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Blake Belladonna (BLACK)
Yang Xiao Long (YELLOW)
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BB2010 sinabi …
I saw the RWBY 6 premiere in theaters yesterday and it was amazing!
The animation (now going to be a mix of 2d and 3d) was smoother
The fights were choreographed better and madami fun to watch compared to season 5
The banter and jokes we saw in the first 3 seasons are finally back
All the characters played a part in the premiere instead of just standing around or being there

Downside is they didn't ipakita the new opening but just gotta wait one madami araw for that so that's fine. Posted 5 months ago
LBShire sinabi …
Hi guys!
I have noticed that the Rooster Teeth club on fanpop is pretty dead which is unfortunate since the RWBY and RUB Clubs have a lot of fans. So I have been adding a lot of stuff to the Rooster Teeth club to make it madami welcoming.
Please check it out! Posted 7 months ago
MaryZaki nagkomento…
Ok i'll check it out 7 months ago
alinah_09 sinabi …
Volume 3 Turn-down Reaction: HOLY MOTHER OF- GODDANGIT MERCURYYYY!!!!
>NOOOOOO...!!! PENNY....!!! SHE WAS MY paborito SIDE CHARACTER...!!!! D:
>WHOA! NEOOOO!!! BLOWN OFF AGAAAAINN...!! (Team Rocket,bruh) *Roman does his speech*Yeah...okay Roman... *get's eaten* pfft...that's actually kinda that he's gone...DANGIT!
>Nononononono....Don't you dare---!!! AGH FREAKIN' PHYRRAAA!!!!

[Safe to say, most of my reactions for this season were of anguish. ;-;] Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
alinah_09 nagkomento…
*reactions for Yang and Penny multiplied even madami because of apparent foreshadowing. (i.e. Ruby's "break a leg" remark...) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas