Chapter 2
“Mom,” I called when the TV started to flicker. I when into the living room when she didn’t answer there was a tall man looking at her then he looked to me and had black eyes.
“Kayla get out of here” she stuttered. The man looked at me and his eyes were jet black and he smiled a smile that made me shiver, he then looked at my mother. He looked back to me and with a smug smile; he ripped a hole in her chest. I screamed so loud as my dad and brother busted thought the door and the black smoke engulfed me causing me to pass out….
My phone rang waking me up I didn’t bother looking at who was calling, hell I didn’t bother to look up my head was in the unan when I murmured, “Hello.”
“Hey Kayla, it Sam, where are you?” Sam’s voice was mixed with worry and humor.
“Shit what time is it.” I sat up and saw it was a quarter till 11. “God I'm so sorry my brother and I got into a fight last night I didn’t get to sleep till late, I'm on my way” I stood up and ran to my closet.
“Its ok, I was just starting to worry,” Sam’s voice was calm and cool, I threw on my uri ng bulaklak dukes and an kahel tank top. “You don’t have to rush.”
“Too late, I'm leaving my house see you in a second.” I closed the phone, and threw a toothbrush in my mouth as I tied my shoes I spit and rinsed with Scope. I grabbed the keys of the mesa and ran out side I spit in the damo and jumped into the car. And I backed out I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I got to Sam’s motel and honked twice. I was wiping my face when Sam opened the door he smiled; I did something that resembled a smile.
“I need coffee.” I sinabi apologetically as he sat, I drove down the kalye to the Quickie mart. “How was your morning?” I asked making small talk.
“Not as fun yours” he smiled. I looked at him side eyed I put the car in park “you want something.” I asked.
“I'll go with you.” He got out he car and followed me in to the drug store.
We got in to the store and brandy was sitting at the counter pagbaba People.
I got coffee and Sam was in the chip section I walked to the cash register and saw Sam getting a green tsaa from the fridge I smiled dully to myself. I put my coffee on the counter and grabbed some mani m&m’s put them susunod to the coffee, Sam laughed again for no good reason and he put his green tee and Doritos on the counter. brandy put her magazine down and stared at my face. Then looked at Sam
“Morning Brandy, can you speed this up I'm in a hurry.” I sinabi I then cause a glimpse of my self in the mirror above, Shit I thought to my self, I didn’t cover up that bruise from the other night. She has America’s Most Wanted on speed dial. She nodded then looked back at Sam.
“Who are you, I haven’t seen you around here before.” She looked at him while putting our stuff in a bag.
“Brandy, this is my friend Mark Evans, Joe sent him to keep a eye on me.” I smiled Sam looked at me then played along.
“Hi” he pulled a silver money clip with over 100 dollars worth of 20’s in it under the right reflection it had SW carved into it. He pulled one twenty out and paid for my stuff. “Lets go Sandra,” he said.
“What happened to your eye?” brandy asked I turned to her.
“Embarrassing story, I was reaching fro something on the high shelf and fell. But if any one asked I got mugged.” She didn’t like my joke I pulled Sam out before she interrogated anymore.
“What was that?” Sam asked when we got in the car. “I play Lead bass for AC/DC huh .”
“ Sorry, she will Google you in a puso beat she doesn’t trust men and she thinks I'm naive. She interrogates me every morning,” I backed out the gas station.
“Ok well lets go to your house then.” He said.
I drank my coffee in silent and thought about what Joe sinabi lasting, Sam’s not a demon I know that much but what if he is bad. The house is blocked with salt everywhere. I pulled in to my drive, and looked at Sam, “ignore every thing in there.”
He looked at me strange. We got out of the car and he followed me up the walked to the house. I opened the door and salt scattered. Sam looked at me doubtful.
“Long night.” I sinabi and led him to the living room, “how do you make holy water?” I asked.
“It’s going to be a long day,” he sinabi to himself. “Lets start sa pamamagitan ng getting all this salt up, I’ll ipakita you a devils trap we can put at the exits.” He put the bag on the mesa and opened his Tea.
“So Sam, where are you from, like tahanan town.” I asked. I suck at making small talk.
“Kansas.” He sinabi “You”
“California.” I laughed as I started sweeping the salt from the front door, “I ilipat in with my brother about 2 months ago.” I said, he wasn’t talking much at all. I sighed.
“Lets play a game.” I sinabi standing up now that I had the salt from the door picked up. “I ask a question, you answer it, then you ask me a question, just so we get to know each other. You go first.” I looked at him he thought for a second.
“What happened to your knee?” he was looking at my legs, I didn’t know whether to be worried or flattered.
