walang tiyak na layunin Post stupid or funny comments that you have seen on Youtube

SilentForce posted on Nov 09, 2018 at 07:01PM
So everyone knows that Youtube is the nr.1 destination for dumbasses which therefore makes it easy to find dumbass comments on the videos there.Of course there are also users on there who have a sense of humor and post funny comments that are entirely stupid.Thats why I'm creating this forum in which you can post stupid or funny comments from Youtube that have caught your attention the most.


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10 months ago SilentForce said…
From Alphaville's "Big In Japan" music video:

"if your dong is longer than 10cm you're big in japan."

"The gayest straight man?"

"When a grown ass man probably had a smaller waist then you...."

"This guy is gayer than lady Gaga!!!"

"Wonder if he's a top or a bottom"

"Are you absolutely sure they are all his, though? LOL"- reply to the "This man had 7 children... Just so you know." comment

"he looks like a creepy stalker -.-" to which someone replied"you look like a pedo"

"These days gospel singers have more lipstick then him unfortunately"

"he's fucking scaring me ) but i like the song"

"That is one creepy looking dude, makes it hard to watch."

"For the last time i am not big in japan , but i am bing in your mom ."

"Dudes been trying out Kylie Jenners lip challenge xD"

"I had never seen the lead singer of this band, I never want to see the lead singer of this band again.


This video is very, very, not good."

"This is a great song. It's just personally disappointing that they didn't have the budget to have him go all Godzilla through a model of Tokyo."

"The theme to all weaboos"

"Perfect for otakus xd"

"Dude making me question my asexuality."
TheLefteris24 commented…
Lmao !!!! 10 months ago
Rihanna312 commented…
lol @ Godzilla one :DD 9 months ago
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From Battle Beast's cover of W.A.S.P.'s "Wild Child" song:

"I knew there would be idiots in here claiming this is better than the original. Clean the shit outta your ears. This doesn't touch the original" to which a user replied "I knew there would be elitist fucks in the comments claiming they know better and talking about facts when it's a matter of taste. Eat dick, asshole. People like you ruin the metal community."
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TheLefteris24 commented…
Truth be told !!!! 10 months ago
10 months ago TheLefteris24 said…
Quite the unique Forum idea. The Comments Section on Youtube can be either Gold or Cancer lol. Let's see. Will go with the one for ''Shadilay's'' Metal Version. Praise Kek:


''It's Frogressive Metal.''

''The war isn't about right vs left, The war is about Kek vs Cuck.''

''It's like Sabaton made a song about meme warfare''

''Why is this categorised as 'Comedy' and not 'Politics? Plz respond''

''77 virgin memes await the Kekistani's who remain faithful unto death''

''A Country is not a mere territory; the particular territory is only its foundation. The Country is the idea which rises upon that foundation; it is the sentiment of love, the sense of fellowship which binds together all the sons of that territory. -kek''

''REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEally good stuff my dudes #praisekek''

''One day my brothers, we will headbang to this while drinking from normie skulls and basking in the lamentation of their women.''

''When Kekistan goes to war......when the government falls....this song will lead men into battle.''

''We must Stand against KeKophobia it should not be tolerated.''


''We the people of Kekistan have been delivered this song by Kek. This shall be our war anthem as our legions charge into battle. Praise Kek. Praise Kek''

''Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ein Meme''

''He's not a Frog He is a BATTLETOAD!''

''I played this anthem with my dog in the room, now she's a wolf.''

''they must feature KEK in american gods on season 2.''

''There's no god but Kek and Pepe is his prophet.''

''After cuckstan is Destroyed ,this music Will be Sung for generations.''


''At the gates of kekistan, there will be non believers standing amidst its glory. 9gag users will be publicly executed in the town square and there will be memes aplenty. Normie s will plead for our mercy as we wave our metal at their throats gloating.''

''Kill the normies! Don't tread on memes!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!''

''This is what we blast out of load speakers on helicopters when invade Cuckistan''

''We shall rock for the glory of Kek and his Holy prophet, Pepe! Normies get out!''

''3:49 I orgasmed''

Those among ton of others !!!!
SilentForce commented…
''3:49 I orgasmed'' lmfao 10 months ago
10 months ago TheLefteris24 said…
Adding more Meme-related Videos.

