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Emmett's POV
Everything was normal again. We lived happily with each other. I was madami than happy with having Rose sa pamamagitan ng my side again. I could never explain what kind of feeling she gave me. She brought light with her, because without her I was dark.

There was just one thing, the volturi was still mad with the fact that I killed Jane. Soon we will meet each other again and I didn't wanted to see them. I was afraid that something was going to happen to Rosalie. The mga lobo helped us and I was glad with that. But before the volturi would come again, we were enjoying each other.

'Emmett?' I turned my head and faced Bella who looked nervous at me.

'What's up, Bell?' I answered her. 'How was shopping?' I stood up. 'Where's Rosalie?'

'She is dragging the bags with Alice from the car inside the house. I wanted to ask you something,' Bella said. 'I...'

'Mom, you're back!' Renesmee interrupted her mother. She ran over to her mother who hugged her tightly and kissed her head.

'Yes, darling,' Bella said. 'Where's Jake?' she looked around. She lifted her daughter in her arms easily.

'He's in La Push with his friends,' Renesmee explained her mother. Bella nodded and gave her a halik on her head again before putting Nessie on her feet again.

'What did you wanted to ask, Bella?' I asked my little sister curious.

'Well,' Bella sighed. 'I hate the jokes Em, there really annoying. It's something private, did you hear me complaining about Rose and you?'

I laughed my booming laugh. 'Is that all? I thought it was something bad. But they're just jokes. And Bella, did you remember our deal? Did you hear me ever complain when you beat me?'

'Edward!' Bella suddenly screeched. Edward was immediately sa pamamagitan ng her side. He wrapped his arms around Bella. 'Edward, Emmett is annoying. He won't stop with his stupid jokes!'

Edward glared at me. 'Grow up, Emmett,' he hissed at me. 'Stop it, they aren't funny.'

'Come on, don't be so rediculous,' I chuckled.'Go cheer each other up in your cottage. But take care of it, before Renesmee doesn't have a tahanan anymore,' I laughed out loud at my joke and walked out of the room, to Rosalie who was in the garage. I ignored Edward's growl and Bella's hiss.

'You did WHAT?' I suddenly heard Alice scream. 'Jasper, how could you! They were my paborito pair!'

I walked into the garahe and saw Alice yelling at Jasper. That was something that rarely happened. Jasper's hands covered his ears while he jumped back from his wife who seemed furious.

'I'm sorry, honey. I didn't meant it to break them!' Jasper whined. 'Please, honey,' he wanted to hug Alice but she smacked his arms away.

'I don't care, Jasper! This is the third time in two weeks! Why do you have to wrestle with Edward in our room?' Alice tapped impatiently with her toes on the ground, with her hands on her hip.

'Are you still fighting?' Rosalie came with a annoyed face in the garage. She saw me and smiled. 'Hi, Em!' she came over and hugged my tightly. I wrapped my arms around her waist while hers where around my neck.

'What's wrong with them?' I whispered in her ear. She giggled and kissed my cheek.

'Jasper broke Alice's paborito shoes. And you know. Alice and fashion...' Rosalie whispered quietly in my ear. I chuckled in response.

'First, you're going to pay for them. Second, you're going on a shopping trip with me for three days. And third, no wrestling for you for a month!' Alice snapped at Jasper.

'No wrestle? Shopping trip? Three days? Alice!' Jasper moaned in frustration. 'I never thought you could be that mean! It were just shoes!'

Rosalie unwrapped quickly her arms around me and ran quickly towards Alice. Holding her from attacking Jasper. Wait... Alice attacking Jasper? What was happening? This was something new.

'Alice, Alice calm down!' Rosalie tried to calm Alice down but Alice was furious at Jasper. Something was going on. Okay, Alice cares allot about her clothes, but she would never attack Jasper.

Alice growled like an animel at Jasper and tried to escape from Rosalie's grip. 'Let me go!' she growled at Rosalie and she tried to lung for Jasper's throat. Who stood there as frozen.

'Alice... Alice what's going on?' Jasper whispered softly. He stepped slowly closer. 'Alice it's me,' he reached his hand to hers but Alice flinched and growled to him. She tried to reach him to bite him.

Suddenly Alice pushed Rosalie against the wall, not hard enough to break it, but hard enough to make the house shiver. My protective side took over and I pinned the furious Alice against the wall.

'Alice!' the others were not in the garahe too. Edward and Carlisle took Alice from me over and I sinabi to Jasper that it's better that he left to his room or something. He nodded slowly. I never saw him so desperate. I sighed and walked quickly towards Rosalie who stood up.

'Baby, are you all right?' I asked her gentle. I stroke her hair from her face. She looked up at me and suddenly burried her head in my chest.

'She pushed me away, Emmett. She pushed my against a wall,' Rosalie whispered upset to me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head.

'It's okay, there's something wrong with Alice. Don't be upset my love,' I brushed my fingers through her hair. I hated to see her upset like this.

'What did I do?' Alice suddenly cried. 'How could I hurt Jasper and Rosalie like this?' Alice started to dry sob.

Carlisle shared a glance with Esme. 'Something is wrong,' he said. 'Alice come with me, I want to do some tests if you don't mind,' Alice only nodded and walked with a sad face with Carlisle away.

'Rose, are you okay?' Esme asked my wife. Rosalie nodded and smiled. 'Oh, dear, don't be mad at Alice. It isn't her fault,' she took Rosalie from my arms and hugged her.

'I know,' Rosalie said. I was glad she wasn't upset anymore. I smiled at her and my smile became even wider when she smiled back at me.

'What are you doing here?' we heard a voice suddenly screaming from upstairs. Alice! 'JASPER I KILL YOU!'
Rosalie's POV
I was sitting on the ground, thinking about everything.
First: I was stuck in this room, with guards around, so I couldn't escape. I tried everything, even... well, even trying to temp them. One of them almost believed me, but then the other came in and warned him.
Second: I wondered why Joshua and Jason are doing this to me. I tried everything to let them say it but Joshua wasn't in the mood for that. When was he? And Jason, I liked him, he was nice but he don't want to tell it.
Third: I missed my family, I was wondering what they were doing. I missed my lovely...
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Rosalie's POV
I opened my eyes with the little power I had in me.
'Rose, Rose!' I heard someone yell. Emmett. I saw him. His face hanging above mine. I wanted to say something. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him, I wanted to hug him, to halik him, I wanted so much, but I couldn't. Like something was controlling my emotions. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I almost couldn't breath.
'Rose?' I heared Carlisle. 'Rose? Say something,' he begged me. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't.
'I, I... I can't feel her emotions,' Jasper whispered.
'There's something wrong,' Carlisle...
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Emmett's POV
'Rose? Rose!' I yelled, but she hung up.
'Emmett, what's wrong? Where is Rose?' Jasper asked me.
'They... they are hurting her,' I shook my head. I was too confused to say more, too worried.
'What?' Bella gasped.
We were running towards the South, we split up. I was with my father, brothers and sisters, and the mga lobo with each other.
'We have to hurry up!' I yelled confused. Jasper calmed me a little bit down. 'If something happened to her...' I shook my head again. 'I would never forgive myself.'
'Emmett, stop it. What did I say you? You are just wasting...
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Rosalie's POV
'Who are you guys?' I yelled at the two who kidnapt me. We were in a remote area. I was with two other Bampira in a room. It was dark, there was a little light from the sun, what comes through a window. It were two male's. They were long, and they looked really like each other, they were probably a twin, but one had a scar on his face. They had dark hair and golden eyes. Fortunately, so they hunt animels.
'That doesn't matter, what were you doing in our area?' one of them asked me angrily.
'What do you mean, your area?' I snarled at them. One wanted...
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We were all at home. Dazed about the fact that Rosalie left us. They tried to cheer me up, but I was gone. After my outburst in the forest, I didn't talk anymore. My otherhalf was gone, and how could you live with one half?
'How could she do this to us?' Esmé cried. 'She's unbelieveble!'
'I thought she was happy with us,' Bella cried with her. They wrapped their arms around each other.
'With who should I go shopping now? Who is going to fix my car?' Alice cried. 'Why did she do this to us?'
Jasper wrapped his arms around her, he cried too. Rosalie and Jasper had a very strong bond with each...
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We all went searching on the place were I saw Rose for the last time. Every segundo I wished that this would be a stupid joke, that she was suddenly behind me, and everytime I was disappointed.
'I was hunting here, Rose was behind me, fighting with a deer,' I sinabi with a low voice. No emotions in my voice nor my face. 'Suddenly I heared her scream, over there,' I pointed at the direction where I heared her. 'I start searching, the last time I heared was: Emmett, help me!' I shook my head. I felt pain, inside my death heart.
'I think we should split up,' Carlisle suggested. 'Edward, Emmett and...
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This is the sequel story from: What's happening to me?
In Emmett's POV
It was a buwan after the volturi attackted us. I was very sure that we had a change, if we fight. But I must say, I was a little bit scary. Rose and I had a hard time to absorb everything what happened those weeks.
I was the most happy from the fact that Rose finally accept this hole life, she was happy, and that makes me happy too.

