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 Shadow the thug
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Brianna has a habit of being a crimanial. She robs banks with Rouge, kills people with Shadow, and she TRIES to kill Sonic! Here's a funny story of when Brianna robs a bank with Shadow for the first time.......
*******CITY BANK AT 10:00 p.m. closing time*****
Shadow: Are you ready foxy? >:)
Brianna: Yeah and dont call me FOXY!!!!
Shadow:*Puts hand over Brianna's mouth* Shh.... *Points to guards* We have to get past them to get the cash got it?
Brianna: Got it. But how?
Shadow: Do you have enough energy to use Telikeneisis?
Brianna: Shadow, I dont need enough energy to use Telikeneisis.
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Shade's P.O.V

At detention I noticed Shadow staring at me so I grabbed my black and purple quills and put them over my eyes. "W-Why are you looking at me?" I asked in a rude tone. Shadow's face turned bright red and he looked down. I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you go up to your tagahanga girls and maybe"- I couldn't answer he grabbed my face and kissed me roughly. I shrugged and pushed him. "YOU IDOIT I HATE YOU!!!" I yelled as Sonic stared at us confused. I cried and ran out as Shadow stared after me.

I got tahanan and cried on my cousin Silver. "Silver I-I need your help!" I yelled as he woke up confused....
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Shade looked up from her history textbook seeing Sonic standing there with a flirty look. Shade glared. "What do you WANT?" Shade yelled as Sonic's eyes went to a glare. "You don't have to be so rude!" "Yeah I do because your so freaking annoying!" I sinabi as my teacher glared at us. "Sonic, Shade detention. And class we have a new student Shadow the hedgehog!" My teacher sinabi as a black and red FUCKING SEXY HEDGEHOG CAME INTO THE CLASS. "I am Shadow the hedgehog." The hedgehog sinabi as all the girls fainted but when I did. Someone caught me...
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On Sonic's planet Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rough, Musa, Luna, and Misty were wondering what Eggman's susunod ilipat was.
Sonic: We have to find the emeralds and try and defeat Eggman this time!
Musa: Well, where are they located?
Sonic: Somewhere. It doesn't matter unless mad trouble comes upon us.
Tails: I'll use the communicators to paghahanap for them.
Tails goes to the communicator and presses a button.
Tails: There located at..........Ah! Here we go! The chaos emeralds are located in the deathly bowls of Lake Victoria.
Musa came to think of what the emeralds reminded her of. Shadow the Hedgehog. Musa...
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Shadow was about to use his chaos energy on Sonic, but Shadow grabbed Musa's arm.

Sonic: Hey! Wait!
Silver: YAH!!!

Shadow dissapeared with musa to his house. Musa was feeling weird. They went inside.

Musa: Nice house Shadow!

Shadow grabbed Musa and opened the door to his bedroom. He pushed her on his bed. He started starring at her so sweetly.

Shadow: Your so beautiful Musa.....
Musa: *Giggle*

Shadow was on tuktok of her and then he kissed her! Musa was blushing so hard it hurt but she didn't care. The door opened. It was Rough!

Rough: WOW!!
Shadow: *Grrr* Get out of here now!
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"Ow,ow,ow,OW!" sinabi the green hedgehog as he regained conciousness, "that must have been some party last night. Too bad I can't remember it. Actually, I can't remember anything. That must have REALLY been some party!" He stumbled over to the huge computer and used it to get balanced. Nearly falling over, he slid his fingers across the keyboard and accidentally opened a few files. He looked at the first one and the computer read it aloud: "Dear Diary, I have installed the Gizoid copy chip into the android. He can now copy any action he sees. Because i used the chip Emerl used, it should still...
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“I’m tired!!!!!!!” Dark gazed at me with a devastated look again. He slowly bent down and patted my head. My hair ruffled all over my eyes until he had let go. “Your so cute…” He bragged with a small smile halfway across his dark mysterious face. I than leaned pasulong and noticed an ice-cream cart. “Ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed while running toward it when my Shadow doll falls out my pocket. I glanced at the fallen object and watched Dark pick it up for me. “Dark?” I mumbled in a soft tone while my eyes looked toward the ground. “Who is Shadow the hedgehog anyways?”...
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Meat began attacking furiously. Jewel blocked and pushed him back. "I don't want to hurt you Ezekiah!" she said. "You died! I had to ilipat on!" "What are you talking about?" Kodi asked. "When Ezekiah was the leader of us. He was a wandering hedgehog, so I convinced the pack to take him in. We were married soon after. He had to drink the iniciation water and became leader, until he suddenly died. I then had to marry Lord Belger. He says we have to exterminate all non-wolves." "You don't have to do that." "Lord Belger is leader, and we follow him, as is customary." Meat made a series of groans....
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Shadow and musa were walking through Sonic's living room. Shadow had that same plain mad looking expression. Musa had a happy yet bored expression.
Silver walked out of the Rock out room.

Musa: Shadow, do you want to go to gitara Hero with me?
Shadow: Yes baby.
Silver: Can I come too?
Shadow: Sure.
Silver: Thanks. And it was Shadow that sinabi this time.

So Shadow, Musa, Silver walked out into the city. Shadow was going to use his chaos control to transport to gitara Hero.

Shadow: Alright you two. Stay sa pamamagitan ng me so you can transport to.
Musa: *Hugs*
Silver: I'm just going to hold your arm.
Shadow: Alright.
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In this story, you, the reader, might notice some odd words. Well that is because it's my made up language called,Efralan (EFRA-LAN). So I just wanted to clear that up before all the crazy tanong come up.
And a special thanks to the following users
for letting my use their tagahanga characters. :3

Before I go any farther, here's some information you should know about Olivia Kitt,
Name: Olivia Kitt
Initials: O.K (:D)
Full Name: Classified
Gender: Female
Age: (Efran)8 (Earth)11 Physical: 13
Home/Planet: Efra,Frith Guardian Universe...
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