“I was a dyimnasta I fell the wrong way and had to get surgery on my knee,” I looked at my leg; it had been 8 years. Before my moms death I was a good kid, I was head cheerleader in middle school and a dancer in elementary school. But high school was the worst 4-year. “Well, I fell on propose it was my of telling my dad to stay, and to stop leaving me with my grandparents. It worked, for a while.”
He nodded his head; I looked away and thought of a tanong to ask him. Not to pry but just to know. “What are you most scared of?” I looked at him. He looked at me then shook his head.
“Nothing, anymore I’ve gone thru to much to be afraid.” His words were as smooth as ice.
I turned around and started to get the salt from the window seals. “What about you, what are you most afraid of.” He said.
“In the human world or the supernatural,” I smiled and threw the salt back into the Bucket. “Both” he sinabi his eyes were bright with curiosity.
“Ok well in the human world I'm afraid of planes and anything else that flies, and snakes creep me out. In the supernatural, I'm afraid of demons and… death.” I heard him get closer.
“Why” his dark, calm voice was behind me.
“The nightmares and the black eyes an don’t being able to help my mom, and I don’t want to die in pain, if I die I want it to be short and fast.” I sinabi he took my hand.
“I've died before, and I've been possessed, my mother died in my nursery above me. But I'm not afraid anymore, and if I'm here with you, you don’t have to be afraid either.”
I turned around and looked at him, “I know, I know everything about you.” I was going to tell him about the nightmares. The man with the yellow eyes.
“What are you talking about Kayla?” He said.
“Four years ago” I started, “I use to have these dreams of you and these other people and this man with yellow eyes, then they just stopped. They never came back, then that night we first met, I had a dream well it was a memory nothing new, and the man with the yellow eyes he told me that I was the segundo generation killer and he sinabi that after that night he was hoping that you were too. then about three weeks later everything stopped, the night mares the headaches. ” I looked down and Sam took a step back from me.
“The man with yellow eyes is a Demon and my brother killed him 3 years ago. His name was Azazel, and he created a lot of children with special abilities. But when he told me that there were more, I didn't believe him. Yet here you are. Do you remember having dreams about any other young people?” his voice was calming and reassuring.
“I saw some one my age shot them selves in the head but other then that nothing. I mostly saw you and other people your age,” I looked into his soft eyes that had seen so much that he really shouldn’t have. There was awkward silent for a segundo ten my cell rang from my room I mumbled something along the lines of, “I should get that I think its Joe.” I left to my bedroom and answered the phone with a grunt like hello.
“Where are you and what are you doing?” Joe sinabi interrogatingly.
“Hi Joe, thanks for the small talk, I'm at the house watching TV ” I lied calmly. I then shut the door for no apparent reason and turned the TV on so it could sound like I wasn’t lying.
“Look don’t be afraid but there are demons in Valentine, just on the out skirts but be careful don’t leave ok, just stay there, I don’t need you being heroic I'm in Oklahoma and I'm driving faster then I should. I'll be there sa pamamagitan ng night fall.”
“How do you know there are demons?” I asked.
“Because I own a computer and I was checking up on you, and everything is telling me that there are demons in my town,” Joe was harsh but he new what he was talking about.
“Ok well I'll see you tonight big bro.” I mumbled into the phone
“Wait what about Winchester, did you see him today?” Joe asked.
“I haven’t left the house, I wouldn’t know, I only saw him at night, I have to go, my ipakita is on. pag-ibig you.”
“Love you too Kayla be careful.” I hung up the phone and opened the door, the windows were salt free, I wasn’t on the phone for madami then 4 minutes.
“Here get some chalk.” Sam tossed me the pack of Chalk. He walked to the front door and flipped the rug up “ok so this is the devils trap, no demon can get out of it, but they can break it if they see it before hand.” I watched Sam draw the trap he explained everything to me like he was a scholar. I then attempt to recreate the peace at the back door. Sam had to correct me a few times but mine wasn’t so bad. It was One and my tahanan was demon proof. I had to tell Sam about the lack of pagkain in my tahanan “I have no pagkain in the house but I know this bar on the other side of the road.” I joked. He smiled and we left to eat at Cooper’s.
We sat at a booth towards the back; Kat the other new girl was our server. Her bright bubbly voice forgave her for how bad she was at getting orders right. “Hey Sandra, that’s nice of you to stop sa pamamagitan ng when your off, hello,” she smiled at Sam. “can I start you off on some drinks.”
“I'll have a Pepsi” I looked at Sam, “make that two.” He said.
She wrote down something then looked back at each other “do you know what you want or do you need madami time.” She looked at me, I knew the menu inside out I didn't need to look at it but I wanted to talk to Sam alone “just give us a few minutes.” I sinabi she nodded at started to the back to get our drinks.
“What are you hungry for?” I asked. He was looking at the menu; a long strand of hair fell from its place behind his hair into his face. He looked at it then to me.
