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 Samples - Ranma and Akane Book no.58
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EPISODE 21 - near the end

SUMMARY - The Romeo and Juliet halik scene: Ranma is hovering above Akane trying to bring himself to halik her.
Akane: "Oh Romeo, do you really hate me that much?"
Ranma: "No, of course I don't! If I did then this would be easy."
Akane: "Then do it, halik me."
Ranma: "Rrr-really?"
Akane: "Can't you just, make believe?"
Ranma: "Akane..."
Akane pulls Ranma's face in and plants a big one right on his lips! However, it turns out that she uses tape on his mouth so that it didn't 'really' count.
Akane: "Quite a performance, don't you think? hehe"
Ranma: "Errgg..."
* Later on while they're...
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