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This walang tiyak na layunin litrato might contain abattoir, butchery, shambles, slaughterhouse, swimsuit, swimwear, damit-pampaligo, swimming costume, and bathing costume.

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walang tiyak na layunin
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(Songs and commentary will be listed after the poem. Enjoy!)

1-Welcome to your life,
2-Burning red and honestly.
3-How pure the darkness,
4-If you ignore the terminology.

5-Your toxic stare,
6-Up against the wall.
7-Now that you're gone forever,
8-You're just a know it all.

9-I used to roll the dice,
10-Like as not it's better so.
11-This is my curse,
12-I've many madami miles to go.

13-I don't want to live another moment,
14-But can you see that I'm in real danger.
15-My legs are dangling off the edge,
16-Her eyes were eyes of a stranger.

17-So much for your promises,
18-The poison bulaklak comes uncurled.
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1. Reethi Beach, Maldives

This ladies and gents, is a bioluminescent beach.Yes the water actually does glow at night and that's why I really want to go there. One of the main reasons anyhow. Basically you have these glowing planktons and such that allow it to happen. Not only do you have glowing water but in Reethi tabing-dagat you get over the water houses to rent. pangkalahatang Reethi just has gorgeous scenery and an abundance of sea-life.

2. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

First and foremost temperatures average at 79 degrees so there's always nice weather. For segundos the scenery...
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