“I went to beauty school, I can cut it for you.” I offered he smiled.
“That would be nice. What is their chicken fried stake like?”
“Oh its amazing, its like a chicken and a stake got together and had a baby,” I laughed Sam shook his head.
“I thing I will have that then.” He smiled and looked at me, I bit my bottom lip as he looked at my face, I hate to be the center of attention. Lucky for me Kat came sa pamamagitan ng with our drinks.
“Are you ready to order,” her bubbly smiled took Sam’s eyes off of me on to the menu.
“Can I have the chicken fried stake? And for my sides I want green beans and mash potatoes.” Sam looked at me.
“Double tusino cheese burger fries for both my sides.” Kat took our menus and walked back to the kitchen, Sam was looking at me again.
“Whose turn is it to ask a question?” I smiled.
“I think its yours.” He took a drink of his Pepsi.
“Ok umm…” I thought for a second. “Who taught you about hunting?” I hoped that wasn’t to much I really do hate to pry.
“Between my dad and my brother. Every thing I know is because of them.” He sighed. “Why do you want to be a hunter?”
I had never giving much thought to that question, “To get closer to my dad I guess, I wanted to be a actress, or something in the Hollywood portion of life. All high school I did drama, and I when to beauty school all in California then last taon for my 21st I when to Vegas, then about 2 months nakaraan I moved in with my brother, and since I haven’t see anything that could help me with my dreams so I gave up on them” I pursed my lip. “If you didn’t get into hunting where would you be?” I asked.
“A lawyer, I had a full ride to Stanford, but I pick my family.” There was this twinkle in his eyes like there was madami but it couldn’t be sinabi not now at least. Aaron was heading this way and he looked upset so who knows what’s about to happen.
“Sandra, my paborito little waitress.” He was bragging for no reason, “please I need to ask something that I don’t usually do.” I looked up at him and stared. “I need a waitress for tonight Claire sinabi something’s wrong with her son, she can up in. her shift is 10 to 2. ”
I looked at Sam, “um sure, I'll be there.” I sinabi Sam nodded his head.
“Thank you so much, I had no one else to go to.” Aaron nodded his head to Sam and walked back to the bar.
“That was nice of you,” Sam commented. I smiled.
“I guess I'm just a nice girl.” I joked. Kat came with our food. And she got our orders right . Sam and I didn't talk much while we ate but there were a few comments every few bites. Finally, we finished eating and Sam paid for everything, I just looked at him he didn't notice.
He followed me out to the car and didn't speak; it was strange having this overly silent guy-riding shotgun. I didn't know how to handle it. I looked at him “do we need anything,” I started the car.
“Yeah let me just run to my room really quick, oh and do you know Latin.” He looked at me for the answer.
“Yeah I took Latin in high school we might have to go over it again,” I looked away from him. I parked the car in front of his room and started messing with the radio while he got out of the car.
I sat back and looked at his door, what am I doing? I thought to my self dully. I'm hanging out with a hunter that my brother doesn’t trust and I'm sure if my dad and I were talking he wouldn’t like him much either, but there feelings Sam gives me, they are unlike anything else I have ever felt. He keeps me on edge but I like it. His voice is soothing to hear and his eyes are soft and sweet, his dimple makes me laugh to my self. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
“ Are you nervous?” Sam asked as he came back into the car. What ever he needed he got it fast.
I did a weak smile “a little,” I admitted.
“Don’t be,” he sinabi with confidence. “I have a plan,” I looked at him.
“Do tell,” I sinabi sarcastically, I started the car.
“Knock on the door, see what the demon is doing here then kill him.” Sam’s face was hard. I quickly thought of a way to change the subject.
“Sorry, I drive to music.” I turned the radio on. And started dancing to California Gurls, as I pulled out of the motel parking lot and started down the main road to where the demons were.
“I thought you like 80 rock,” Sam sinabi after the song ended.
“Na, I like music, I pag-ibig 80 rock.” I smiled and stopped at the light. “What kind of music do you like?” I looked at him. He shrugged.
“So this exorcism is just 50 simple words of Latin,” he changed the subject, “and the demon will be sent back to hell, and the human will be just fine unless while possessed something happened and the human is dead.” The way he talked about people so loosely like it was just a rug that some gatas spilt on.
“Ok, could you say it, I learn better if I hear it, I can read it like eighty times and nothing will happen. But I hear it enough, I'll have it done.” I sinabi he nodded and spoke with out looking in the book.
“Priinceps gloriosissime cælestis militiæ, sancte Michaël Archangele, ” he had a slight pause that most people wouldn’t notice, “defende nos in prælio et colluctatione, quæ nobis adversus principes et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiæ, in cælestibusus. Veni in auxilium hominum, quos Deus creavit inexterminabiles, et ad imaginem similitudinis suæ fecit, et a tyrannide diaboli emit pretio magno.” He finished then looked at me “I can say it again.” I shook my head and started hesitantly.
