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posted by melody_the_cat

Sonic Adventure 2
-Knuckles only saved Rouge because he wasn't going to kill someone.
-Knuckles only sinabi sorry to her, because he just tried to beat up a girl, for gems! Now I’m starting to think Knuckles is gay (LOL).
-If you notice Shadow smiles allot at Rouge.
-When they first met, Shadow seemed to have awe in Rouge.
-Shadow saved Rouge on Prison Island from an explosion.
-But also, if he doesn't care about her, why would he rush through a forest in 10 minutes, and fight Sonic? Hmmmm...
-After that...
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posted by bannanabrain
The reason it is because Rough loves Knuckles cause in Sonic x she sinabi she loves when Knuckles is angry. She doesn't pag-ibig Shadow cause he's just a friend and Shadow loves Maria not Rough. Shadow doesn't really like Rough cause in Sonic x Shadow wanted to be alone fighting. Rough loves Knuckles and Knuckles loves rough he's just a hothead and he just doesn't want to express *Nor he ever does* But Knuckles does pag-ibig Rough I know it! The reason I know Shadow doesn't pag-ibig rough is because in one of the episodes Rough wanted to sumali Eggman's team to get puwang colony ark activated and Shadow sinabi "Huh" and turned around angry.
ok shadouge first! shadouge is real because he always saves her especially in sega! knuckles does not like her because she always tries to steal his master emerald. but i support and pag-ibig shadouge better than knuxouge! now here is espio and soul slinger the hedgehog! soul slinger always is with espio and saves nicole even though she likes espio too! nicloe is nice and all but soul slinger likes espio madami than everything! well she is nicoles friend! (smirk) but she like julie su too and helps espio find knuckles. but then amy came along and then espio ditched nicole and soul slinger. nicole didnt like him any more! but soul slinger still did! if only some peeps can make a hedegehog like shadow but with purple instead of red and ginto earings, and long pionty ears! and soul slinger can fly with out wings and she really pretty! she also has black hair like rouges style! (soul slinger is daughter of shadouge :)!!!!!!
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