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Secret Whitlock was a 12 taon old girl living in the small town of Mooresville,Indiana until she met Bethany Frink(tina). Secret and Bethany met at Newby Memorial Elementary school, and became best friend after being assigned dancing partners in the school's Latin theme musical.Secret was rebellious, and Bethany was goody-two-shoes, so they learned a lot from each other as their friendship grew stronger. Like I sinabi before, Secret was rebellious,
so one araw she snuck her camera into the classroom at recess and started filming all her friends. Then one araw when she brought her camera back, Bethany...
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This is all from the website!

"I was actually the one who decided to quit the web show." (Boos from audience) She laughs. "Well, I have a reason though. Bethany and I have moved onto middle school now where we don't get to see each other as much. Soon we ended up doing the episodes only once every two weeks. We got many complaint letters from fans all over the world wanting episodes sooner. So Bethany comes up with the idea that we start doing the web ipakita every Friday like in the beginning. Being the pushover that I am, I agreed. It was really hard to juggle...
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