Rouge the Bat (Sonic Adventure 2)
This is MY opinion Julie fans! I want to share it!
Okay first off - Julie Su was only in COMICS. Let me repeat, COM-ICS. Rouge has been in comics, games and TV shows! Julie no longer exists and the fans CANNOT do anything about that. Rouge has been round since 2001 to 2012 (11 years!) and will continue to be in games for longer since she is a popular character.
Rouge has a bigger fanbase than Julie as well (WANT PROOF? CHECK THE JULIE SU THE ECHIDNA CLUB).
Rouge is a better fighter all together. Yes, I will say Julie DID teach Amy to fight but that doesnt mean that she is a better fighter than Rouge. Rouge is a martial artist and a professional kick boxer. Julies isnt. Plus Rouge can handle weapons such as bombs and mga baril (WANT PROOF? GO TO YOUTUBE AND TYPE IN "ROUGE THE BAT PLAYER TEST" YOU WILL SEE GAME FOOTAGE OF ROUGE WITH A GUN)
Rouge is prettier than Julie (this is facts). Rouge is also smarter. Can Julie hack into computer systems? NO! Can Julie fly? NO! Can Julie Pass sa pamamagitan ng without being noticed? NOOOO!
Rouge is also a PROFESSIONAL treasure hunter and secret agent. Julie is nothing madami than a detective. Also Rouge is voiced sa pamamagitan ng a popular actress - LANI MINELLA and another is Kathleen Delaney (Caren Manuel).
Rouge is also madami loving than Julie (WANT PROOF? IN THE SONIC 2006 GAME SHE WAS NICE TO ALL CHARACTERS. SHE EVEN sinabi TO SHADOW "EVEN IF THE WORLD TURNS AGAINST YOU...KNOW THAT I WILL ALWAYS REMAIN sa pamamagitan ng YOUR SIDE) and she has kept it from there.
Well that is all I have for now and if anyone was offended I am sorry. REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION!!! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT :)
Rouge Da Best