1.His height (6'4) :D
2.His gorgeous, droolworthy body
3.His hair - the length and how it curls sometimes
4.His eyes
5.His smile and dimples
6.The few walang tiyak na layunin birthmarks he has on his face
7.He's one of the few characters whose reasons for wanting a normal life I can actually get!
8.His sex scene with Madison in Heart
9.He's got a dark/tainted side
10.His powers/visions
11.He's sweet and caring
12.He's bravo and heroic
13.He jumped into hell at the end of S5 to stop the apocalypse
14.His relationship with Dean, just in general and all of it
15.The way he and his father can barely have a conversation without arguing (even though it was making me wince when John dies)
16.He looks really hot when possessed
17.He also makes drinking demon blood look hot
18.He's intelligent and can make researching look easy
19.He loved Jess so much he got back into hunting to avenge her. Like father like son.
20.Like Dean, he too would sell his soul to save his brother
21.His laugh
22.How cute he looks when he says "I Nawawala my shoe" in Bad araw At Black Rock
23.Bantering with Dean
24.Hugging Dean when Dean comes back to life in S4, and after all the Tuesdays
25.He has a canon stalker fangirl, which is hilarious
26.The infamous tuta dog look
27.He's an awesome Hunter
28.He looks awesome kicking supernatural ass
29.Every flashback has him adorably cute as a child
30."Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?!" is adorable
31.He's independent
32.He left his family and hunting to try to pursue the regular life he wanted, even though they seemed to hate him for it
33.He looks good in a suit
34.The ending of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 has me bawling my eyes out
35.Ditto for basically all of Siren Song
36.His taste for demon women and monsters
37.Mile long legs
38.His anti-possession tattoo
39.Needing to pull his kwelyo down/take his sando off to ipakita sinabi tattoo
40.He's originally cutely naive and optimistic
41.The name Sammy is so cute
42.A clown phobia is adorable and funny and cute
43.The time he takes to ilipat on from Jess, and the way he does this in stages
44.The way both he and Dean react whenever a female character seems to prefer him to Dean (which doesn't happen often enough)
45.How he was at first so honestly and innocently reluctant to impersonate various officials and use credit card fraud again
46.Every halik scene he's ever had
47.His voice
48.Gluing Dean's hand to the serbesa bottle in Hellhouse
49.The towel scene in Hellhouse
50.He's flawed and complicated
51.He can look so adorably innocent
52.He displays telekinetic powers once, after he sees a vision of Dean dying, and then those just disappear which is kinda funny
53.He's a "walking encyclopedia of weirdness"
54.He's also a "whole new level of freak"
55.He's sensitive and cares for others
56.Apparently he's doing karaoke after 2 drinks
57.That scene of him and Dean pag-awit Dead Or Alive
58.The way he really wanted to believe that it really was an angel in Houses Of The Holy, and how disappointed and let down he feels when it turns out it was Father Gregory's ghost
59.He's adorably cute and in awe when he first meets Cas
60.He actually knows that a pentagram is protection not Satanism
61.He's initially uncomfortable with the idea of hooking up with walang tiyak na layunin women in bars just to get laid, and using Sarah just to get information
62.His asno is so great that apparently Pam couldn't resist using her blindness to get away with groping him
63.He looked awesome when he beheaded vampire Gordon using barbed wire
64.He's the one who's first willing to believe in the grey areas of hunting when he meets Lenore and Gordon
65.He's the one who tries to find a way to cure Madison and save her
66. He then is willing to kill Madison, even though it's hurting him, because she'd requested he be the one to shoot her
67.The way he looks when he's sleeping
68.His cheeks
69.He's good with computers
70.He hasn't been unfaithful and never will, according to him in the pilot