tauhin sa lungsod ew /'Sex and the City': Carrie's Best Looks! favorite?

Pick one:
white Halston and heels
One of Carrie's trademark looks goes big for the big screen.
Carrie's iconic tutu earns itself a cameo in the movie.
The only thing cuter than Carrie's sweet summer dress: Stanford!
Vivienne Westwood toga
Flouncy or fitted? Carrie achieves both with one dress.
'80s-inspired preppy look
velvet and polka dot ensemble
Carrie dons her version of Sunday best.
stunning black-and-white ensemble
Carrie tries Jackie O. shades on for size.
That blooming pin would become a signature item for Carrie
Carrie and Samantha ipakita some skin and work some stripes.
season 3
Metallic accessories make a hot summer dress even spicier.
on the patakbuhan at season 4's fashion ipakita
Miss Bradshaw bumagay up in gorgeous pinstripe for her first araw at Vogue.
Not so sure about the scarf, but that coat? Killer.
Red-carpet ready in a sleek, dramatic gown.
Always a classic choice for a New York City girl: simple black.
The parasol is charmingly old-fashioned; the dress, cool and comfy-looking.
Carrie's glittering ginto tuktok was perfect for the s5 trip to Atlantic City.
we're in pag-ibig with this fresh presa bauble.
Simple, but clingy enough to grab your attention.
 laurik2007 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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