It was Vince's turn to take the center stage again, this time against Butch's Hitmontop. You got this Vince! sinabi TJ Thanks, TJ. Okay, Hitmonlee. Time to get out there and do your stuff. sinabi Vince This should be easy. Hitmontop! Use Low Kick! sinabi Butch Hitmonlee! Dodge it! sinabi Vince Hitmontop went in for a Low Kick attack and Hitmonlee dodged it. Good! Now! Seismic Toss! sinabi Vince Hitmonlee grabbed Hitmontop and defeated it with Seismic Toss. susunod was Mikey's turn. Hitmontop started with Close Combat, but was distracted when Poliwrath used Double Team, making it impossible for Hitmontop to tell which one was the real one. Poliwrath saw its opportunity and defeated Hitmontop with Dynamic Punch.
susunod was Spinelli's turn to battle Butch. His Hitmontop started out with Close Combat, which Machamp quickly fought back against with Karate Chop. Eventually, Hitmontop was defeated sa pamamagitan ng Machamp.