''When you're driving: GAS GAS GAS
When you're mowing the lawn: GRASS GRASS GRASS
When you're fishing: BASS BASS BASS
When you're playing football: PASS PASS PASS
When you break a cup: GLASS GLASS GLASS
When you're playing a French horn, trombone, trumpet or tuba: BRASS BRASS BRASS
When you're going to school: CLASS CLASS CLASS
When you win: YASS YASS YASS
When you see DAT: ASS ASS ASS
When you talk back: SASS SASS SASS
When a woman enters the room: LASS LASS LASS
When you're designing a corporate network: NAS NAS NAS
When you politely decline: PASS PASS PASS
When you don’t know the answer: GUESS GUESS GUESS''

''When mom lets you push the shopping cart.''

''I take it this is Hitler's favorite?''



''Listen to this while you do your homework. You will get it done in 4 minutes and 31 seconds.''

''Do you, fellow homosapien, find my four wheeled road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine--otherwise known as a car--agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory?''

''Enough with the Hitler references...... they make me führerious''

''I actually got a speeding ticket while listening to this song today. I don't know how to feel about it.''

''proceeds to like all the comments that ask if I like their car''

''the worst part is this 4:31''

''That moment when a supposedly slower car passes you on the highway''

''Has anyone else tried watching a bukkake montage with this song?''

''1:18 when the playzone is in the otherside of the map
But you cant find any vehicle and the bluezone is closing
So you have to run''

''CAR, DO U LIK ?''

''When you gotta squeeze 20 hours of work into a single night''

''At the start it sounds like they say Ass. Ass"

''1. Replace every "gas" in this video with "ass"
2. Celebrate, as humanity has finally reached its maximum potential.''

''Just got in a car crash listening to this song


''One turn more in Civilization''

''1:18 when you've been holding that poop in the freeway for an hour''


''Gas gas this is an original comment no stealing
This is definitely looped
That's why I know
This is definitely looped
That's why I know
This is definitely looped
That's why I know
This is definitely looped
That's why I know
This is definitely looped
That's why I know''

''meme'' (That's all. Meme. That comment was enough to get my like) !!!!
SilentForce commented…
"Hitler's paborito song" lmfao 10 months ago
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From another video with Manuel's "Gas,Gas,Gas" song:

"Haha in Germany we also stepped on the gas once.

The car was pretty quick for being a VW"


"The Fast & Führer"

"Got fired from my work because i listened to this song.

Apparently it is not allowed to drift a bus full of passengers.|"

"I get it man stop farting..."

"I have a feeling that I'll be listening to this song when I'm like 80 y/o, swinging in a rocker and surrounded by my grandchildren that are wondering what the hell is this "music" "

"I launched this song in my father's car.

His car became Toyota AE86."

"in russian gas step on you"

"America: Does GAS mean OIL ?"

"Germany: Do you like my gas?
Russia: Do you like my tank?
America: Do you like my nuke?"

"I'm sure that Jews love this song ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

"Do you like, maincrah?

"I can just imagine tons German tanks racing towards Poland."

"When it's 1939 and you're invading Poland."

"When your grandfather is talking about the third reich"

"Perfect song to listen to as you escape your failed assault on Russia"
TheLefteris24 commented…
Many of these are simply #Iconic. Seriously XD !!!! 10 months ago
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From Alphaville's "Red Rose" music video:

"Why do I feel like he slept with one of the backup singers??....lmfao I know it's stupid but I have that feeling and I've been having for a long time."
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From Kiss' "Tears Are Falling" music video:

"I think paul stanley is more beatiful than my girlfriend"

"Paul looks like he just drank 7 cases of red bull and ate 198 packs of skittles"

"Gene looks like a cross between a rabbi and an indian chief"

"paul looks like he fell right off the gay wagon"

"Literally everyone talks about how gay they were in this video but kiss has pulled more girls than anyone ever will haha"

"This might have been the last video to feature Gene Simmons' real hair."

"Paul was peeing in the corner..."

"I can handle electric pink clothes, cheesy dancing, and ass grabbing. But 3:29 is where I draw the line."

"I never got this era! They looked like they had been raiding Boy George's closet!"

"What the HELL are they wearing in this video. I expected more of a hard-rock look, not a neon disco cowboy with studded shoulderpads look."