“Priinceps gloriosissime cælestis militiæ, sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in prælio et colluctatione, “ I paused trying to remember what was susunod “ adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum,” another pause, “in cælestibusus. Veni in auxilium hominum. That’s all I got,” I looked at him as we left the town. The trees started to clear up. “There it is, the farm house, about 5 madami miles.”
“Ok, umm, your off sa pamamagitan ng about 30 word, do I'll say it again.” He sinabi it again and I got it madami this time. “Don’t bother saying it again, I'm Pagsulat it down.”
I stopped on the side of the road, about a half-mile from the house, and looked at Sam. “what about devils traps and stuff, I mean were going in there pretty blind, how many are there any way?” I looked better him and the house while I was talking. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
“I told you not to be scared of demons when I'm around, I have this under control, were lucky, there is only one demon right now, and she isn’t expecting us.” He opened the car door, “are you still afraid because I can do this in from here, were only going in for your benefit. ” his eyes were hard and he was dead serious, he made my puso jump in adrenaline dew to fear.
“Of course.” I unbuckled and got out the car, I took a deep breath and mumble “there’s nothing to be afraid of in that house,” To myself. I started to the house and Sam followed a few feet behind.
I tried to block the memories of the night I first in counted a demon. I wasn’t about to let that clog my every thought. I was standing in front of the house. I looked back to Sam; his face was emotionless, hard.
I remembered the plan: knock, talk, die. I walked up the porch and knocked on the door like I meant it.
A woman appeared at the door, she was wearing a yellow tank and skinny jeans, she looked a bit older, and then me “we need to talk to you.” I sinabi in a cold hard voice. The woman squinted at me.
“Well aren’t you brave,” she said, she looked up and saw Sam. Her face showed the Sam fear that the men in the bar had, but her fear was stronger. “And I see why” she sinabi smugly and opened the door and with the common hand gesture let us in.
She led us to the family room. The room was the basic set up, sofa two recliners all facing the 36-inch flat panel, Coffee mesa with Mints in a glass bowl. There was a door leading to the kusina and a hall leading to the rooms, and a clear view of the stairs. She offered us a seat, she sat and reached into her pock to retrieve a pack of cigarettes and lit up, “please sit, I'm not as bad as you think. Honest.” She blew smoke away and I sat but Sam stood beside the couch. “So if you wanted to kill me you would have done it already,” she looked at Sam then back to me “so what do you want?”
“What are you planning, you have been here for few weeks, and nothing strange has happen, so I'm just sitting in town waiting for you to pop.” I said. The demon’s eyes went black as she took another drag.
“Its it so hard to believe I'm just trying to live here, stay clear from everyone. After all, my father is back in his cage. No point in fucking up the world anymore.”
“You mean to tell me your just living here like you were a human.” I sinabi dumbfounded . The demon just looked at me.
“How many are with you, ” I sinabi quickly. It was important information.
“Its just me and my husband. Our daughter was sent back a few towns back.” She sinabi hotly she finished her cigarette and rammed it in the ashtray.
“Well, I guess you will be seeing her soon.” Sam’s cold voice spoke finally.
“I thought you killed demons now, not just send them back to hell.”
“Go ahead Kayla, she's not going anywhere.” Sam looked nearly lethal. I nodded gradually and took the piece of paper out my pocket. The look on the woman’s face was upset. She started to shout, “no, I told you I wasn’t doing anything wrong, please no. Don’t send me back”
she started to screech and turn as I spoke each word clearly and fluently “Priinceps gloriosissime cælestis militiæ, sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in prælio et colluctatione, quæ nobis adversus principes et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiæ,”
“Your worthless, just a pawn in this game, just like your mother” she spat. I stopped speaking. What game, I thought. I started at the Latin on the small yellow piece of paper. I looked up and Sam was looking at me. I started up again.
“ in cælestibusus. Veni in auxilium,”
“I will craw out of hell and you are first on my list, bitch. I will tear your puso out.” She screamed.
I turned to Sam “kill her.” I sinabi in a sure voice. Sam nodded and it happened so fast. She was passed out On the floor. I had no idea the power he had.
I turned my back on him I sucked back tears, 1 I suck at this, demons talk and it can get to me way to easy because of my mom, 2 I was a fool for wanting to do this. I'm not a hunter; I cant even pretend to be. I snapped out of it, and started to walk to the door. “Lets just get out of here.” I mumbled to Sam. He followed me quietly I got into the car and turned the music on.
“You ok?” Sam asked once we were on the freeway. I was listening to November Rain.
I shrugged. “I am, for now.”