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Ruby's blood floods his veins, so strong and powerful as Sam releases the demon's wrist. His lips brush against her skin slowly, and he hears her hissing but doesn't pay attention. Not now. Not when he feels so good.
“It’s not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If you don't have it you're on the other side”
Yeah … alive. That's exactly how he feels. So alive. His body feels so sensitive, like his skin was too stretched, too thin and he can hear his puso beating hard and fast in his chest, pumping his and Ruby's blood in his body, warming him, making him madami aware of his surroundings. Ruby's breath, a little harsh. Her gaze on him, her smug smile.
" The deeper you stick it in your vein
The deeper the thoughts, there's no madami pain
I'm in heaven, I'm a god
I'm everywhere, I feel so hot "
All the bad feelings, the pain, the memory, the fear, the guilt, everything disappears when the power of Ruby's blood submerges him. Like a wave sweeping out all of this ... even his brother's face. Sam takes a deep breath He feels it coursing into his veins and he knows, deep down, that he is now able to do everything. He is powerful … no, he is more. He is Power.
" It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If you don't have it you're on the other side
I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie) "
He knows exactly what he is doing. Hey, he’s a son and brother of the famous Winchesters. Nobody can fool him, not even Ruby. And he is doing this to find and kill Lilith. That's all. He just needs a little help to destroy that demonic bitch, The blood makes him madami powerful than whatever demon, madami powerful than Ruby, Lilith, Alistair and maybe even Lucifer. Sam is sure he can beat her. He knows now how to use his power. How to use Azazel's gift. His brother has always thought Azazel gift was cursed, that his visions were a bad thing but they were wrong.. Sam knows it now. He can feel it. Such power can't be bad. Not when you live his life. Not when you're a Winchester.
“Better?” Ruby breathed as she wiped her arm down with a cloth, “Indeed” Sam replied gratefully, “It won’t be long now..” she mused, “Let’s go hunt” Sam said.
Sam woke, dazed in his motel room, He stood up carefully and went to examine himself in the mirror, He was a mess, Eyes bloodshot, Lip split, He turned the tap on full blast and got in the shower, The water felt cold on his skin even though the steam was pouring off him. Once he was cleaned up, he pulled on some clean clothes and shoved the blood stained ones in the bottom of his bag.
He grabbed his phone and bag, leaving a $50 bill on the bedside table, He walked out and locked the door behind him. He checked the time, It was 3am – Dean would wake soon, He started to run. Just as he reached the hotel his phone began to vibrate, it was a message from Ruby “See you later Sammy”
Sam quickly deleted the message and quietly walked into the motel room, as far as he could tell dean was asleep, he put his bag in the same position it had been in before he left, and crawled into the kama to get about a few hours sleep.
He woke once again, before dean, getting up to fix the kama and go grab a coffee from the newly opened café at the corner. When he returns with his coffee Deans awake, “Hey” says Sam, “Hey” says Dean looking drowsy. “How long you been up?” Asked Dean.. “About an hour” Sam sinabi passing his coffee over to dean “Here, looks like you need it.” Sam added. “Thanks” sinabi Dean taking a gulp of coffee.
Sam pulled out his computer and began to paghahanap for the demon he vaguely remembered coming across last night, The demon has been taking over young kids bodies and attacking the family the child once lived with, leaving nothing but a blood bath behind, Sam explained what he had read to dean, Leaving out that had already had a run in with the demon.
“Sounds like fun!” Dean sinabi sarcastically, “Yeah, fun…” Sam replied, Dean started to pack the Impala, “There’s no point in coming back here then, That things just going to keep moving.”
Sam and Dean drove to where the latest crime scene was (Where Sam had been last night) and snuck in through the back window, As Sam had sinabi it was a blood bath, Carpets soaked, walls covered, and no bodies. But there was a horrible smell, That Sam hadn’t noticed the last time he was here..