"My kid was singing along the other day....... "Oh no SKI SAFARI" "

"Paul Stanley dances like a man who just drank Drano."
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From Kiss' "Who Wants To Be Lonely" music video:

"My mom washes dishes with those gloves"

"I clearly told Paul to clean my pool not make a music video I'm taking him to court"

"Am I the only one that thinks with all that makeup and jewelry on, Gene looks like an aging drag queen? LOL!!!!"

"Gene looks like a 6ft 2 tranny in this video!"

"Gene looks like someones mom whose a Teacher."

"Gene looking a real Trannie before it was cool"

"When Gene's hair looked decent,now just a old brillo pad"

"Asylum, Kiss' glam rock album. Not a good time for Gene. He went from the Demon to Barbie. Catchy songs though."

"Paul Stanley coming after you in a neon robe down in a boiler room, stuff of nightmares!"

"Imagine you get lost in that corridor, suddenly you look ahead and Paul´s coming at you with that outfit, dancing"

"ahh the classic mystery of the lead singer holding a guitar for the whole video without playing it once. THE 80's, EVERYONE."

"This is gayer than a Dead or Alive or Village People video. And that's saying something lol"

"This must have been when Gene Simmons was going through his Bea Arthur phase"

"Who knew The Golden Girls could rock? ; )"

"apparently paul wants to be lonely wearing that GOOFY COSTUME"

"Somebody please tell me this: Are they wearing makeup? Like eye shadow, blush or lip gloss? It sure looks like it!!!!!"

"Did Paul do a nipple flash at :35?"

"This proves that Paul and Gene have no friends. Otherwise, somebody would have pulled them aside and told them how silly they look."

"What's crazy is this all seemed normal in 1985."

"Oh, everything here is more colorful than a 5 years birthday.... anyway, I don't dislike this 80-sh kiss era... and bruce is waaaay better than ace"

"Nice clothes Duche Bags"

"Do you think Paul was hanging out with Kip Winger at this time?😂 FaaaaaggggOteeee"

"Do you imagine Paul as a wrestler dressed like that!? xD"

"How is Paul supposed to play guitar in those purple marigolds?"

"From spitting (fake) blood to humming like a 50 year old aunt in heat...
A disappointment to loyal fans. Sold out. But, good for them, they attracted a new market of cheap skanks with fat wallets.
Worst era..."
TheLefteris24 commented…
"Paul Stanley coming after you in a neon magsuot ng bata down in a boiler room, stuff of nightmares!" 10 months ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
^ This is true terror lmao !!!! 10 months ago
10 months ago SilentForce said…
From David Bowie "Its No Game (No.1) :

"david bowie yelling as his favorite anime plays in the background"

"He sings and produces a sound like somebody is flushing the toilet."

"This is what cocaine sounds like."

"This is what Japanese fantasie sounds like"

"wtf am I listening to?"
10 months ago TheLefteris24 said…
*Inserts the X-Files Theme*

''When you wake up in the middle of the night and you feel like you just blinked, but then its morning.''

''When you take off your earphones but you still hear it......''

''When you sneeze and someone says bless you but your the only one home''

''When you have a math test at school. Instead of a calculator, you accidentally bring a tv remote.''

''When no one likes u, but get a friend request from someone.''

You fell asleep in the sofa
And wake up in your bed...😶⚠️''

''when your laptops battery is 0% and it stills on''

''When you see a glass half full but then in a second it's half empty.''

''When your comment on this video gets 666 likes''

''When you think of the perfect comment but it's already been said.''

''When u buy a cake but theres no frosting.''

''When you do the homework''

''When you realise the old van has not Candys''

''When you see it's spelled KitKat instead of Kit-Kat''

''when you thought that it was the day before the first day of school, but then you realized it's the first day''

''When you had a good nights sleep but feel like you've been awake all night.''

''When a person walks thru your wall in Fortnite''


''When you have 0 HP and you’re still alive''

''When you open a packet of chip but there's only half in it''

''Ich liebe diese Musik.''

''When nothing bad happens for a week.''

''if Jesus can walk on water can he swim on land???''

''When your period is due and it doesn't come''

''When your pooping and your poop is talking to you: 00:00-3:10''

''when u find out there is a backside on the quiz''

''Better than despacito.''

''When your dog meows''

''When all Comments start with when.''

