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-As soon as Rodrick lays his eyes on you, he knows that somehow, he’s gotta get a petsa with you.

-All of his band buddies are like, “dude no way.”

-And he’s just like, “watch me.”

-His first attempt to ask you out did not go so well.

-He walked up to you and opened his mouth…

-And then he froze.

-He’d never been great with words, and in that moment, there weren’t any

-And you had to get to class, so…

-Every moment after that, he would already be planning his redemption.

-He wrote a note and taped it to your locker.

-But apparently, he didn’t remember where your locker was and…...
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Being a teenager seems good when you are a child. The pelikula teach that a teenager’s life is full of adventure and fun. But that’s not quite the way things really are. Well, some young people might even be that way. But it definitely was not like that for (Kayla).

The girl was just a normal teenager. She had a few friends, siblings and plenty of time available, but nothing good to do with it. Her routine was to study, pick up her younger brother at school and then go to her best friend’s house, (Maddie), where they would just lie on kama until it was time for (Kayla) to leave. Nothing more,...
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posted by MissesRodrick55

Lauren Ashlyn
Looks like: Has Black hair with red streaks and big green cat like eys wears dark makeup has a nose and mouth peircing, is very pretty of corse, tan, fake black skull n' tumawid bone nails wears heels a lot and always has some sorn of chain on her bottoms.

Likes: Esspecialy Rodrick Heffely, Loded Diper, punk, heavy metel, black, hair streaks, pulling pranks, teasing and torturing her litte brother, Stanley Ashlyn, her dog Rocky, Hangin with Rodrick, anything Rodrick, singing, playing electric gitara Pagsulat dark poetry, Pagsulat songs and playing drums abd being lead...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Setting: Bill has left And greeg is at Rowleys it is 9:00 at night and Rodricks parents are out for 2 days. It is only Rodrick and Lauren.

Rodrick: You need anything to drink? eat?

Lauren: Could you get me some water please? my throat is dry from raising my voice so much.

Rodrick: *smiles* Yeah, i can do that. (walks to kusina then comes back. You rocked sa pamamagitan ng the way.

Lauren: * Watches Rodrick take upuan close to her on the couch.) Thanks you were awesome too.

Rodrikc: Thanks. Throat feelin better?

Lauren: Yeah, much better.

Rodrick: Good. oh you got some water on your cheek lemme get that. (Wipes of...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Loded Diper sucked. It was an indisputable fact. The band sucked. The lyrics sucked. Everything about it was a disaster. And yet, somehow, you had caught yourself catching feelings for the stupid drummer.

He was handsome, sure, tall with tan skin and dark hair and those hazel eyes that you found yourself getting Nawawala in. But he was also a lot less intelligent than your Harvard graduate parents would have liked.

Because you were in mostly AP classes, the two of you hardly ever crossed paths, except for in the hall sometimes or in the parking lot. So, to see him madami often, you had started sneaking...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
A pop song blared through large speakers, loud enough to make the booze in your cup ripple. The body heat in the room was bordering stifling and you had Nawawala your friend a while ago.

Sighing through your nose you took a large drink of the liquid in your hand. It burned as it went down your throat but the tingle it sent through you compensated for it.

“Hey, babe” A crisp voice drawled. Turning yourself around you were confronted sa pamamagitan ng a guy about a few inches taller then you but a had a rather stocky build and gelled back hair.

“Oh! uy Tyler, can I… Uh, help you?” You tilted your head to...
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Rodrick Heffley was quite…confident in himself when it came to approaching a lady he was interested in. He knew it, his closest mga kaibigan knew it, even Greg knew it. Unfortunately for Rodrick, that all changed when you came along. His palms would start to sweat and he’d stutter uncontrollably in your presence. But who could blame him? After all, (Kayla) (Kayla Parker) just so happened to be his very first real crush. Having a crush, on you, his first one, in high school, did I mention this is his first crush? Either way, one thing’s certain- it comes with a price. A huge price. Symptoms....
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posted by MissesRodrick55

Rodrick: Ummm what?

Mom: Whats THIS?