“Eurgh..” Dean exclaimed, “That’s awful” Sam added, “You take upstairs, I’ll check it down here.” Dean ordered, Sam simply nodded and headed up the stairs, already knowing what he would find. He would find carvings in the childs walls “Η μούμια και ο μπαμπάς δεν με αγαπούν άλλο” Which is greek for “Mummy and Daddy don’t pag-ibig me anymore”. He had a look around to make sure he hadn’t missed anything last night, and called Dean to see the carvings on the wall, “Dean! Come check this out” he heard Dean coming up the stairs and he pointed out to Dean the carvings “Its Greek” sinabi Sam. “So what? The asong babae Is Inspired sa pamamagitan ng Zeus?” Dean chuckled, They left the place the same way they came in, after Sam scribbled the inscription down on his hand, to pretend to look it up.
Dean drove to the susunod town where there were similar happenings, “Blood – No bodies” and saw that after looking at two crime scenes it was all the same, this demon moved fast, its killings were quick, well at least they were for him….
Sam and dean pulled in at the nearest motel, checked in, then went down to some place called “Gritty Grab’s Reastraunt And Bar” Dean ordered himself and Sam a stubby told the young waitress what he wanted (The usual) “A double cheeseburger and fries”, The young woman asked Sam, and he just shook his head.. “Dude, you haven’t eaten since we left Monicio” Dean said, “Im just not hungry, I’ll eat when we finish up with that inscription..” Sam sinabi knowing he wouldn’t really eat anything, Rubys blood filled him enough to last..
Sam finished off his beer, Dean was still eating his burger, Sam excused himself to go to the bathroom, He went in, no one else was in there, so he pulled out his phone and began to text “Ruby, All is good, Dean didn’t even know I was gone, He’s getting sus about the not eating thing, is that normal? Anyway, I’ll cya tonight, Meet me at the Johnson Regular motel, it’s on Simons street, Room 42.”
He sent the message then deleted it from “sent items”, he waited a few minutos then walked back out to Dean. “You sure you don’t wanna eat before we go?” Dean sinabi pulling on his grungy leather jacket, “Nah, I’m good” Sam replied.
Dean left the waitress a tip and walked out, Sam followed close behind. Once they reached the motel they decided to take a break, Dean went to have a shower, sa pamamagitan ng then it was 8pm, Sam did as much research as he could on the demon he encountered last night, he found a pattern, all the mothers supposedly had long brown hair and had names starting with “m”.
He was annoyed that he couldn’t take out that demon last night, but tonight would be payback for that bastard Sam thought. After a while Dean called it quits and went to bed, Sam soon followed, though he wouldn’t really be asleep.
When Sam got up it was 12am, Dean should be in a pretty deep sleep now, he thought, Sam packed his bag, and headed out the door. On the way to the hotel Sam stopped at the Laundromats, he put the bloodstained clothes in and shoved a few coins In the slot, He would leave earlier to pick up his stuff.
Sam checked into the motel under a fake name, and when he opened the door, to his surprise Ruby was not there, He set up his stuff and settled in to wait for her, he knew she wouldn’t be long. 20 minutos had passed, Sam was growing anxious, not only as to where Ruby was, but to how low on demon blood he was, he could feel it fading, he began to feel dizzy and torn, he lay on the bed, Praying she would arrive soon. It hit 1am, Sam felt like he was going crazy, His head started to ache and he was sweaty, sa pamamagitan ng this time he had called Ruby’s cell 20 times, Just then Ruby busted though the door “Sam!” She sinabi looking both relieved and exhausted, “Ruby!” Sam jumped to his feet, and went straight to her side, “I’m sorry, I was ambushed, I’m too weak to give you any blood tonight.” She sinabi while staggering to the bed, Sams puso sank, what was he going to do? “Are you sure?” Sam asked desperately, “Unless you want to kill me, yes” Ruby replied in a playful tone, She looked at Sam, “You look worse than me.” She said, “I think its kind of like withdrawal symptoms Sam, your body’s so used to the blood….” She added, “What do we do?” Sam asked, “You’ll have to wade it out..” She replied, “Go back to Dean, say you had a dream, about the demon and went after it, you’re a smart kid, you can sort it out.” She mused, “If you don’t mind, I’ll need to stay here for a while, catching my breath of sorts.” She added. “But yellow eyes is dead” Sam sinabi questioningly, “Just go Sammy” She said.