So many relatable ones in there !!!!
SilentForce commented…
'When you have a math test at school. Instead of a calculator, you accidentally bring a tv remote" this one cracked me up the most lol 10 months ago
10 months ago ArcticWolf said…
I'm HIGHLY disappointed that no one has posted John Cage's 4'33" yet.

"This is a beautiful song -- even deaf people can enjoy it"

"The violin played a wrong note at 1:43"

"This was played a little too fast, wasn't it?"

"This song triggered me"

"A beautiful performance! I especially love how the lilting notes of the flute section make a perfect counterpoint with the robust drone of the didgeridoo at 1:10"

"that was intense"

"The sound quality is terrible"


"1:38 the clarinetist still has his mouthpiece cap on"

"so nice-the best Song ever"

"My favorite part was when they rested"

"wow nice song"

"4.33 is not enough of this masterpiece..... one of the greatest songs of all time by a long shot and this performance is probably the best one!!!!"

"I wonder if they rehearse"

"I've heard better performances of this"

"Great. Where can I purchase the sheet music?"

"This is probably the most intensed music that I know"
SilentForce commented…
lol 10 months ago
10 months ago ArcticWolf said…
And don't forget the amazing death metal cover of 4'33"!

"Such staggering virtuosity. To reinterpret a classical piece of this magnitude in a metal idiom so successfully is an enormous challenge"

"I love Metal interpretations of Classical music. This one is totally going on my Best list!"

"I dunno.... I'll have to listen again, but usually I don't like performers taking this many liberties with a score"

^"it felt a little fast but music must grow or stagnate"

"Nothing more metal than white sandals with black socks"

"It was so authentic, I could´t watch it in germany because of a copyright claim"

"The guitarist on the right turns off the volume, his line is prerecorded I am 100% sure"

^"The singer needs more energy. He's really phoning it in here"

"Brilliant. Little bit over the top with all that cymbal stuff in the middle but really thoughtful otherwise"

^"Thats the interlude between the first and second movements"

^"Of course silly me. I was just so into it I lost myself"

"Loving the tone. You can really hear the sustain on those guitars"

^"I thought some of the hair was a little flat"



"Although technically quite crude, this performance is very emotional and inspiring. Therefore it deserves to be listened"

"doctor: you have 5:54 minutes left

"Way too brutal! Too noisy"

"An emotionally moving piece"

"mmm sounds like djent to me"

"I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&­quo­t;

"Drummer makes a mistake at 3:13? Although I'm not that familiar with the original"

^"nope. that's a second movement"

"You should work more on this piece, but it's good enough to show. Well done!"


"Brilliant. Such moving emotion and virtuosity. I bow to my fellow musicians"

"Tight as! You all really captured the spirit of the original composition. Glad you didn't speed it up"

"One of my favorite covers of all time. Amazing!"

"I think parts of this were lifted directly from other performances of 4'33"!!!!!!"

"Holy shit you guys, that was incredible!"

"2:37 Best part !"

"Tense. Overwhelming tension. Puts me in mind of Butoh"

"Downvoting because he didn't start randomly windmilling his hair"

"Fantastic. One of, if not THEE, best cover I've EVER heard"

"wonderfull music !!!"

"They are really feeling the beat"

"i heard a little bit of fats domino in there"

"Obviously fake. The bassist is one of the two people without long hair"

"oh..verry beautifull, it makes me cry😂"

"Quite possibly one of the finest interpretations of a jazz classic out there!"

okay i'm done now
SilentForce commented…
Those comments are great XD 10 months ago
9 months ago zanhar1 said…
9 months ago zanhar1 said…
Will offer no context
 Will offer no context
9 months ago zanhar1 said…
SilentForce commented…
lol 9 months ago
9 months ago zanhar1 said…
Lots of people left the chat
 Lots of people left the chat
9 months ago SilentForce said…
From Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round" music video:

"What a nice woman
Wait a sec..."

"Beautiful woman
Wait wha..."

"I understood I'm not that straight after watching Pete Burns in this video."

"This makes me question my sexuality"

"Great. When someone asks me if I've ever seen gay porn, I'm gonna have to say yes now."

"I didn’t know David bowie and prince had a baby"

"When I'm 80 years old and retired, I'll sit in my rocking chair and listen to Dead Or Alive.
And my family will ask me: "After all this time?"
And I'll reply: "Always." "

Are ya ready kids?"

