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Liz Parker writes in her journal about an event. Here it is.
She was working at the resutaunt she employees at and showed a couple a picture she made up of a Roswell alien from the Roswell incident.
Afterward, a gun fight begins and Liz is shot in the puso and dies.
Max Evans, a boy she knows, came over and mysteriously healed her, but dumped ketchup over her to make it look like he did not attempt to help-- or they'd figure out his deep dark secret...
Liz looks at herself in the mirror at home, and sticks a hole through her sando with her finger (shirt is ketchup stained.) And it looks...
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posted by glows
As I watch the Roswell seasons in full view, Nick Wechsler's character, Kyle Valenti had a small role. Throughout that time period, Kyle got killed, was healed sa pamamagitan ng Max and restarted his life completely. He became a buddhist and had a slight sister relationship with the Roswell baddy, Tess Harding.

The one thing I could not help to wonder was if Kyle was ever gay or not?

I realize the writers probably did not write him off that way but somehow to me, it seem to translate on the screen that way.

- He was always giving the girls payo (AKA Isabel)...

- Sometimes the way he reacted to certain things..(can't think of a good example right now...)

I do not know, I just couln't help thinking this in retrospect. Anybody feel the same way?
posted by rosangie
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