walang tiyak na layunin A walang tiyak na layunin game but diffrent from another game thas on the pagtitip. listahan

kokoro_love posted on Oct 01, 2009 at 01:10AM
Ok, I love this game its from crunchyroll and I wanted to trie here
its like this all you have to do is that thi first person to coment says *insert coin* then the person under him will say something like a prize(not real prize) they have to be random object
Hoshi-san:*insert coin*
Hinamori_kokoro:You got:
a partyhat
*insert coin*
Tamaqt:You got:
A doll
*insert coin*
Hoshi-san:You got:
A laptop
*insert coin*
My prize:
A Partyhat

see you need to say what the person who coment before you won!
if you have won something because you have played before, and the ending say your prize
remember it gotta be random objects

walang tiyak na layunin 81 ang sumagot

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