"I can't tell if this dude is gay or just REALLY British."

"i swear officer im not on drugs"

"He's fabulous so stfu"

"legend say that they still spinning"

"666 thousand likes, is Illuminati confirmed"

"it's so gay and straight at the same time. It's graight. hahaha"

"I'm not gay but I love his style"

"Ok...ok....I‘m really not gay but Pete and Steve are so hot!"

"First non binry gender person"

"99% of women say they don't like men who wear leather pants. Which works out perfectly, since 100% of men who wear leather pants don't like women"

"I love this song, but I’ve never watched the music video until now. I spent most of my time laughing. I just really wasn’t expecting this. At all. I don’t really know what to think...I still love this song; the guy’s voice is awesome.....but I won’t be able to listen to it again without laughing."

"The best part of this video is how unenthused everyone in the band is except the lead singer, who looks like he's having the time of his life."
9 months ago Rihanna312 said…
'I won't let My son go down on me'

'This song looks/sounds like it's about white genocide.'

'Ironically, filmed during an overcast day'

'i wouldn't let my son go down on me either'
SilentForce commented…
'I won't let My son go down on me' OMG XD 9 months ago
9 months ago SilentForce said…
From David Bowie's ''Ashes to Ashes'':

''In an interview David Bowie spoke about how he always tried to remain grounded and not let celebrity really go to his head as is so often the case with fame.
He recounted a story about when filming the video for Ashes to Ashes in which he was dressed as a clown on the beach. There was a member of the public walking a dog and appearing in the background and spoiling the shot.
The director or some member of the Bowie production went up to the dog walker to remonstrate with them and angrily demanded of them:
"Do you know who that is ? DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS ?!".
To which the dog walker replied:
"Yeah. Its some wanker dressed as a clown". ''

8 months ago zanhar1 said…
8 months ago SilentForce said…
From David Bowie & Mick Jagger's ''Dancing in the Street'' :

''Mick “hey David let’s do a lot of drugs then make a video!”
David “but I’m in my pajamas”
Mick “so what! Just throw on a trench coat”' ''

''I think they spent about $10 on this video''

''Dad dancing at it's finest''

''I love my gay uncles''

''The production costs for this video were roughly 100.000k USD. 10$ for the tape 99.990 USD for the coke.''

''That sexual tension tho''

''The whole video I am thinking “when are they going to kiss?” ''

''The song is epic. But i have to admit it looks like to two middle age men off there heads on cocaine.''

''Dance like that in a trench coat and see how long before you get arrested.''

''I'm questioning my sexuality.''

''The bum wiggle at the end is iconic!''

''Mick and David are those two gay uncles that your relatives secretly gossip at family gatherings to let everyone know that "they're fine with it" but aren't gay themselves lmao.''

''OMG the gayer Bowie is the more I want him! Being a straight female I don't really know how that works but it's TRUE! damn you sexy beast!''

''Greatest video in existence? I think yes''

''Gayest video ever! (Obviously in a good way)''

''I knew I was straight 3 minutes ago. Now? I think I gotta tell my parents I'm not sure anymore.''

''World class music video, don't care what anyone says''
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8 months ago zanhar1 said…
When you cave and finally watch 80's Voltron.
 When you cave and finally watch 80's Voltron.
SilentForce commented…
XD 8 months ago
8 months ago zanhar1 said…
1000x funnier when you watch the video with it.
 1000x funnier when you watch the video with it.
5 months ago SwordofIzanami said…
Dreamworks should make more horror films. XD
 Dreamworks should make madami horror films. XD
3 months ago zanhar1 said…
Meanwhile In Russia.
 Meanwhile In Russia.
3 months ago Blaze1213IsBack said…
From How Many Balloons Does It Take To Float?

You should have popped them with bb guns and used weather balloons to fly

So then "Up" was a giant hoax? I am upset, I want my money back!

You should have thrown Jessie of a hill to see if he would fly XD

Next-Attaching Umbrellas to a Harness and Jumping off Something

When you play basketball with an Afro

Now flamethrower all the balloons...

With Chris inside

last edited 3 months ago
3 months ago Blaze1213IsBack said…

“.. because oppa uses it. And let’s be real, oppa probably doesn’t use it.” 😂😂😂😭😭 Girl you killed me right there

My girl out here looking like Dora The Explorer

"I know white people can't tell you apart but honestly, you don't all look the same so stop acting like you do."

