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Just some Art I got from DeviantART.com for my susunod Slideshow :) All of them are'nt here since I can only upload 20, I have 98, And my Video is gonna have less though, ENJOY!
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A Child's Mind

A child's mind is so soft a clay
mold it to into anything you may
it's tender and innocent so, for the moment
let it free to play!

Nothing does it know, of the Life's Dirty Play
For it life is all Bright and Gay
It is True, Sweet and Pure
But the way it is, Let it stay!

For in this world of misery and grief
To my mind is a relief,
that a Temple of Innocence
in the world still does exist!

-Siri Mandali

Hope you like it, I've posted it in my blog too :) - link
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