Rodrick: (voice goes quiet)

Mom: And...what letters are on your ulat card?

Rodrick: (voice goes lower) d d f d d c..

Mom: So thats 4 d's, one f, and one c! Rodrick how could you let your grades slip like this??

Rodrick: im SORRY! its just the band and...

Mom: Lauren?

Rodrick: Maybe..

Mom: Well mister you are grounded fr 2 months

Rodrick: Ok..

Mom: lauren for 2 months.

Rodrick: (eyes tear up) What? no! Mom! ground me for a taon just dont ground me from Lauren!!!!!

Mom: My desicion is FINAL, Rodrick!...
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Request: “Rodrick x reader where their parents are family mga kaibigan who often go to each other’s houses for hapunan and rodrick has the biggest crush on reader and tries to impress her :) and maybe smut if you can?” ~ Anonymous

Love this ❤

Warnings: Only slight smut and adorable Rodrick.

You were once again on the families steps on the Heffley residence. You looked down at your outfit one last time. You’d spent god knows how long picking it out. You wanted to look nice, for, no reason at all. Not like you’d had tbe biggest crush on the oldest Heffley boy for years. You just, wanted...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Mom: we're homeee!

Rodrick: oh, hey..

Mom:you ok, Rodrick? you seem sad..

Rodrick: know Lauren.?

Mom: yes..

Rodrick: shes been sleeping over here for two days. and now shes gone and i really miss her...

mom: awee..thats sweet!

Rodrick: wait your not mad??

mom: why would i be?

Rodrick: i dunno. should i call her?

Mom: whatever makes you happy.

Rodrick: (picks up the phone and dials her number)

Lauren: Hey, sweety.

Rodrick: Hello my love

Lauren: How are you?

Rodrick: Good. wanna come over?

Lauren: id pag-ibig too but i have a family dinner..

Rodrick: oohh.. (sniffels) ok.... (eyes tear up)

Lauren: dont...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Setting:Lauren is laying in Rodricks kama susunod morning, it is 10:00 am, Rodrick is also asleep with his hands around LAurens waist sleeping close to her.

Rodrick: (looks to his side and gets a big smile on his face) Another happy day. (kisses her forehead then Lauren wakes up) Mornig, hon.

Lauren: Hello.

Rodrick:How did you sleep?

Lauren: Very good, you?

Rodrick: oh babe....i had a good night with you...i wanted to stay up and talk with you for forever...

Lauren: *smiles* i dont get it..

Rodrick: Get what?

Lauren: People are always saying how rude you are or how disrepectful you are and crap like that...but...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Rodrick wakes up with pants but no sando and walks into the kitchen. Lauren is still sleeping in his bed.

Gregg: Have fun last night?

Rodrick: whoaaaaa, whered you come from

Gregg: My room..? but seriously, how was last night? *grins*

Rodrick: A blast

Gregg: did u guys go all the way

Rodrick: We used a condom, ok?

Gregg: Still, niice!

Rodrick: i know *sits on the sopa in a daze with a grin on his face*


Rodrick: Umm. i need to change my underwear.

Gregg: HA!

Rodrick: SHUT UP

*Rodrick run up the stairs but b4 going into the bathhroom he checks on Lauren*

Rodrick: What an angel...

Lauren: *wakes...
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posted by caitie_cool
ok i cant belive this but im sitting in Rodrick heffleys van with him. it's really quiet.
"so do you have an siblings?" he asked me which was quite random.
"i have 2 little sisters. there's sarah, shes 12 and quite annoying. she thinks im always trying to get her in trouble. which is pretty much true
"i know the feeling" he said
"then there's amy she is turning 5 and she's the real trouble maker" i laugh.
hes staring at me again. i feel kind of awkward.
"so what about you? you have any?" i ask him back
"yeah 2 younger brothers. one whos 12 his names greg and he's like sarah. and then there's manny,...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Rodrick: Man, where is Lauren?? Shes late for band rehersahls!

Bill: Dude just chill out shes proably geting abother peircing or something.

