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posted by abigyal
Jacob:i wanna take you down
Jacob:whats wrong say something
Sasha:you a freak dude
Jacob:is that a problem
Sasha:uh no
Jacob:*locks the door* lets get freaky
He starts halik her neck

Sashas POV

His warm breath on my skin OMG im gonna die

Jacob:do you know my name
Sasha:*moans* uh huh
Jacob:what is it
Jacob:dont like it *takes off her shirt*
Sasha:*moans* please stop
Jacob:*untacs her bra* give me a good reason
Sasha:we've only dated for like a week
Jacob:*starts sucking her boobs*hmmmm
Mom:sash *tries to open the door*
Jacob:*whispers *dont worry its locked
Jacob:*starts to bite her nipples*
The door opens...
Mom:boy get your fuckin asno outta ma house
Sasha:Mom it was my fault
Mom:you young lady are grounded
Sasha:mom no
Mom:put some clothes on
Mom:i sinabi get out

To Be Continued........
posted by abigyal
Principal:oh we got a tie for first place Mindless behavior and The other girls
Sasha:we have names you know
Principal:any madami attitude u go straight to detention

Sashas POV
Whats ur prob woman

That nite

Sasha: link

Sashas POV

Mom was watching tv and I was listening to music.
There was a knock at the door but the music was so loud i couldnt hear it

Sasha:*takes off headphones* uh
Mom:get the door
Sasha:but youre ri....
Sasha:ok ok ill get the door

Sashas POV
Sasha:*opens door* Jacob
Jacob:hey shawty
Mom:who is it
Sasha:uh no one
Jacob:its me
Mom:me who
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posted by abigyal
Sashas POV
susunod period is the dance competetion.oh i hope we win. I went to my locker i put my stuff inside.then this stranger just pulls me to the back of the school.he had a deep and sexy voice but i couldnt see his face clear i was scared to death.then pushed me against the pader and kisses me and then i remebered those lips.
me:is that you jacob
jacob:uh huh u can call me princeton
jacob:thats my stage name
me:ok but boy u scared the hell out of me

Jacobs POV

hahahahhahahah this girl was so damn contest susunod period but i didnt tell her i was comepete

Blah Blah blah they compete and

Principle:the winner is...........................................

these are the outfits


that was the guys now the girls

posted by abigyal
The susunod day..........

Sasha's POV

Ok my mga kaibigan must be mad about yesterday but I promise to myself that I will hang out with them for the rest of the day.the PA system came on and Mrs Haynes (our principal) sinabi that there will be a dance comepetion susunod Friday. I saw my Bffs and told em about it they thought it would have been cool if we entered so we did. I took all my classes but didn't see Jacob. I asked Mrs Haynes if I could use the gym everyday after school to practice my dance routine and she told me yes. I had really missed Jacobs face but maybe we will chat tomorrow.

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