walang tiyak na layunin Post pictures or bidyo with sexy women.

BlindBandit92 posted on Dec 01, 2011 at 05:17AM
"Women" means alien,android,robot,furry and basically any kind of humanoid female is allowed on this forum.

If you censor out a woman's private parts to make it teen friendly then an explicit picture can be allowed but if it is not done so then it can not be allowed.


1.No Private part showing. Nipples,vagina,etc
2.No humiliating pictures of females/
3.Humanoid ONLY
4.Please be respectful to other tastes.
5.This forum is to glorify the awesomeness of women. it is not for sexist remarks or anything like that. Plus in general this forum is not meant to be sexist.
6.Male and female can be in the same pic.
7.Yuri is allowed from SFW to inbetween SFW and NSFW and NSFW censored.
8.If any other rules come up i will state them
.9.Have fun. =)

EDIT monster girls/ are allowed but they must follow the humanoid bit. Centaurs,etc. Artistic designs that are obviously more animal are not accepted. Someone like cheetara from thundercats or gadget from rescue rangers is allowed. BUT like I said no one who is non- humanoid is accepted.

Sjws you aren't welcome here in any stretch of the imagination. Any kind of bitching will be immediately reported and ignored.
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