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posted by Spottedtail139
My kits and I were in the nursery and then Shadowheart walked

up to me " Do you want to go hunting with me Mosspool?"

" Ok I'll have Skystorm watch the kits" I sinabi when Skystorm and

my kits were set I went hunting I caught a mouse on the border

and I also saw red and white peaking out of the brambles when I

walked up the them a lovely white kit with red dots and blue

eyes was there I gasped Shadowheart walked over and he was

shocked we were both thinking- Who would leave a kit in the

cold like this? I pick the kit up and raced back to camp with

Shadowheart on my tail the kit looked five or...
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posted by Skystorm101
"I've gotta get goin' " I said
"Well,it was nice meeting you... beautiful tabby."
(I blushed) "Bye"
Ok,so I was kinda cuter when I was younger. So i kept walking to the forest,then,my nose nearly started bleeding,there were so many scents! I went in the camp.. All I heard was my echo at first. Then, I met two toms : Redfoot and Nightrise .

Redfoot wasn't a chatty one,for sure. But Nightrise decided to rebuild the clans. So,yeah,I became deputy,bla-bla-bla,somethin' bout' starclan... Then came Cherryshine,then Grasswing and Ashpaw,and now more! I felt proud serving as deputy and that Rubyclan...
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posted by Skystorm101
She was way past fourtrees. She missed her mossbed,her denmates,and her long-lost love. She kept moving forward, non-stop. She kept sniffing the air,no sign of any Pusa of any kind.
That very moment,5 toms jumped out of the bushes,surrounding her. She jumped and fainted from the shock. The very susunod morning she woke up in this cave,with dayami and barley.
The 5 toms were there : A brown and white on cuddled up,a black one play fighting a butterfly,and a handsome,light gray tabby tom with amber eyes was sitting infront of me.
" Where am I?" I asked
"Paradise,aka home,aka sleepin' place..."
"Uhh...Uhh... Who are you,anyway?