Sam left, not bothering to get his clothes from the Laundromat, He was dizzy, weak and felt like he was being torn into a million pieces, but that didn’t stop him, He had a hunch of where the demon would be, 42 Lionel court, A young mother of three named Michelle lived there, She’d taken her daughter Nicole, 12 , into the doctors 3 times this week, complaining of strange behavior and fevers.
He headed over there, he covered the outside of the house as quietly as he could, there were no signs of anything being wrong, but it was then he heard the muffled screams coming from inside, he burst through the door to find Michelle on the floor with what had once been her daughter Lisa on tuktok of her, ready to claw, He stumbled over there knocking the demon off of Michelle, Michelle slowly started to crawl away, Sam threw a vase, a lamp, whatever he could get a hold of, as he knew he was in no condition to fight, that was when the demon pounced, knocking Sam to the ground, he heard Michelle scream as the demon took the first swipe at him, he heard her move, but he couldn’t see her, his face was bloody, Then suddenly he heard a shot, the demon collapsed off of him and Michelle screamed and cried, it was then he realized she had grabbed a shotgun from the lock cupboard and shot the thing that was once her daughter, the shredding pain inside of him didn’t leave
He called 911 for her and left a note in her shocked lap, he ran, staggering and falling along the way, sa pamamagitan ng now he was in so much pain he could’ve screamed til his lungs gave out, He opened the door staggering inside the motel room, hoping he hadn’t been seen, Panting, he slid down the door, he felt the blood make his sliding madami slippery “Dean” he attemped.. “Dean” he sinabi madami loudly, Dean woke with a start, the first thing he saw must’ve been sam because he jumped up straight away. “Sam!” he sinabi with wide eyes, He ran to Sam holding his face in one hand.

“What the hell man?” Dean sinabi examining the damage, “The demon… is… dead” Sam replied stuttering along the way. Dean put Sams arm over his shoulder and helped him to the bed, “Holy shit man” Dean sinabi “Why the hell would you go?” Dean almost shouted!, “I Had a dream…” Sam sinabi as loudly as he could without groaning in pain, Dean began sliding his brothers sando down, he saw four long lines of sliced flesh, that was oozing blood, “I thought the dreams stopped when yellow eyes died” he sinabi intensely. “So did i…” Sam almost whispered, The scratched flesh hardly hurt, it looked a lot worse then It felt, it was the hard ripping sensation inside that hurt the most, like his lungs were on apoy and with every breath it got hotter. Dean wiped the blood from Sams back, Usually Sam stitched himself up, but with the way he looked Dean figured he’d better help him out, Whilst Dean sutured he asked Sam what happen, and in between small gasping breaths Sam explained “There was that girl Michelle, it was on her, so I knocked it off, I didn’t have any weapons so I went for whatever I could find while she got out, then It pounced, and she shot it.” Dean was almost done suturing, with all the time he spent doing it to himself he got the gist of how to get it over with “Why didn’t you wake me?” Dean sinabi sounding angry, “I don’t know, I thought I could handle it…” Sam replied after taking a minuto to think, Sam stood, hands shaking “I don’t need to be baby sat Dean!” Dean replied quickly “Look at yourself!” He shouted, “You come back here all blooded and scratched, and your telling me you don’t need my help?!?” The confusion and anger on Deans face was easy to see. “I don’t need this!” Sam shouted, he grabbed his things and started to head out the door “Fine! Leave, as usual!” Dean spoke angrily Sam slammed the door and didn’t look back.