Sawyer and Juliet Favourite Sawyer/Juliet related quote? {read comments for full quotes}

Pick one:
"...the best romance Nawawala has ever ibingiay us" - Jeff Jensen
"...a mature kind of pag-ibig between these two characters" - Carlton Cuse
"They needed pag-ibig and each other in their lives" - Josh Holloway
"Sawyer’s new relationship was... a genuine partnership." - Flavorwire
"I was sold. I was like, halik her!" - Evangeline Lilly
"Sawyer was showered with something he rarely gets: trust" - Jeff Jensen
Without Juliet: "He's in hell" - Josh Holloway
"I think Juliet was Sawyer's redemption..." - Josh Holloway
"...then I'm talking James and Juliet." - Elizabeth Mitchell
"Juliet will always be Sawyer's true love." - Damon Lindelof
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