walang tiyak na layunin Some random/weird/crazy things you've done

McDreamyluva posted on May 27, 2008 at 10:37AM
Share with us about some of the random/weird/crazy things you've done at school, work, or wateva~~
Me for example, have done tooo many weird things with one of my awesome friend, like this one for example...

okay once, we stayed after school, and i went to the lockers to get something, and i saw the LOCK that locks the locker (like the thing behind the locker door, so when you turn the keys, it rolls in and u open the door). So, i opened the door, and i got my stuff out. Then i saw the lock, i turned the key and it rolled inside, and trust me, IT LOOKS COOOL!!!!
so, i stood there and turned the keys for a several of times (took like 3 minutes) and me and my friend decided to record it. So she took out her phone and we recorded the action of the lock rolling in and out. It was FUN!!!! (hahaha, it's soo sad)

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