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On Wensday,August 25th 2010 a women was cought on video throwing a cat named Lola in a trash bin. Her nam is Mary Bale.She claims that people are overreacting to her so called moment of madness. The ASPCA fined her for her actions.It may seem like something little but it is a form af animal cruelty. If you would like to see the video log on to and type in women throwing cat into trash bin.It makes me sick to know that no matter how muck you help there are still thousands on mga hayop sufferig because of people and their stupid ideas. mga hayop have feelings too!!! What if an animal came around and stabbed a human or threw a human in the trash.Just because mga hayop cant speak what we understad doesnt mean that you can do whatever you want with it. People need to understand that. Thank you for reading.
posted by donthurthelp
Ever want to help an innocent animal that you thought was being mistreated?

How did you do it?

Did you accuse the people that are in a position to help that they weren't doing their best?

Did you take the time of the people who can best help the animal?

I saw an artikulo about shelters that use gas chambers. Let's establish a few things before continuing, I am personally against this method of euthanasia. I would rather not euthanize an animal; however, sometimes it is a much kinder fate than the one that looms in the animal's future.

Now that this is established the artikulo wasn't what bothered...
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