BlindBandit92 commented…
WOW like holy shit 3 months ago
3 months ago Blaze1213IsBack said…
Mulan | I'll Make A Man Out Of You | Disney Sing-Along

Yes I'm pro-Lgbt
L - let's
G - get down to
B - business
T - to defeat the huns

Years later . . .

Shang: “. . . and that’s how I met your mother through one of the most catchiest songs of all time.”

Every time I watch this I feel like I'm slowly growing patches of chest hair.

Marvel: Captain Marvel is the first female super hero movie.


When you are in middle school:

every teacher: You're The saddest bunch I've ever met

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SilentForce commented…
lol 3 months ago
3 months ago TheLefteris24 said…
''Me: Running AHHHHHH!
Spider on my wall: Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!''

''It's 2019 and legend says she's still running''

''Fly on the wall: 0:00
Me with a Fly Swatter: 0:04''

''0:00 Me
0:04 Math homework''

''Why are you RONIN'''

''When you open Task manager and you see microsoft Edge running in the background.''

''They always ask WHY are you running...

But they never ask HOW are you running.''

''This is my favorite
Just, in general it’s my favorite''

''Me trying to kill roach
roach starts flying
Me: 0:00
Roach: 0:04''

''Youtube Rewind: "Let's read the comments"
Reads the comments
Youtube: ''

''Me: what’s that in your mouth

Dogs: 0:00''

''Clint: Fighting yakuza in Tokyo
Natasha: Why are you Ronin? WHY are you Ronin?!''

''0:00 the Titanic
0:04 an iceberg''

''me chasing a noob
Me: why are you running!? Why are you running!?''

''0:00 Stray cat
0:04: Me''

''Russia during napoleonic wars in a nutshell''

''We'll never know why she was running''

''0:00-0:03 Aladdin’s 🐒
0:04 princess jazmine''

''Captain America Civil War Deleted Scene:
Winter Soldier:AhhhhAaaahhh.
Black Panther: Why are you running? WHY, are you running?!!''

''runs up the stairs after turning lights off

Demons: ''

''0:00 me
0:04 getting chased by Jason on friday the 13th....''

''legend has it she is still running to this day''

Man=My Responsibilities''

''0:01: When I was in 7th grade and I got a 30 on a test
0:04: My parents with a belt''

''This is trump to all the people who are going to Canada''

''When you start up your computer and Skype opens''

''The comments in the Comment Section just makes this video ten times better.''

''Just an ordinary day at Wakanda...''

''Me when I see myself in a mirror''

''Me: 0:00 AAHHHHH AHH

Random Bulldog: 0:03 Why are you running?


''I'll do you one better.


''If you play it at x0.25 and then at x2 speeds, it’ll sound even more hilarious than it already is.''

''Years have passed. People are still trying to find out why she was running.''

''When Steam, Uplay, Origin, Discord, and Skype automatically runs.''

''Shaggy: I'm like, gonna use 0.0000000000000000000005% of my power, dude!
The entire universe: 0:01''

''When you know people will comment "when you know" too much :v''

''Top 10 questions science still can’t explain''

''she did not know the wae''

''we're learning about Nigeria in history class right now. My classmate sent this to our teacher who proceeded to blast it on full volume on the projector screen lmao''

''when you fail at a test and you know whats gonna happen at home.''

And a bunch more lol !!!!
SilentForce commented…
lmfao 3 months ago
3 months ago zanhar1 said…
“They were building a wall”
Trump: heavy breathing
SilentForce commented…
lol 3 months ago
3 months ago zanhar1 said…
Lmao bye.
 Lmao bye.
SilentForce commented…
XD 3 months ago
3 months ago SwordofIzanami said…
Mario Kart for EVO anyone?
 Mario Kart for EVO anyone?
2 months ago SilentForce said…
From Joy Division's ''Disorder'':

''You either die an Ian Curtis or live long enough to see yourself become a Morrissey''
1 month ago sexyomega said…
Bruno Mars 24K Magic


This beat slaps harder than my dad's belt.

1 month ago zanhar1 said…
Don't ask me how I got here but I really appreciated the "Wakanda forever" comment.