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Hey there NSers! It's me ELLA! I forgot that I wrote this artikulo in my TUMBLR(I havent opened my TUMBLR in ages) and I just wanna share it to u... I know it's a bad article, really... It's an old one sorry... Tell me if u hate it but please say it nicely....

Serena and Nate, “THE GOLDEN COUPLE” they say. I agree to that because they are the couple that is bound to happen. Many people have shipped for them since season 1. And as for season 1, we know that whenever they see each other, they just do the “eye sex” and they can’t be with each other because Nate is in a relationship with Blair, Serena’s best friend, but Serena doesn’t wanna betray her best friend. So what now, S? You’re just gonna let it go like that? So I’ve been thinking, will they ever happen?

I always hope for the “YES” answer, but I have doubts. Since for two seasons (Season 1&2), they barely have scenes together because they were like busy with their own lives and their boyfriend/girlfriend. But in season 2 episode 1, yeah, that is the only episode wherein Serena and Nate have their amazing scene. Serena pretended to be Nate’s girlfriend to cover for him with “COUGAR” he’s having affair with. They did halik because Nate is competing with his cougar with jealousy and Serena just kissed him to get the cougar’s attention. Yeah, after that scene, okay! Back to normal, Serena is with Dan and Nate is with the cougar and Vanessa then Jenny then blah blah blah whatever.

Then season 3 comes, I thought “THIS IS IT!” But for over 5 episodes, what?! No SN scenes yet?!!! WTF! Well, in 3x06 to 3x09, they sort of have a conflict because of Nate’s cousin who’s running for congressman in which Serena is involved with. So the SN story begins at 3x10. Alright! This time Serena seeks Nate to help her get over Tripp (Nate’s cousin) then the following night, Nate confessed his feeling to Serena and admitted he loved her. Aaaah! This is it!!!! They were about to halik and Nate was a centimeter away from Serena then oh shit, Tripp interrupted “I hope I’m not interrupting something” Damn it Tripp! You stupid son of a bitch! Then even Serena go with him leaving Nate broken hearted. Sometimes I despise Serena because of making wrong decisions. Nate even convinced her to stay with her and to give him a chance but instead she went with Tripp until she knew that Trip lied to her or whatever and she and Tripp met an accident and that stupid Tripp left her in a wrecked vehicle until she’s been found and Nate got furious and punched Tripp! Yayy! And he took care of Serena and Gossip Girl referred to them as Sleeping Beauty with her Prince. That’s the end of it.

And oh. Gossip Girl is on a time out and to be back a couple of weeks I guess and was like what???! Come on! I can’t wait what happens to Nate and Serena. I want to see how they become a couple but apparently, unexpectedly, it’s just like that. In the 13th episode of season 3, they are officially together without knowing how. The following episodes of them together were great. My paborito one is that they kissed at the end of 3x16. Very cute.

Jenny Humphrey. Arrgghh! I hate her because she’s stealing Nate from S. Gah! I want to kill her! But Nate’s resisting and looks to her as a kid that he treat’s like his little sis. Hahahaha! Way to go Nate! Yeah, she did also manage to sabotage Serena’s surprise for Nate. Very nasty but well, she never succeeded for getting Nate. She failed. Total failure.

Okay, this is the bad news. After Nate’s birthday, oh! They start to have problems and issues and blah blah blah. It makes me worried that they might actually split up. The Jenny Humphrey stealing is also a part of it, okay. They made up only at episode 20 then doubts at the remaining episodes. Dan Humphrey getting involved? Yeah he is. And he might be the reason for why S and N breaking up. Damn you Dan! You’re with V! Why screw things up with S? Why Dan? Why?!

At the end of the season, okay, S and N broke up. And rumor has it that Dan and Serena are back together. What?! They are siblings now! Okay so that means that Serena and Nate, no chance? Noooooo! I pag-ibig them! They are the reason I watch Gossip Girl! Damn it!

But whether they’re together or not, I’m always a SERENATE. Let’s just hope for them to get back together anytime soon, right? Xoxo.
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