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Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know so it's ok
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that

Jazz it up, jazz it up

Happy as can be
Falling into you, falling into me
How do you do calling me, the reyna
Cake and cream

Blow your dreams, blow your dreams
Blow your dreams away with me
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams
Blow your dreams away with me

Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that
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posted by selgomez4evr
Critics agree about the new action flick "Getaway" starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez: It's not only bad, it's epically bad.

Right now, the movie's Rotten Tomatoes score is a dismal 1 percent out of 100, with 75 reviewers panning the movie and only one giving it a thumbs-up. (And yes, this comes disturbingly close to the site's record of worst-ever reviewed movies.)

Even sadder still, the one positive note on "Getaway," from Norman Winter of NOW Toronto, isn't much to write tahanan about: "As a great man once said, people who like this sort of thing will like this sort of thing. "

In "Getaway,"...
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posted by teacupitty43
.She starred as Grace in Monte Carlo which was released in October 2011
34.During the National Council of La Raza’s ALMA Awards, Selena Gomez won the award for comedy for her performance in Wizards of Waverly Place.
46.Her favourite band is Paramore
41.She and best friend Demi Lovato have matching gitara pick necklaces.
40.Selena Gomez protects her voice sa pamamagitan ng drinking oliba oil!
38.She drives a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid.
33.Selena hasn’t worn her purity ring since she was with Justin Bieber.
30.Selena’s favourite Justin Bieber songs are One Time, pag-ibig Me, and Never Say Never.
32.Selena and Justin...
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Selena has such a fun sense of humor!

On Saturday, Dec. 10, Selena Gomez tweeted to her fans “Bout to have a crazy socks party…. Pics soon :)” and the singer kept her word!

Selena Gomez Has A Holiday medyas Party With Friends

On Dec. 11, she tweeted, “Yes… It happened,” with a picture of her and a friend in fun pasko themed socks!

We pag-ibig Selena’s playful sense of humor and we see why her and boyfriend Justin Bieber get along so great! Will you have a crazy medyas party,
posted by kittycatlove619
Selena gomez hit the light

It's the boy who never told I like you
It's the girl you let get away
It's the one you saw that araw on the train
But you freaked out and walked away

It's the plane you wanna catch to vegas
Things you swear you do before you die
It's the city you pag-ibig that waits for you
But you're too damn scared to fly

[Chorus] x2
Hit the lights
Let the music ilipat you
Lose yourself tonight
Come alive
Let the moment take you
Lose control tonight

It's the time that you totally screwed up
Still you're trying to get it out your brain
It's the fight you had when you didn't make up
It's the past that you're...
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Sel and Justin are definitely in a serious relationship, there is no doubt about it.

Justin was recently visiting his family and mga kaibigan in Toronto, Canada, and he brought along his girlfriend Selena Gomez. The couple was casual as they mingled with his relatives, but Selena did remember to wear Justin’s paborito color, purple!

Selena also showed her pag-ibig for Justin in a special way – she wore a silver dog-tag with “J” engraved on the front. Cute!

Justin proudly introduced Selena to his father and siblings during an outing to a park, and according to onlookers, they looked to be getting...
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There was a lot of controversy about the kulay-rosas horses in Sel's upcoming video.

"When Selena was presented the idea for the video, no one informed her the horses would be painted and she had assumed they would be colored in post-production [via special effects]," a production insider told !E. "When she showed up to the set she was very surprised to see them painted."

And then of course, as some of you might remember, kulay-rosas tweeted her outrage about the horses:

"If there are any animal activists around Malibu-at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video," the...
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posted by MarylovesSelena
Selena Gomez has a busy Summer ahead of her. Gomez will be touring all Summer and working on her new clothing line that will be available at Kmart.
Selena Gomez will also be promoting her brand new movie titled Ramona and Beezus which is the movie adaptation of the beloved book. “I’m really excited,” Gomez says in the latest issue of Tiger Beat Magazine.
One thing that Selena Gomez won’t have time for is stressing out about her on again off again relationship with fellow Disney bituin Nick Jonas. Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas have been rumored to be in an on again off again relationship for...
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posted by tooch
Selena Gomez

D.O.B: 22 July 1992
Home town: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
Star sign: Cancer

How'd she get so famous at only 16 years old?

Even though Selena is only 16, she wasn't simply an overnight success. She's been working hard on her career since she was seven. Yep, seven! Selena's big break came when she spent her seventh birthday at a casting for Disney's Barney & Friends. The hard work paid off, because not only was she ibingiay the role of Gianna, she also met her best friend Demi Lovato, and they've been besties ever since Demi asked Selena "to sit on my dyaket and draw with crayons with...
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 Howz It?
Howz It?
Here are some snaps released of the potential packaging for Selena Gomez’s perfume.

Sel hasn’t sinabi if this is how the actual perfume is going to look yet, but this looks totally plausible.

There are lots of pretty purple bulaklak on the packaging, and the slim bottle of perfume is very elegant.

The scent is going to be named after her.

Sel’s just putting some final touches on her product..................................
posted by maritina12345
 Do You Like It?
Do You Like It?
Selena Gomez has officially gotten her first tattoo!

We heard about it yesterday (check it out HERE), and the rumors were saying it was an infinity symbol. That one might just have been drawn on, because it's been confirmed it's actually a heart. Cute!

The tattoo artist who did Sel's tat said: "She got a puso under her wrist. She was excited, she wasn't nervous. She is way cute." He added she didn't make a big deal about the pain, and that she "took it like a champ."

