't hear you! I was stuck on a kampanilya tower for eight hours, listening to the bells ring! Ding, dong, ding, dong!
Luke: *Walks towards Bail Organa. Jr* General Sireeto's team still hasn't arrived yet.
Bail: Resistance must be tough on Omega.
Seeq: *Looking around Los Ingles, when he sees a wrecked Victory 2-Class Frigate, with an X-Wing. He runs towards the X-Wing without any hesitation* Please don't be Jyll, please don't be Jyll. *Opens the cockpit, and looks inside. It is empty* Thank goodness. *Turns to the right, and sees Jyll laying on the ground, dead. He kneels, and puts his hand on her head as he begins to cry*

On Omega Beach, General Sireeto, and several others were desperately thinking of a way to breakthrough enemy lines.

General Sireeto: I got a plan. We'll go to the pader nearby, and blow a hole in the bottom.
Rebel Colonel: With what?
General Sireeto: A super imploder.
Rebel Colonel: We're supposed to save those for the bunkers.
General Sireeto: We can't capture the bunkers if we don't get there! Follow me.

As they reached the wall, they saw Early.

General Sireeto: Where's your Lieutenant?
Early: He's dead General.
General Sireeto: What's your name son?
Early: Sargent Aalton Sir.
General Sireeto: Congratulations, you're being promoted to Lieutenant. First, you need to help us blow a hole through that wall.
Early: Yes sir.

They went towards the wall, but a stormtrooper shot him with a DLT-19.

General Sireeto: *Shoots the stormtrooper with a DH17* Okay, place the bag on the wall.
Rebel Colonel: *Places the bag on the ground, and makes it lean on the wall*
General Sireeto: *Pulls out a super imploder* I'd stand back if I were you.

They ran towards a trench, and the General threw the super imploder susunod to the bag.

General Sireeto: All fifteen of those explosives should do the trick. *Watches the explosives blow a hole through the wall* Onward!
Rebels: *Shouting as they charge through the hole*
Stormtroopers: They broke through! *Getting shot*

General Veers walked into the room where General Ozzel was with a few others.

General Veers: What happened?
Orrian: I disobeyed your orders, and put Ozzel in charge instead of Colonel Jörgenstien like you requested.
Colonel Jörgenstien: Thanks to him, we can't get any tanks, because everyone in Cenell believed that was where the main attack was. It was only a decoy. Someone was dressed up as Han Solo standing sa pamamagitan ng several dummy tanks.
General Veers: So we Nawawala Champalla to the Rebels. Did you at least contact Darth Vader?
Colonel Jörgenstien: I tried to, but he was too busy sleeping.
Captain Needa: *Walks into the room* I finally contacted Lord Vader. I requested reinforcements, but he Nawawala his temper. Despite your screw up Ozzel, he's having you promoted to Admiral. He believes you'll do better commanding a bituin Destroyer.
General Veers: Perhaps Grand Moff Lebelt can help us?
Colonel Jörgenstien: No. It's too late for us to do anything. Before you walked in, I got reports that the Rebels captured Omega Beach. *Looks at the map in disgust* Champalla.

In Los Ingles, Colonel Russo arrived with his team, and met up with Luke Skywalker.

Colonel Russo: Hold it! Stop!
Rebels: *Stop*
Colonel Russo: *Steps off the cart, and walks over to Skywalker* Any reports?
Luke: I'm sorry Colonel. Most of your men are either dead, or missing. We got some soldiers collecting the dead off of those wires, and trees that they're hanging off of.
Colonel Russo: *Looks at a dozen Rebels hanging from their parachutes on a wire* What a horrifying sight. I hope we can find the rest of those guys before they also end up dead, wherever they are.

Anthony was still alive, and still lost. He was slowly walking past a shed, and alongside a stone wall. He saw an Imperial Officer leaning on the wall, and thought he was asleep.

Gator: Don't worry mate, he's dead.
Anthony: *Looks at Gator sitting down susunod to a haystack* How long have you been there?
Gator: Eight hours.
Anthony: *Sits susunod to Gator*
Gator: Hand me a cigarette? I'm dying for a cigarette.
Anthony: Here. *Gives Gator a cigarette, and lights it for him*
Gator: Thank you.
Anthony: How long has that Colonel been there?
Gator: Eight hours. He shot my leg, but I got him in the head. *Pulls out his K16* With this.
Anthony: *Nods*
Gator: Have you ever killed a man? Face to face?
Anthony: No. *Smokes a cigarette*
Gator: Neither have I actually. Face to face anyway. I'll tell you one thing though, when you look at a man this long, you notice some strange things. Have you noticed something odd about him?
Anthony: *Looks at his boots* He's got his boots on the wrong feet. *Laughs* That is pretty funny.
Gator: *Laughs*
Anthony: Must've been in a hurry or something.
Gator: *Laughs, but stops as he holds his stomach*
Anthony: You alright?
Gator: I think so. My friend Michael sinabi he'd be back with a doctor, but all I got so far was a shot of morphine.
Anthony: I'm sorry.
Gator: Don't be. *Sighs* What a battle. I'm crippled, your lost, and he's dead.
Anthony: I wonder which side won.

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The Rebels were the winners. Back on Omega Beach, General Sireeto was taking a moment to enjoy the quiet after his tremendous victory.

General Sireeto: *Watching everyone pass him in ATC's* Good job everyone.
Rebel 53: *Stops susunod to General Sireeto* Need a ride sir?
General Sireeto: Yeah, just give me a second. *Pulls out a cigar. He's about to smoke it, but he starts to have segundo thoughts. He drops it on the ground, and gets into the Metra*
Rebel 53: *Drives to the tuktok of the hill, following other Metra's and ATC's*

Cast of characters in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Taly Orrkan
Armie Hammer as Bail Organa Jr.
Ashleigh Ball as Jyll Baitson
Ben Wishaw as Wedge Olkan
Brett Dejneka as Anthony Dino
Christoph Waltz as Vick Musker
Christopher Ragland as Early Aalton
Colin Firth as Franklin Sine
Craig Becker as Mee Hoto
Dax Shepard as Seeq Hester
Dwayne Johnson as Hollin Russo
Emily Del Greco as Salope Meima
Eminem as Paul Soloda
Hugh Bonneville as Martin Dalton
Ian Lafferty as David White
Jeffery Itov as Warek Goode
Jeremy Clarkson as Gator O' Donnell
Joseph May as Helvin Paller
Jules De Jongh as Rican Lebelt
Justin Kix as Orrian Lesden
Kerry Shale as Cody Sireeto
Kendal Ozzel as himself
Lorth Needa as himself
Luke Skywalker as himself
Maximilian Veers as himself
Michael Schumacher as Taylor Kamen
Nigel Pilkington as Rish Packard
Pierce Brosnan as Shawn Rouillard
Pitbull as Tom Buyard
Richard Hammond as Michael Rustay
Ross Parker the Mon Calamari General as himself
Sebastian Vettel as Faust Jörgenstien
Simon Greenall as Mick Torrow
Tara Strong as Danielle Flannigan
Taron Egerton as Yarrin Nax
Teresa Gallagher as Phoebe Porter
William Hope as Dyle Gouissant
Zachary Gordon as Alan Rutler

This tagahanga fiction is based off of the 1962 film of the same title, sa pamamagitan ng 20th Century Fox.

The End

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