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mysterious pag-ibig

- chapter 13-

"Ok you can open them now."
When I opened my eyes my mouth droped.
"Go carts! How did...when did...THATS AWESOME!"
He laughed "I thought you would like them."
"Well you were right! " Then I realized I was pagganap like a 6 taon old in front of the hottest guy I had ever seen.
"I mean umm... there...great?"
"Dont worry your not pagganap like a six taon old." Mathew smiled at me.

How did he no that?

Then of course me being me.i
I sinabi the stupied possible thing any body could EVER say.

"You look so cute when you smile like that." I could just imagin the big hearts in my eyes.
Ugh I am such a DORK! june why would you say somthing lik...
"I no." He cut me of before I could finish me stupied mumble I was having with my self.

(Am I crazy if I talk to my self in my head? mabe I should look that up on google or...)

"So are we going to drive them or not?" He smiled again,I think just cus he know's that I go crazy when he does.
"Yeah...but umm I really dont no how and I don't want to wreck them."
"Well hmmm...I could always get in with you and ipakita you how , Its a two seater?" He gave me a very onery look.
I just look at him and sinabi with a smile, "Well I think that just mit help what about you?"
"I think it could to."

He ran over to the go kariton and taped or the upuan behind him.
"So you coming or are you just to scared?"
"Me scared Ha Ha."
I ran over and jump in the upuan behind him and put my arms around his waist.
Then you could here the sound of the little engine,and the go kariton took of and my red hair was flying in the wind like on of the old shows, with a lady in a corvette.

And her hair blowing in the wind. (every girls dream.)
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