He also sinabi Sel didn't talk about a hidden meaning for the tattoo, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

What do you think the tiny puso means?
 Is Selena The New Miley?
Is Selena The New Miley?
posted by No1SelenaGFan
_____¶¶¶¶______________¶¶¶¶ ¶¶__¶¶
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In an interview, Selena Gomez has announced his decision to leave school and continue their studies to concentrate on his career in ipakita business. Selena sinabi that will not go to college (the American equivalent of our university) because she wants to "fully enjoy what he's doing right now."

Selena Gomez leaves the school's career: have your say!

Selena Gomez has decided not to pursue their studies and do not go to college ... will be the right choice?

But it is the right decision? Other stars think otherwise: that Miranda Cosgrove is Dakota Fanning chose to continue their education without leaving...
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posted by 31ilikeallstars
This is like a biography of Selena Gomez.
D.O.B July 22,1992
P.O.B New York City
Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22,1992in New York City and moved to grand prarie when she was 6 months old. When she was 6 years old she went to Barney started pagganap and met her best friend Demi Lovato!!Selena Gomez lived in Grand Praire Texas till she was 13 years old then she went to Hollywood to continue in the pagganap buisness.Than,Selena got parts in different shows and pelikula like guest starring in Spy Kids 3 game over in a waterpark.Plus she guest starred in Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Gwen.Now Selena cuntinulisly plays as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place.And Selena wears a purity ring that says true pag-ibig waits.Plus,Selena and Demi keep making you tube tahanan bidyo and keep watching Wizards of Waverly Place and those you tube bidyo that demi and Selena make.Watch PPP on June 26 2009 starring Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez so come on watch it!
posted by liza12354
When you're ready come and get it
Na na na na [3x]

When you're ready
When you're ready
When you're ready come and get it
Na na na na [3x]

You ain't gotta worry, it's an open invitation
I'll be sittin' right here, real patient
All day, all night, I'll be waitin' standby
Can't stop because I pag-ibig it, hate the way I pag-ibig you
All day, all night, maybe I'm addicted for life, no lie.

I'm not too shy to ipakita I pag-ibig you, I got no regrets.
I pag-ibig you much, too much to hide you, this pag-ibig ain't finished yet.
This pag-ibig ain't finished yet…
So baby whenever you're ready…

When you're ready come and get it
Na na...
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Everyone enjoy your last few weeks of Justin Bieber being popular, because I have a feeling that Taylor matulin is about to participate in his take down — she’s helping Selena Gomez co-write a song called ‘Better Without You’ for her new album. I don’t want to count my eggs before they’re hatched, but I have a delightful feeling that the whole Jelena situation is about to get blown wide open. As a blogger who thrives on the misfortune of others (I think that’s my job, based on the kind words you guys leave me in the comment section), I couldn’t be happier about this turn of events....
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posted by mattylover
uy guys! Well everyone says is Selena_Gomezz real? Well here is the truth.......NO sorry to say but its a fake.Well you can tell because that is the WRONG WAY to spell selena gomez that is a reason and another she is trying to get people believe her......Selena Gomez would probably not tell everyone uy uy uy im selena the real...NO selena Gomezis not like that........SO im here to prove that selena_gomezz is a fake...a lier... nobody likes liers so just stay away from here and you wont have truble because I hope she knows that peopledo not like fakes.......DONT LIE........selena_gomezz is a fake so dont talk to her hang with her and soon she will get the hint that nobody likes a fake or poser so get the hint selena_gomezz nobody likes fakes.... PROVED sa pamamagitan ng MATTYLOVER
 Selena On The Set Of "Spring Breakers"!
Selena On The Set Of "Spring Breakers"!
Thats Right Guys! In 2012, Selena Will bituin In The Hit Movie, Spring Breakers With Movie Stars Like Vanessa Hudgens And Emma Roberts. This Movie Will Be Directed sa pamamagitan ng Harmony Korine, Who Helmed The 1995 Movie "Kids".
The Movie Will Be About A Group Of Girls That Rob A Restaraunt In Order To Go On Their Spring Break Trip. The Ladies Then Get Involved With A Drug Dealer, Who Bails Them Out Of Jail.
Selena Says "Its A Different Character Than I Have Ever Played Before, Its A Different Kind Of Vibe I Think Than madami People Are Used To Seeing Me In. What Your Going To See Is madami Raw, I Think. Its Going To Be Raw And madami About Acting."
Sprung Breakers Does Not Have A Release petsa Yet.. So What Do You Think? What Will They Do When They Meet The Drug Dealer? Gues We Are Gonna Have To Find Out In The Movie!
As we previously reported, Selena Gomez got inked this week and the 19-year-old chatted with Celebuzz about her new body art last night at the Women in Film kaktel party in West Hollywood. Not only did SelGo clear the air on what she actually got tattooed on her right wrist (it turns out it’s not a heart!), but she also dished about her experience going under the tattoo gun.

So was it painful for the singer?

“Yes and no,” Selena told us about the tattooing experience. “I was really scared but I got a little one.”

“I was a pansy so I’m good for now for a while,” she added.
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posted by SelGomez01fan
 Fake Selena
Fake Selena
uy guys!
There are alot of posers out there But!!! I am going to help you about whos real? Whos not? Ok lets start off with Selena_Gomezz
100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the larawan of Selena_Gomezz "She" is trying to get your phone number!! Remember NOT TO add her or anything!!!!!!!! Ok???????????? Selena_Gomezz is not Selena, Not the 14 taon old girl you think but is someone else!!!!!!! Never give any personal information to anyone!!!!!! Even if you think it is the real celebrity!!!!!!! Thanks for listening...