1.Complane of sever stumic cramps until you are seen to sa pamamagitan ng a dotor or nurse then when they approach you say "wow doc i feel way better thank you " then for added crazyness walk out backwards

2. Run around screaming that you dont whant to see the dentist

3. One word for you flatulance

4. Ask repetedly if they are gonna operate on you

5. Pretend to be a doctor

6. Whenever a nurse passes make a swit swoo noise or say "helooo nurse "

7. Run around the hallways wearing an alien mask

8. When the doctor comes kick him in the shin then say " HOW DO YOU LIKE IT HAHAHA "

9. Run in wearing a leotared your face covered in lipstick and scream tell them your looking for doctor\nurse how did this to you

10. Wear sunglasses and tell the lady at the front ofice that you may have gone blind then take off your sunglasses. look amazed and leave imediatly touching every thing that you pass

11. Scream at every body who passes

12. Crawl in on you hands and nees sniffing everything pretending to be a dog

13. Play with the electric beds

14. Tell the lady at the front office "This is the worst hotel ive ever been to gosh and you call yourselfs H.M.R Hospital"

15. Break out in a tap dance every 5mins

16. Ask the lady at the front mesa to order your fave magazine because they havent got it on the mesa in the waiting room.

17. Throw your shoes at the doctor when he enters the room

18. When you enter the doctors office claim that you saw a room just like this in an alien movie

19. Moooo very loudly (repeat if needed)

20. Kick up a fuss because the doctor is not The doctor from casualty

Please note that some of these may get you arrested