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 The Tenth Doctor is in my Textbook
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Look! Down in the bottom right corner! It's him! Not even kidding!
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A person can not fold a normal size piece of paper in half madami than 8 times.

There are just over 300 million cell phones used daily in the United States alone.

A shrimps puso is in it’s head.

Kissing is actually healthier than shaking someones hand.

Natural pearls will melt in vinegar.

An oliba puno can live up to 1500 years.

Cleopatra married two of her brothers.

Ants can’t shut their eyes.

On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament Building looks like an American flag.

Men’s shirts have the buttons on the right, while women shirts have the buttons on the left.

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I want everyone who is having a bad araw to feel better and everyone who is having a good araw to feel better. The cure is tuta and dogs, who are cute. Just click the picture if you want a closer look at the awesomeness of Aso ( or if you just want to make the picture larger)

That poor girl, but uy a dog gotta go when they gotta go. Hopefully your araw is going better than hers.

You will never see the Pixar lamp the same way again.

The poor dog is in a cage, but uy at least he is trying to get out. 10 dog treats for him.

That is just wrong, you do not steal another dogs...
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I'm saying this speech on he 4th of September 2013(unless the teacher forgets or something like that) I am aginst 2 boys....my chances are okay...

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to learn Irish, but we took some time off that to choose a new class leader.

For starters I would like to compliment my fellow rivals Atrio and Liam, for their good effort - Liam you even prepared a speech, very impressive

Now..I realise the privelage to have the honour torepresent your class, however I am confident that I will be a great candidate.

I'm taking part in this not only to add...
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