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ang napili ng mga taga-hanga: Jack O'Neill
ang napili ng mga taga-hanga: Bit of both
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simovska sinabi …
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
FlameAlchemist sinabi …
He is one of the best actors ever!!!!! Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
SnapesRose sinabi …
Richard Dean Anderson... Rick... SIGHS...
Sweet, Charming, caring, kind. Fell in pag-ibig with him madly when he played MacGyver, mercy me. Then a Col. O'Neill, WOW!!!
Watched him in 'Through the eyes of a Killer' Woofff!!!!
Though I must admit, the mustache on him... nahhh, sorry! LOL Otherwise... sighs.. oh yeah!! And from what I see and hear, he's also being a super super Dad!! Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas