5 months after Sam crawls out the whole he see that Dean is doing what he asked was wasn’t ready to tell Dean everything, he thinks that Dean would look at him different he still had he's demonic abilities and like the season finale he seems pretty demonic [the whole light flickering thing]. So he travels south and finds him self in Valentine, Texas where he meets Kayla [played sa pamamagitan ng Hayden Panettiere]. Kayla is the opposite of Sam when it comes to hunting. All she wants is to be a hunter with her brother and father. The one thing that torments her the most, the nightmare of her mother dieing. Sound familiar, the only difference is that Kayla was 14 and she remembers it like it was yesterday. Sam is independent now, so we thought, why would he want to be with Kayla, a silly 21 taon old that works at a bar in a town population 4000. She is a replica of Dean. Same sweet green eyes, smart-ass mouth, 80’s music, pag-ibig for tusino Cheese burgers. She then has her Jo days were she is venerable and innocent. So this is how I perceive the susunod season [duh I'm wrong], but follow how Sam is with Kayla, see why she is irresistible.

Chapter 1
“You good to close up, Sandra,” Aaron my boss asked me, he had a girl on halik his neck; I nodded and looked at our last customer. He had been coming for a couple of weeks now, staying till close. He was tall very lean and muscular, long hair that stopped at his neck, I have never seen him from the front but I would imagine him a handsome guy. I hate to bother him; he never sat in my section and he only ordered a beer, I don’t know to much about him but he just sits, never gets rowdy during the basketbol games; I don’t even think he watches them. I started cleaning on the other side of the bar give him some peace until it was time to lock up.
I was done with the right side of the bar when a couple of guys walked in, “sorry guys were closed.” I sinabi and turned to look at them.
“That’s ok we were looking for you, Kayla.” One of the men sinabi my real name and I froze. How did they find me so fast, my father and brother are hunters they don’t want me to be a hunter. But for a while that’s all I wanted.
“I don’t know who you are so if you could please leave, I don’t want to call the cops on you.” I said. I turned and got a look at the two guys, one was tall and black, and he had a full beard these dark evil brown eyes. The man that was talking, he was short and fat, army cut hair and stubble. He had green eyes and as I looked down at what both men were wearing. The tall man adjusted his dyaket and showed me his gun; the shorter man’s hands were stained with blood.
“Come on, were mga kaibigan of your dad, one serbesa that’s all we want.” Him speaking about my dad made my stomach turn. My face-harden and I looked at him. Then I looked at the gun.
“If you just wanted a serbesa you wouldn’t have a gun with you.” I said. In the back of my mind, I knew I should just give them their beers; I had nothing to defend my self.
“That’s for protection, you never no who will pop out of the corner.” The shorter man took a few steps closer to me.
“Look if I get you serbesa will you leave.” I sinabi trying to hold my composer.
“A serbesa and some sagot from you would be great.” The tall man spoke.
I nodded and walked around the bar, I felt saver with something between us but that’s when the short man followed me, then the tall man took a upuan at the bar. “You have hair just like your mother.” the short man took his blood-rid hand and places a piece of hair behind my ear. I slapped him so hard my hand hurt. He came back up and backhanded me along with mumbling a profanity.
“Leave her alone.” The guy in the back booth spoke scaring the two hunters and myself.
The man stood up and he was taller them I thought. 6’6 maybe. I saw his face and he looked familiar. The hunters looked at him and they were scared.
“Sam Winchester.” The tall man sinabi the short man walked around the bar. I held my face when he had slapped me. Sam Winchester, I heard about him once, my Brother Joe talked of this guy a long time ago.
“Leave, Now.” His dark graven voice sent the two men running. What the hell. Was all I thought?
“Thank you.” I murmured. He nodded his head. Then put 5 dollars on the bar, “for the beer.” He muttered and started to the door.
“Wait, can you stay. I mean I don’t want to be alone, what if those guys come back.” I said, I got embarrassed asking for help, I didn’t even know this guy.
“Sure,” he smiled but it didn't go to his eyes.
“Thank you.” I said. “So did you now those guys.” I walked from behind the bar and stared cleaning again.
“We worked a job once. It was a long time ago,” he said.
“Job?” I thought for a second, “you’re a hunter,” I turned and looked at him
“Was, I don’t do it any more.” He pronounced. I looked at him good this time, he had this dimple in his chin and when he smiled, he had a scar above his left eye and may hidden scars all over his face. He was wearing a long sleeve tee and had this kuwintas on with a charm. His eyes were smothering with loss, but they were soft and sweet at the same time. I did recognize him. When I was 17, I had these visions of all sorts of things, and then about a taon later, they stopped.
“I was too, my dad and brother were hunters, but they didn't want me in it at all, it wasn’t until their work followed him tahanan and a demon killed my mother but left me alone.” I didn't tell anyone that story, why would I tell a walang tiyak na layunin hunter who wasn’t even hunting. Then that made me realize “wait if you’re not hunting then why did you just pop here, you’ve been here for two weeks and I think there are demons roaming around here, plus who would want to be in Valentine, Texas ”
His face-harden when I sinabi demons “well if that’s the case, I guess I could make a exception.” He was serious he knew how to kill demons maybe he could ipakita me.
“I know you really don’t even know me, but will you ipakita me how to get rid of a demon.” I asked shyly, I was cleaning a mesa I didn't know what his face looked like but he sounded amused when he answered.
“Sure, it’s been a while since I've done it the regular way.” He stated. He stood up, “need help.” He was about a yard away from me. I looked at him through my blond hair that always managed to fall out of the ponytail.
“No, thanks, I’m done.” I walk back to the kusina and hang the rag drained the dirty soap and got my pitaka and dyaket from the lockers behind the kitchen. I walked back and struggled on my jacket. Its not cold I just like the comfort the dyaket gives me. It was my moms so I wear it every day.
“Thanks for staying with me.” I sinabi as we walked out the door. I turned and locked the door with my keys and stared to my car. It was the only one in the lot I turned to Sam, “you don’t have a car?”
“No I walk, I'm staying at the motel across the street.” He nodded towards the Midnight Inn I smiled and shook my head.
“I'll drop you off,” I offered unlocking my doors to the 2007 Impala. He started to shake his head, “Please,” I smiled.
“Ok,” he agreed and got into the passenger upuan of the car.
“You know I don’t usually do this, give rides to walang tiyak na layunin guy. But there is something about you that’s comforting.”
“I don’t usually except rides from walang tiyak na layunin waitresses,” he smiled ipinapakita the dimple on his left cheek. I started the car and Bon Jovi was blasting. I turned it down quickly. “Sorry,” I mumbled and started out the exit. He laughed out loud. “What?” I looked at him.
“Bon Jovi’s Greatest hits huh, at least your is a CD.” He looked away from me, I had no idea what he meant, but I wasn’t about to press him for more.
“Do you like Bon Jovi?” I crossed the empty street.
“Not even remotely, I spent 4 years listening to 80’s rock, driving in a car from the 60’s”
“Oh ok,” I was in the parking lot of the motel and I looked at him “what room?” he pointed to five. I pulled up in front of the Room.
“Ok Sam, here you go, thanks for to night. Oh my name is Kayla sa pamamagitan ng the way, but around the bar I'm Sandra.” I held my hand out for him to shake. He took my hand softly.
“Good night Kayla,” he sinabi and got out of the car, I started to back out the motel and headed home. I didn't live far, in fact I lived in the houses behind the motel, well its bout 3 miles out so I wouldn’t never walk but I like the fact that if I had it, it wouldn’t be bad.
I got to my door and it was open, I looked at the windows then to the street, it was midnight. I took a few steps closer to the door and listened, I heard nothing, I cracked the door a bit then heard mumbles, my puso started to pound. I got out my cell who the hell would I call; there are people in my house. I don’t even have a gun, I closed phone and when back to my car. I’ll just wait it out, or I could go to Sam… no, I shook my head. I've slept in my car before. It’s no big deal. I then remembered the gun I had in the trunk, god I don’t have bullets for it. I popped the trunk and lifted the hatch; I had salt and a gun, and the two things an ex-hunter never lives without. I took the gun and saw I only had four shots in it. I took the gun and walked back to the door. I open it. And no one was there now; I searched the house quickly and quietly. I relaxed when every room was empty.
I when and locked the door dead bolt and all and got read for bed. I lay awake in my kama for what felt like all night just thinking about my hunting days. I never did anything madami then a ghost; I once dealt with a demigod. And I refused to go any where near a demon. I always have nightmares of the black eyes, and the smoke that choked me. I turned to my side and slammed my eyes shut and order myself to sleep.

You’re a 2nd generation killer sweetheart, and I have my eyes on the winner of our current first generation killer. I think one you two get together you will be able to lead army that this would has never seen. The yellow eyed man told me when I was 17 I screamed at the tuktok of my lungs and I was flushed with visions of the past and all of it was Sam, I saw the other first generations, I saw what they did. I saw them kill people, but only Sam was good. I rolled and hit the floor with a thud and woke up on the floor, the sun blazing into my eyes. I huff and look at what time it was. 12:35 ugh, I had work in 4 hours I better get up before I do something stupid.

All araw I was jumpy and freaking out. I was wondering and waiting if Sam would even come in today. It was about ten-thirty when I figured he wasn’t going to come in. not on a Monday, we close in a hour, I gave up and started cleaning my tables early so I wont have to do it later. I when back to the kusina put the rag in the water and when back to the bar. Erica and Rachel, the other two waitresses working tonight were talking.
“That tall sexy guy isn’t sitting in his usual spot.” Rachel looked at Erica and wondered.
“I know, he has been coming every night for the last 2 weeks and he isn’t sitting in my section I wonder why.” Erica pondered. The girls looked at me and smiled. They didn't care for me much, I was just the new girl and they were glad because I didn't break glasses like the other new girl in the morning shift. I looked at Sam, he didn't notice me yet, but I was panicking. I like him, but the dream was the only thing scarring me off. I shook off the stupid dream and walked to him
“Hello, what can I get you?” I smiled at him warmly and he returned the gesture.
“Just a Beer, Bud Light.” He looked up to the game, I didn't know if he was pretending he didn't know me or if maybe he wasn’t. I walked to the bar and asked Tom for a Bud Light. Then Erica was looking at me. “So Mr. I Only Drink serbesa over there knows you?” she asked.
“Um no, he’s just sitting there. I don’t know why.” I looked away from her and went to Sam’s table.
“Here you go anything else?” I asked. He looked at me. He put his hands on the mesa and crossed his fingers.
“What do you recommend?” he asked.
I bit my bottom lip “um if I eat here I just get the double tusino cheese burger and a slice of pie.” I said. He laughed to him self.
“Pie huh, I guess I'll have a slice of pie for tonight.” He smiled and took a drink of beer. I nodded and when to the back and asked Raymond for pie.
I brought the pie out to Sam, but this time I just set it down and when to my other table, who was asking for their check. I stayed back from Sam for a while just trying to shut my mind up. He’s a normal person, well a normal hunter. If he was a killer then he wouldn’t have protected me from the other hunter, and we were alone for half an oras he could have killed me then. Plus he offers to teach me how to kill demons. I huffed and when back to his mesa “how’s the pie?” I smiled.
“Good thanks.” He looked around and saw that he was the only one in my section. “Can we talk for a minute?” He gestured to the chair in front of him. I took a upuan timidly.
“So last night I was thinking about what you sinabi about the demons around town if you still want to learn I'll teach you.” He was speaking low and had a light in his head he hadn’t had before.
“Sure, I have tomorrow off if you want to do it then.” I said. I knew Sam was a good Guy. “When will it work for you?”
“We should start in the morning, find the demons. ” he smiled ipinapakita the dimple in his left cheek
“Ok, um let me give you my cell,” I took the pen out form my tapis and took a piece of paper with it. “Here you go” I gave him my number and he took my hand, “What's wrong, your jumpy.” I looked at him like he was a ghost. Ha.
“Bad night.” I settled with that answered and when to clock out. I when back to my pitaka and this was the first night I let my dyaket at tahanan all week. I felt naked and attackable. I looked at my tables, Sam was still there but now Erica was all over him, she was older then me. He was older then me. I rolled my eyes somewhat to my self and headed to the parking lot.
There were still quite a few cars out for closing. And that’s when I heard something, “hello” I called out. I kept walking to my car then I heard it again. I got in to my car and started it fast, I turned on my CD loud as it could get, then I searched for the song have a nice araw then my radio when out. “Sonofabitch.” I yelled and beat the steering wheel with my hands.
I sat in my car and thought it out like a hunter. There are demons outside this car. I have nothing but salt and a gun in my car and speaking of that lovely gum I left it sa pamamagitan ng my bedside. So all I have is salt. I sighed, and then pain out of nowhere hit me like a semi. My head felt like it was on apoy and my eyes felt like they were being pulled out of socket. I covered face with my hands and ran my hands all the way up to my hair.
Then it all stopped. The radio when back to normal and the pain from my head was as if it was never there. There was a tap on my window and I jumped to see Sam standing looking at me. I turned the music off and rolled down the window and wiped my face. “You scared the shit out me, Sam.” I told him and looked back up.
“Sorry,” he murmured, he leaned onto the car. “What just happened?” he asked me.
“I have no idea,” I sinabi with a hard laughed, “Did the lights flicker in the bar?” I asked.
Sam pressed his lips and shook his head.“ Did something happen Kayla?” he looked around for a second.
“I better be getting home.” I said, I looked up at him “do you want another ride.” I offered.
“Sure, as long as we don’t have to listen to Bon Jovi.” He joked.
“Ha, you know driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his pie hole.” I informed him. He got into the car and looked at me. “What?” I sinabi at his scrutiny.
“You remind me of my brother, I'm not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing just yet.” He put his upuan sinturon on and we crossed the street. We didn't talk this time, it wasn’t till I parked my car that want to talk.
“Sam before you go can I ask you something.” My initial tanong was going to be about that yellow-eyed man talking to me when I was young. Ask him if he new why the man had me see you along with others.
He raised an eyebrow, “sure what is it?”
I thought a segundo “what else can ward of a demon, I have lots of salt but what if they aren’t at my home, how do I keep them away.” He looked at me then raised his hands to take off his necklace.
“Here, this will keep any demon form possessing you.” He handed me his necklace. I looked at it then back to him
“What about you?” I asked he chuckled. And shook his head.
“Don’t worry about me.” He thought for a while. “Tomorrow we can demon proof your house then after that you don’t have to worry.” He assured me.
I thanked him and put the kuwintas on. He got out the car and waved bye.

I lay in kama looking at the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep, I mean I didn't want to but I really couldn’t fall asleep. I need realize how many weird noises were in this town. There were things in the house that made strange noise then the things out side the house. The ice in the freezer scared the life out of me. I sat up tired of all the noise and when to got my iPod. I climbed in to kama and my cell phone rang, a part of me hoped it was Sam calling to tell me he couldn’t sleep much either. But it was my brother. It was four at night what does he want.
“Joe,” I mumbled into the receiver.
“Hey baby sis, I'm on my way home, I should be there sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. ” Joe said, I was staying at his house, I guess that was code for make my house pretty and make sure there is food.
“Joe I met a hunter,” I said, Joe got dead silent. So I continued “and well he sinabi he's not a hunter anymore but he's going to ipakita me how to kill a demon. He’s really nice he helped me out.” But Joe cute me off
“What’s his name, what do you know about him, you know I don’t trust hunters.” Joe sounded lake he sat up from what ever he was doing.
“His names Sam Winchester, and I trust him” I was cut off again.
“Holy shit how the hell did you get caught up with a guy like him damnit Kayla you better not talk to him, at least not till I'm there.” He said.
“What’s wrong with him?” I snapped.
“Hmm lets see everything, that kid has been bad since he started.” Joe was getting mad.
“I don’t believe that, not Sam, he's way to nice.” I defended Sam.
“Ok maybe Sam is the better brother but either way he opened the devils gate 4 years ago, and he started the apocalypse last year, and I heard from a lovely demon a few months back that he is Lucifer’s meat suit” Joe started to yell. I thought for a second, I don’t know anything about Sam, I'll he tells me about his personal life is that I remind him of his brother.
“You told me demons lie.” Was the only defense I could come up with.
“They lie, sure, but this demon was telling me that hunter and humans wont be worth anything in a few weeks. So maybe this is what he was talking about.” Joe was pissed I could hear it in his voice.
“Well he's going to help me, tomorrow because while you were gone, some hunters tried to do god knows what to me and Sam was there to help me.”
“No Kayla, don’t let that demon into my house.”
“He’s not a demon I know for a fact,” I touched the kuwintas he gave to me.
“What did you put holy water in his beer”? Joe sinabi irritated.
“No,” he had me there “I don’t even know how to make holy water.” I muttered pathetic I thought to my self.
“Kayla” his voice calmed down as he tried to settle a choice with me, “I'm leaving right now, salt the doors and windows don’t leave the house I should be there tomorrow afternoon.”
I hated it when Joe did this, he and dad both, defending me when they aren’t around. “Yeh fine, its late why are you call anyway.” I looked at the clock, its 4:40 that means it 6:40 in Knoxville Tenn.
“Oh shit, sorry I forgot about the time, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon pag-ibig you and stay away from Winchester.” I kissed into the receiver and hung up.
I threw the phone onto the other unan and sighed. The radio flickered along withal the lights, just my luck. I thought bitterly I quickly stood up and put salt on every thing, sa pamamagitan ng the time I was done it was 5 and I felt tired finally. I crawled into kama and worried about what I'm going to do in the susunod few hours.