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posted by xoRay-Rayxo
Birthday: January 6
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Fav Color: Purple
Fav ice cream: Cake Batter
Fav artist: Drake,Usher,Michael Jackson
Fav Sports: Football and skateboarding
Fav Athlete: Desean Jackson
Fav Movie: Twilight Saga
Fav actor: Robert Pattinson
Fav t.v. show: Tom and Jerry
Fav comic book her: Iron Man
Fav school subject: Math
Fav book: Twilight books
Words used offen: Seriously,thats funny,thats cool
Inspirations: Michael Jackson and Drake
Best pasko gift resived (sp?): All the twilight books
Best birthday present resived (sp?): Money
Place most wanted to visit: Paris,France
Bad habbit: Talks when nervous Good habbit: Polite to strangers What makes him mindless: Charming personality, confident
Signiture accessery: Braids and googles
Ok my stuff got Nawawala for the segundo time but I'm listening to music and I'm good.

Leah pov: I can't believe it I'm here halik Jacob.
I had to stop it since I got to heated. Before I got up I sinabi "I gotta go"

And I left with.out him saying a word.

I step in my car and dialed
Kyle's number.

It ringed 2times and then she picked up.

*phone convo*
Me : Hey, Kyle I wanted to know if I can come over.

Kyle : yeah just let me get my self together first.

Me.: Together? What are you doing?

Kyle : this is grown folks business. *hang ups*

*phone convo end*

I laughed as I was driving to her house.

Niyah pov : I was...
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posted by JailynnLuv
Rayray:Kayla I need to ask you something
Rayray:can we have a baby
Kayla:yea (then they do what humans do)
susunod araw on the tour bus

uy everybody me and sinag have some news
Everyone: what is it
Kayla:I'm prego
Everyone:say what
Everybody:yay yay yay
Then the baby born Sept.7 2013
His name is rayan lopez Jr
Kayla and ray:welcome home!!!!!
Prod,roc,Princeton :congrats!
Walter,Keisha &kenneth:congrats
Rayray&kayla:thanks guys you rock!!!

I think this will never happen
posted by RayRaycutie
my pov
i was always knwn as the geek/popular girl. idk y thgh!
half the time im a geek 4 being smart
othr times popular cuz im pretty
pretty n smart, u dnt see tht evryday
my life waz going okay until one day

teacher-okay class, meet a new student Raymond
all girls xcept me-*runs up 2 him crowding around him*
ray-uh xcuse me?
me-*looks up frm science book tht im studying* yeah?
ray-is sumone sitting here?
ray-mkay *sits dwn in upuan beside me* so wats ur name?
me-Mariah pag-ibig (ths is a fake name)
ray-im Raymond
me-i knw ur frm mb am i suppose 2 be screaming?
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posted by davonna1
(entering the room prodigy)
princeton:you finally showed up prod
prodigy:i had to deal with my girl
princeton:id boy
prodigy:i thought rayray and roc was over here
princeton:naw they aint but they on they way now
prodigy:so where we finna go
princeton:we finna chill at my place and drink or whatever
(rayray and ropc knocks on the door)
rayray:what up yall
roc royal:waz up
rayray:wat we on today man
princeton some different
rocroyal: like what
princeton:man some like a drink
rayray:man whaat is you on you tweaking
princeton:no why you ask me that
rayray:never mind
prodigy:yall i need to go get my son from school
rayray:you got a son?
prodigy:yea but i gotta go ill catch up with yall later
posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened back there. I just Nawawala my virginity What the hell was i thinking....but the way he did it...the way he kissed just felt sooo.......GOOD. So i left and started walking to my locker to get all my stuff and go tahanan when keke walked up to me. Keke:hey chica?!Me:wassup. Keke:nooooo wayy??? Me:what??Keke:why are you all of a sudden standing soo gap legged....only people who have sex for the first time spread out like that.Me:what are you talking about??Keke:you Nawawala your virginity cuz when you stand you have a gap in your...
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posted by terian
Rayray: why you never call me at you pick mindlesskeke16. Me: bae do u have to fuse about it Rayray: I'm not fuse why you always telling me I'm bout to fuse. Me: because you is you always yelling at me like I'm 5 taon old. Rayray : alright how i was yelling at you. Me: just i look i don't have much time for this ok. Rayray: alright then me too. Mindlesskeke16: Terian here is Princeton Me: girl i don't know where is Princeton but i know one thing that me and rayray was fuse he talking about to fuse he stare yelling at me Mindlessskeke: if he could asking his phone. Me: girl try to call him again....
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posted by terian
Rayray: bae where u going today Me: I'm going pick up my friend mindlesskeke16 Rayray: that kool i will be in the car driveing to the store. Mindlesskeke16: hello girl where u at. Me: I'm sa pamamagitan ng to pick you from the gas stage. Mindlesskeke16: ok call me when you on your way. Me: ok alright girl bye. Mindlessskeke: bye. Rayray: Princeton come here do u want to go with mindlesskeke16 Princeton: who is mindlesskeke16 Rayray: boy Terian friend mindlesskeke16. Princeton: yeah i want to go with Mindlessskeke so we have kids oh yeah. Rayray: uy uy dont about you wanna have kids I'm not sa pamamagitan ng to talk about...
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Im sooorrryy my goonettes! :'( I make stories everywhere lol. But on with this one! :)


After class Prince and I walked to lunch but he had to make a stop.

Prince: uy uh, can you go with me somewhere real quick?

Me: Sure, where to?

Prince: (smiles) Just follow me. (Start running down the hall)

Me: Okay, wait up! (Jogging after him)

After a while I realized that we were heading for the school doors. But I did question, I just went with the flow. We snuck outside and I saw this: link .

Me: Holy Shit,...
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posted by LUVNRAYRAY
I luv all da boys of mb. But rayray its just somthing about him that makes him the one i luv the most. I luv his VERY long braids. I pag-ibig his style and his very funny personality. I make sure that when i put madami posters on my pader that i have the most of rayray. He is on my mind all araw everyday i can never stop thinking about him no matter what im doing. Sometmes in class i just stare at his picture in my binder. I try not to look at it bcuz i know once i look at it im not gonna b able to stop. Everynight i fall asleep looking at his poster on my wall. And every night i pray about them. Everytime...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened to me...i feel betrayed and i feel soo STUPID! I wish i never dated him.....i hate him. So as im walking i see keke coming down the kalye all dressed up.Then she see's me and runs up to me.Keke:hey gi.....whats wrong?? Me:nothing.... Keke:now you know that i know you lien right?? was him! Keke:who randy?? Me:yess. Keke:what did he do now?! Me:when i went to his house i caught him and gabrielle having sex. Keke:what the fuck!! Me:i know thats just like my reaction.Keke:what did you do to him?? Me:nothing.... Keke:are you crazy i...
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I deserve a whooping lol i havent written jn over a sowwy :-(.. Antyway on with chappy 8!!

Still Nikol's POV::.

{After school}

The boys seemed cool so I guess I can consider them as my friends. Imma see if they would like to come over :)...HEY! I know thinkin "Bitch is you crazy..or are you desperate? You just met them today! (0_o)".....Maybe I am crazy...and a little desperate buuutt that's besides the point, my parents did want me to make mga kaibigan so hey. I'll ask 'em.

Me: uy guys?

Boys: Yerp?

Me: Would y'all like to come over to my house?

Boys: *raise eyebrows with smirks*...
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Nikol's P.O.V////

Im really starting to warm up the guys. They are really cool. Prod told me a little about himself. He's really interesting. Considering that he's STILL hungry even after he ate 2 chicken finger and fries bowls, 3 soft shell tacos, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, a super supreme sundae, and a medium coke. It's just fascinating. But I he doesn't get fat if he eats like this constantly.

Me- Um Prod..can I ask you a question?

Prod- *chewing* Yeah, go ahead. *grin*

Me- Um, don't take this the wrong way come you eat so much but don't get fat?