Rodrick: What if shes stripping for guys in a back of a bar??? What if she got kidnapped?? (Gasps) WHAT IF SHE GOT CAPTURED sa pamamagitan ng THE GOVERMENT FOR TESTING?!?!?

Bill:Ummm... Why would she need testing??

Rodrick: Cuz! Shes so amazingly buetiful and she doesnt look as good as other girls so they are testing her to see if she is of another species!-Oops....didnt mean to say that!

Bill: WHOA! Wait! You like Lauren? Im your bro man! bros tell bros this kind of thing,...
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posted by MissesRodrick55
Teacher: Ok class. first coming up to ipakita their short play is Lauren and Danielle.


Danielle: Once their was a farmer

Lauren: And a vampire

Rodrick smiles and dazes off into her eyes

Danielle: The vampire loved ice cream

Lauren: And the farmer loved blood

Danielle: Until one araw the vampire was eating ice cream sa pamamagitan ng an oak tree

Lauren: and the farmer was riding on his donkey

Danielle: And- (bell rings)

Teacher: We will finish monday but until then have a good 4 araw weekend!

Whole class says boo-yah!

Rodrick comes up to Lauren and wraps his arm around her

Rodrick: You were great!!!!...
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posted by caitie_cool
i stand in the crowd at the loaded diaper concert. front row i could almost touch the lead singer. but im not interested in him, im interested in the drummer, Rodrick heffley. Rodrick is so talented and extremly good looking.
i look up at him and our eyes connect like magnets, i try to look away but i just cant im attached, i finally blink and quickly look away. i cant believe that had just happend. i look up at him again, he is still staring at me, directly at me. this time i try to be polite and smile. he smiles back.
this must be my lucky night i thought.
the song finished so has the concert...
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posted by caitie_cool
Rodrick got there about 10 minutos later.
rodrick puled up and saw sarah and amy with me.
"whats happened? your face lindy. you have scratch marks on it" he sinabi as he touched the scratch marks.
"my mum. shes seriously drunk, and she kicked me out of the house" i started to cry.
"it gonna be okay.come on get in" as he started to ge tme in the car.
"wait. we have to wait about 15 minutes. my aunty kellie is picking sarah and amy up." i told him.
"ok but lets sit in the car so we dont die of hypathermia." he instructed us.
after a while of waiting in the car my aunt came and got the girls.
"come on get...
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posted by caitie_cool
i got to rodricks and thrashed at the door.
i didnt actually expect him to be home. so i got quite a suprise when he answered.
he noticed my red puffy cheeks and tear stains down my cheeks so he grabbed me and stood there hugging me.
eventually he let go.
he led me up to his room and sat me on his kama he sat there rubbing my arm. and then asked,
"whats wrong babe?"
"my stupid boss decided that i never get my reviews in on time so he fired me!" i yelled.
"its gonna be ok lind. i promise you." rodrick sinabi and started to rub my leg. i watched his hand ilipat up and down.
"you know what. i think you could...
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posted by caitie_cool
rodrick and i sat there for 7 minutos halik until i realised that he was undoing my jeans.
i pulled away fast.
"im sorry, rodrick im just not ready for that" i said
"wait can i just say something. lindy, i really like you. like really like you." he said.
i was stunned.
"the truth is rodrick i really, really like you as well. but im not ready for that." i said.
"wait does this mean we're like dating?" he asked
"well i dont know i mean i would like it to be but if you dont thats fine" i said
"YES! i want us to be" he sinabi faster then a bolt of lightening.
"can we keep making out then" he asked me with...
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posted by caitie_cool
im getting ready to go out for hapunan with rodrick and i have no idea what to wear!
the doorbell rings. i look at the clock. it 10 past 7. oh crud! i quickly grab my best jeans and a nice shirt, and run downstairs. i look to see if anyones answered it. oh no sarah has and now she's talking to him. great! i quickly go say bye to mum.
i go down the stairs and rodrick sees me. he starts smiling. i think thats a good start.
"hey" i say as i walk up to him.
"woah. you look great lindy." i said
"you think? i didnt really do much." i sinabi quite fast.
i looked up at him since he's a head taller than me and...
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