walang tiyak na layunin Send The Fanpopper Above You Away Game

zanhar1 posted on Jul 05, 2019 at 06:41PM
User 1 will say something like, give me plane tickets. User 2 will give the person above them a country and ask, 'where am I going?' Then user 1 have to edit their comment and tell the person below them what three cities they will go to in the country given to them and what activity they will do there.
If you send someone to the US please include a state as well. I'm doing it this way so that everyone gets a surprise when they post. In case this is confusing, here's an example:

User 1: Give me some plane tickets!
*Edits* In Ireland, I will go to Dublin and (activity). I will also go to Cork and (activity). And then I will visit Belfast and (activity).

User 2: You're going to Ireland!
*Edits* In Nevada I will go to Las Vagas...

User 3: You're going to Nevada!

So basically the first user to post will give me a country and I will edit my comment to answer. And then the user after the person who gave me a destination, will give them one.
last edited on Jul 05, 2019 at 06:46PM

walang tiyak na layunin 4 ang sumagot

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2 months ago CokeTheUmbreon said…
Give me some plane tickets :)
2 months ago zanhar1 said…
You are going to Bulgaria!
2 months ago MeiMisty said…
give me some plane tickets
2 months ago SilentForce said…
You are going to Siberia