'Hi Jacob,' Rosalie greeted him. We all chuckled, after Jacob saved me, Rosalie was... well, very "happy" with him.
'Hi,' Jacob greeted. He grinned.
We were sitting...
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Jacob saved my husbands life? No, that can't be true. It must be a other werewolf.
'Emmett, don't lie to me,' I swallowed.
'Rose, it was Jacob,' he looked around. He growled. 'We continue this conversation a other time,' he kissed my lips before he jumped on a vampire who wanted to kill Carlisle.
I stood there, thinking of what I heared. Jacob? Was he kidding me?
I looked around. And then I didn't doub and I did something what I thought I would never do.
I jumped on a werewolf who must be Jacob and hugged him. The werewolf growled.
'Thank you, you saved my life, how could I ever thank you,' I...
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It was worser then I thought, much madami worser. I never liked fighting, and I wasn't going to change my mind. But that it would be so hard, I never imagine. My hole vampire life was mysteric. I lived two years in darkness, that was after my transformation. Untill I found Emmett, he brought light with him. I had a happy mariage, and a lovely family, but they're was missing something. I wanted to be a mother. It was hard for me, but after Bella got pregnant, and after Renesmee was born, I promised myself to be the best aunt you could imagine. I thought that my life was now perfect, and that I...
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Today was the araw that we all would die. When the volturi came for Renesmee, we had hope. But now was the volturi mad, and they would kill us all.
It was hard to believe, we had to live forever, like Emmett joked, that was part of the deal. And now, now I accept this hole thing, we're going to die.
I knew we were all afraid, afraid of the death. Everyone tried to have hope, but we all knew that they're was no hope. Jasper was trying to calm us all, but even he was too scared. Last night was wonderfull, being with my family, but how could you except the death?
'What are you doing, Blondie?' Jacob...
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This was the last night of our life. We were al sitting together, as a family, after we went hunting. Normal, the couples would have go spend time with each other, but me and Emmett, and the rest decide to spend our last night as a family. Even Jacob was here, I still didn't like the dog, and he still didn't like me. With his stupid jokes, they aren't even funny. But I watched my behaviour. I knew Bella and Renesmee would be upset. We were in the house, sitting in the living room. I was sitting on Emmett's lap, with one arm around his shoulder. His arm was around my waist, holding me close...
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Rosalie's POV
The susunod araw I was like normal. Just my neck was burning, from the bite from Jane.
Emmett and I were sitting on the sopa when everyone came in. They all looked worried.
'What's up?' Emmett asked them. Brushing his fingers through my hair.
'The volturi...' Carlisle sinabi but Emmett interuppted him.
'Oh not again!' I saw the anger in his face. 'Why don't they just shut up!'
'Maybe because you killed Jane,' Edward sinabi to him.
'And their not happy about that, she had a very special gift,' Jasper said.
I rolled my eyes. 'And painful,' I said. I felt Emmett susunod to...
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Renesmee's POV
I couldn't let her die, no, never! I heared her scream again and madami tears welled up in my eyes. I ran as hard as I could. And then I fell on the ground. Crying outloud. And then I remembered something what daddy said.
'Don't give up, never.' He sinabi that once to me because I was mad about something. I felt something in my pocket. A cellphone! I looked surprised. And then I didn't doub anymore. I dialed the number and waited.
'Hello?' I heared the voice.
'Daddy!' I cried. 'Daddy help us!' I begged him.
'Renesmee?' his voice worried. 'Renesmee what's wrong? Renesmee?'...
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Rosalie's POV
It was two days after I woke up when I heared Bella called our names. We quickly came to her and saw something in het hand.
'A letter,' she whispered. 'From the...' she sighed. Then her expression changed. 'Volturi,' she snapped.
We all froze. I heared Emmett susunod to me growl.
'Give it to me,' Carlisle said. Bella did what he asked.
'Dear friends,' he started like the first letter from them.
'Oh please!' Emmett shouted. 'I'm going to kill them,' he snapped.
I grabbed his hand and looked hopefull at Jasper who was trying to calm him down.
Carlisle was quite for a moment...
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Rosalie's POV
I was walking, walking in the darkness. Trying to paghahanap the light, trying to, maybe hear voices. I didn't know how I had to start. I started to run, but after a few segundos my legs were giving up. No! I thought. No! Please! Move! But I couldn't. I fell on the ground. The ground was very cold. Colder then my skin. It was so cold that it hurt me. I was paralyzed. This was the end, I felt it. This is the end of Rosalie Lillian Hale. Before I died I thought of my family. Alice, we didn't finish our wardrobe, I couldn't tindahan with her anymore.
And Jasper, he was so...
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Emmett's POV
Everyone stopped fighting. Carlisle came quickly to Rose.
'Rose,' he said, slapping her head. 'Rose, wake up!'
'What did you do!' I screamed furious at Demetri. 'I kill you!' and I lunged for his throat but Edward and Jasper grabbed me.
'Is she going to be all right, Carlisle?' Esmé cried. 'Say yes, please!'
'Let me go!' I snarled to them.
'Just if you promise that you won't do anything stupid,' Edward hissed.
'Okay, okay, but let me go!' they let me go.
'It was just an accident, I wanted to hit you,' Demetri said.
'Oh, I kill you!' I screamed again and I wanted to...
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'Well, hello dear friends,' Aro greeted us. 'Exactly on time,' he smiled a big fake smile to us. I wanted to hit him.
'Hello,' Carlisle said. 'Why did you wanna see us?'
Aro frowned. 'I just want to see my friends, and the little one,' he looked at Renesmee. 'W..who is now,' he looked from Renesmee to Carlisle, again to Renesmee and again to Carlisle.
'What is this?' Caius walked to us. He pointed to Renesmee. 'Is this the child from almost six years ago? Are you kidding? What is this Carlisle?' he snapped.
'Because Renesmee is a half vampire, she grows very fast,' Carlisle sinabi calmly....
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'The people here smell good,' Emmett whispered to me when we all sat in the plane. Ofcourse, I sat susunod to Emmett.
I giggled. I totally agree with him. But we had ourself in control. I was still worried. Like I felt there is something wrong. Maybe it's a track. Something is going to happen, something bad. Someone is going to be hurt. But who? Esmé? Carlisle? Alice? Jasper? Bella? Edward? Renesmee? Or... I forced myself to think about the last name. Emmett? I bit my lip and looked out the window. I was so deepened in my thoughts that I didn't heared Emmett.
'Honey?' he poke me in my side.
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Like Alice said, the susunod araw there was a letter. From the voltori.
'Dear friends,' Carlisle started.
'Ew,' I made a disguting noise.
'We like to see the little Rensemee again, this time, we expext that you come to us. Don't come with mga kaibigan or help, just you, if we see that you did, you all die,' Carlisle swallowed. 'We'll see you Saturday, best wishes, the Volturi.'
'Saturday? That's tomorrow!' I shouted. 'What are they thinking? Dear friends, oh suck it up!'
'If we see you come with more, you all die,' Emmett laughed. We all glared at him. 'What? It's a good one,' Emmett laughed again. We...
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