Prod- *swallow* Because...
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posted by babaygirl
So Randy leaves my house.i called my dad and told u kiddin rite.Me:no its dad hang the phone at school the susunod araw Randy see me and say"Randy:we got to make it work!Me:who is we there is no we ok!!Randy:what do u want me it say huh??Me:just ask me it I want it have the baby Randy.Randy:Riah u want the baby?Me:do I look like I want it this thing inside me do it.Randy:we goin it have it work together it have the baby JaDauna!Me:I know.Randy so I will see u after school today.Me:ok Randy walks away Me:this is the best lie ever how can he belive me idiot.Riah science...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
You and sinag are at the arcade

you: dang sinag hurry up aren't you done eating

(you turn around and sinag grabs 3 big cinnamon rolls and has 1 stuffed in his mouth)

you:Ray Rayyyyy

Ray: ughhhhh fine let's go play so I can beat you

you: what makes you think you gonna win. lets just say if I win I'm choosing what movie we watching

Ray: and if I win you have to buy me as many cinnamon rolls and donuts and waffles as I want

you: fine we're playing ski ball you ready

(Ray stuffed a cinnamon roll in his mouth that he hid in hid pocket)

you: what sinag I told you to get rid of that

ray: opps oh uy look I'm winning...
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Ray:yo lil cuz you ready to gradute today
Me:yea Ray
Prod:lil sis mom cant wait to see you
Terian:im so happy
Me:yea and it is a araw until pasko and two days before me and prod birthday
Prod:yea we gone be 17
Terian:y`all come onso we can get to the graduation
Us:ok girl damn
Oh and if you don`t think we have potty mouths well we do and we bad but have good grades ok
At our graduation
Theacher:Criag crippen jr
Theacher:now Keyana Crippen
MeandProdFamily:wooooo Keyana
Teacher:now Raquan Maran Smith
Teacher:now last but not least Terian Morgan
oh our Graduation outfit`s
Terian`s outfit,link
Ok so in the story terian and me are having a dance competition and we do like 3 dances i am going to put iugnay ok
at me,terian,rayray,and princeton house
ray:so keke are you feeling better
me:yea i feel alot better
t:so u ready for the dance competition
prince:what dance competition
me:oh we have a dance competition every taon and we won 10 years in a row
prince:can u ipakita us a prebiyu of the dance
the dance
princeandray:that was so good
at the dance competition
this is our dance
our other dance
backstage with just me
me:singing uy i just met u...
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??: Um what I was sayin was that Prod ate all the pretzel. I just wanted to know if there were anymore.

Me: Yeah, uh in the cabinet above the sink.

??: Ard thanks. *to Ayla and Amara* Ladies.

A+A: Mmmhhmmm *waits until he disappears into the kitchen* Okay, how many are here?

Me: What?

Ayla: Don't play dumb with us! How many sexy asno mofos here?!!

Me: Girl calm yo voice.....and there's 3.

Amara: :-0....You betta share!! Cause you can't be greedy and have all them to yo damn self.

Me: *lean against the door frame* And why not? *fold arms*

A+A: (0_0) Because God knows we need men!

Ayla: And plus the one...
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I was sooo mad yesterday because I wrote Chapter 7 and it got lost!!!!!!!! Ooooo..anyway on wit the story :)

Ray Ray's P.O.V:::

I got up out of my upuan and slowly made my way to the door because I was still sore. I had a small limp while walking down the hall. Soon I made it to the lunchroom. Noise from the students instantly crowded my ears. I went to the lunch line wondering what I was going to eat. Out of nowhere I heard laughing. I turned my head in that direction. It was Nikol. Mm, now I know what I want. A slice of supreme pizza, with a side of western fries (wedges), and a...
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posted by gottalovemb2
uy guys I'm gonna write another story with madami characters and I want it to be romantic ,drama ,sexual things and stuff lol just scandalous so tell me your name fake age gotta be a teenager umm and what mb member you want put all the information on my pader oh and tell me what you what your name to be but my last story ugh I want madami I liked but it was my first guys can you give me ideas to like I sinabi scandalous so you better enjoy the iskandalo stuff and revenge and im not crazy I'm just MINDLESS.............. ............ ...... ....................... umm what else was I gonna say stay mindless pag-ibig mindless behavior once mindless always mindless