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orkneymatrix posted on Aug 12, 2012 at 06:35PM
So normal rules. I give you a round and you post a picture to match the name of the round. After a few days, I'll put the pictures in pics and the fans can vote for the winner, but no voting for yourself. Winner gets props.

Ok, so to begin...
Round 1: Rosalie as a human. Winner: ebcullen4ever
Round 2: Rosalie in New Moon. Winner: queen-seli
Round 3: Rosalie in the baseball scene. Winner: Sakkara98
Round 4: Rosalie's entrance in Twilight. Winner: ebcullen4ever
Round 5: Rosalie with Emmett. Winner: Vamp_Fan_25
Round 6: A movie still of Rosalie in Eclipse. Winner: Sakkara98
Round 7: Rosalie smiling. Winner: ebcullen4ever
Round 8: A promotional pic of Rosalie. Winner: Vamp_Fan_25
Round 9: Nikki Reed. Winner: Vamp_Fan_25
Round 10: Rosalie with Bella. Winner: Sakkara98
Round 11: Rosalie with a baby. Winner: CcDavidsen
Round 12: Rosalie during the fight training. Winner: ebcullen4ever
Round 13: Rosalie in the scene where Bella meets the Cullens. Out Now - Vote! link

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