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 Fabrevans "Dont Stop"
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"Hey, is Quinn here?"

Judy opened the door wider. "Yes she is." She smiled at the cute blond boy standing on the front step, and then turned away, calling up the stairs, "Quinnie, you've got a visitor!"

"Tell Puck I sinabi to go away!" Quinn shouted back.

"It's not Puck, sweetheart. It's a cute boy named..." Judy turned back to Sam, lowering her voice. "What's your name?"

"Sam Evans, Mrs. Fabray."

"Okay. It's a blond boy named Sam Evans, Quinnie!"

"OH!" Suddenly, there was a thump on the floor above that sounded like Quinn fell off her bed, and then there was loud clattering on the stairs, and suddenly...
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On November 30, Glee fans can start their pasko shopping with the ideal medyas stuffer: Glee: The Music, Volume 4.

But they don't need to wait that long to find out what tracks will be included on the album. The song listahan was revealed this week and is comprised of:
Empire State Of Mind
Me Against The Music
The Only Exception
I Want To Hold Your Hand
One Of Us
River Deep, Mountain High
One Love
Teenage Dream
Forget You (sung sa pamamagitan ng Gwyneth Paltrow!)
Marry You
Just The Way You Are
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life

I'm really hoping Sam sings Just The Way You Are, I freaking pag-ibig that song :)
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This is just plain beautiful♥
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I need Sam to sing Pink's Perfect to Quinn. Because after seeing how low her self-esteem is after he left her, I just feel like she needs to hear this from him.
Because after hearing Boyce Avenues version of this song all I can think was: Wow that is the perfect song for Sam to sing to Quinn. Quinn at the moment doesn’t really like herself after Sam broke up with her. I think it would be sweet if Sam sang this to make Quinn feel better about herself.

Made a wrong turn
Once or twice
Dug my way out
Blood and fire
Bad decisions
That’s alright
Welcome to my silly life
Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood...
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Sir. Evans and Lady Quinn

“It wont come off.” Sam whined helplessly.

Quinn smiled as she watched the frustrated teen struggle to free himself from the costume. “Uh, yeah, I kind of figured that when I over heard you and Mr. Pacman, here, having a good makaluma wrestling match. sa pamamagitan ng the looks of things, I'd say he won,” placing a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder. Quinn placed both her hands on either side of the costume, and pulled, hard. “You had quite the struggle, huh?”

“I wasn't struggling.” Sam protested, while lifting both his arms up into the air.

“Right,”Quinn scoffed,...
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Sir. Evans and Lady Quinn

She wasn't exactly sure what she was doing here in the first place. Seriously, this wasn't even her sort of thing. She should be at tahanan watching The Shining and stuffing her face full of Halloween candy. How on God's green Earth did Sam manage to convince her to do this in the first place? Speaking of sinabi floppy haired cutie. There he was dressed up in what can only be considered the segundo most nerdiest costumes she had seen all day. segundo only to those ridicules World of War Craft costumes he convinced her to try on earlier. Seriously, she's freaking Quinn Fabray,...
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Thankfully the Skurt's "SAM IS GAY/BISEXUAL/QUESTIONING" theory has died down to an extent. I was on gleeforum on the thread created for Sam/Quinn but everyone seems to be talking about Chord/Dianna and posting pictures of them. Now maybe I'm just weird like this, but I do NOT ship actors together. I can ship their characters but I just can't ship the actors.

Example:I can easily ship Will/Emma together but do I want Matthew and Jayma to date? No. I enjoy the relationship the charatcers have and thats enough for me.

I've also noticed that Chord, Mark, Matt and Cory will all be appearing on a...
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uy Quams,
I got some really bad news.
F--cking Ryan Murphy and his constant inconsistency. RM just confirmed that Sam and Quinn will break up and on the Valentines araw episode. He also sinabi that Sam would hook up with Santana and Quinn with Finn.

I am personally outraged at the show. This ipakita has pissed me off with its constant inconsistency. And you want to know RM's reason for breaking them? "They were too perfect."

Plus, my OTP on Degrassi is falling apart because the girl might actually be a lesbian.

I came back to SQ to get comfort from seeing an awful Degrassi promo but bad luck seems to...
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