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Riku114 posted on Jul 22, 2015 at 12:01AM
So I decided to move the Wall game to a Forum.

Basically someone starts a sentence by posting one word and the next person adds another word onto it. Eventually a sentence is built.

Person 1: Chocolate
Person 2: ice cream
Person 3: contains
so on.

1) Use grammar when choosing the next word
2) No posting right after yourself
3) The person who finished the sentence, gets to start the next one

Sentences Made:
1) Chocolate ice cream contains lots of sentient bunnies that taste like rocks.
2) Could you eat rabid tarantulas when your doctor wont give you medicines that cure butt herpes?
3) Dragons can't dance with fat chickens during Christmas because they won't prepare their ambiguously large spatulas.
4) Do sheep jump inside blackholes while riding donkeys across my galaxy?
5) Will you jump over Scotland while contaminated with Ebola?
6) Nine ran fast with exaggerated flexibility towards balls.
7) Riku wanted sweaty big wolves wearing hula-skirts in Chuck-E-Cheese.
8) Cute purple eyes don't need enhanced poop because cats suck.
9) Voldemort wished he hadn't sneezed glitter over Harry's sweater.
10) Once Zanhar stops kicking your pumpkins we'll kill all the dinosaurs
11) Donald Trump decided to cut pineapples out of every chubby-chaser within Homer Simpson's kingdom of overweight seahorses.
12) Bastard's many underpants shone through the universe today, spreading awareness of boob AIDs.
13) Holy shrimp-cocktail, theres a Triceratops under my local cabana.
14) Drapery isnt as funny without its evil demon syphillis.
15) I hate Zanhar when she ate Wanta's massive penis pancake.
16) Weeaboos plot revenge on Alfred because butterflies can't fornicate happily when in blue ocean waves.
17) Kit-kats fly heroically as meteors laugh at periwinkle puppies because they have some contaminated noodles.
18) Why would giant octupuses marry tiny breasted marmadukes after they eat apples gluttonously?
19) Fortunately, big bulging eyes love massive titties and asses for their nutritional value
20) Sailboats without captains arent fit to sail with evil nothingness inside their cave walls while dogs ride eagles shouting 'Hi'.
21) Jupiter trampled over murderous buttcheeks because Azula peed smelly lemonade.

(I will start this as soon as the last wall one in complete)
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