'Hey, Scorp,' I sinabi as I jumped into the upuan susunod to him. I ignored the glares from the Slytherins. Sure, I was a Gryffindor. A Weasley at that. But I had been sitting susunod to Scorp for years. 'Huh? Oh, hi, Rose.' Scorpius looked nervous, not like his usual self. 'Scorp, what's up? You can tell me anything. We're best friends, remember?' The blond boy groaned at the word 'friends' and replied:'It's just uh...schoolwork. Professor Longbottom is pagkarga me with homework.' 'Uh huh,' I said, disbelieving. I let the subject drop, though, because he seemed so out of it.

After dinner, Scorp asked if he could talk to me alone. I sinabi sure. He led me into an empty classroom. 'Look, Rose, lately I can't stop thinking about you. Everywhere I go I always want you to be there. And, I know we're friends, but...maybe we could be something more?...' Scorp looked up hopefully at me. I was shocked but almost...willing. But we were friends. I couldn't let that come between our friendship. Oh, but he was so hopeful! I've always been a softie, as Hugo calls me. 'Well, I guess we can try. I mean, I sort of had maybe a little, tiny bit of a minuscule crush on you, perhaps,' I sinabi while blushing madly. It was true, though. He was gorgeous. 'Really? I've liked you since third year,' Scorp sinabi gently. 'I...I think I pag-ibig you, Rose.' And then his lips were on mine. His toungue probing my mouth without permission. And I was surprised to find myself snogging him back, matching the intensity. After what seemed like several hours we let go, panting furiously. 'Well,' sinabi Scorpius. 'That was fun.'

'Hey, Rosie! I hear you're dating Malfoy. How can you stand his ferret breath?' I sighed. The rumor had spread faster than spattergroit. 'My dearest cousin, Albus, may I ask who the lucky slut of yours is this week? Is it Callie? Deardra? No, it must be Amanda! Merlin knows how you do it, Al!' I was naming some of his earlier escapades, Amanda being the worst. Al grinned. 'Spot on, Rosie! So, any action with alakdan this week?' 'No, Al. Now I've got to go meet SCORPIUS in Hogsmeade. Later,' I answered, making sure to pronounce Scorpius strongly so even Al could understand his name was not scorpion.

--This is years later. They are in their 20s now--
'Hey, beautiful!' Scorpius' yelling caught my attention. 'Hiya, Scorp!' I ran towards him, and he pulled me into a big hug. Lifting me off the ground and spinning me around before halik me. God, he was perfect. 'I've got a surprise for you,' he said, letting me go. 'What is it?' 'You'll see,' Scorpius replied mysteriously. We walked along Diagon Alley until we came to a restaurant. Scorp sinabi to the waiter,' We have a reservation under the name 'Rose'. I smiled. He shouldn't have. Oh well. We followed the waiter to a mesa looking over a river. 'Oh, Scorpius, it's beautiful,' I sinabi as the waiter left. 'You are too,' he replied smoothly. Tonight was going to be wonderful.

After we ate, Scorp said,'Rose, I have a question.' He dropped to a kneeling position and pulled a box out of his breast pocket. 'Will you marry me?' I was so happy and stunned that I almost didn't hear the surrounding tables going, 'Awwww'. My puso raced. 'Yes, Scorpius. Merlin, I pag-ibig you,' I exclaimed. He squealed and slipped the ring onto my finger and his arm around my waist. Then we kissed. It was without a doubt the best moment of either of our lives.

--Rose and Scorpius Malfoy were married at Malfoy Manor. They soon after had a child whom they named Sasha Malfoy. Rose and Scorpius lived- it's not a fairy tale, but- happily ever after.--

The End