sa pamamagitan ng the time i got to the compartment there were two madami boys, one with black hair and hazel eyes who had a huge grin on his face and the other who i recongnized the moment i laid eyes on him.

i opened the door gently, didn't want to break anything, now did i? " Do you mind if i sit here, there's hardly room anywhere else." i asked
Sirius turned around, now Black probably understood my situation, then again he most likley did not, but for whatever the reason he said, "Sure, take a seat, my name's Sirius, this is James Potter," he paused as if he expected me to get up and leave i knew that's probably what i should've done, what anyone in my family would've done. "Remus Lupin," he sinabi pointing to the one with the amber eyes. "and Peter Pettigrew." he sinabi lastly pointing at the kid with the watery eyes. "pleasure, my name's Royelle." I sinabi James gave me a funny look and said, "you don't happen to have a middle name, do you, or a nickname ?" he asked hopefully.

"yeah, I do it's Kari." I sinabi letting out a small giggle.

there was a knock on the door, it was a girl, she had blood red hair and green eyes that were puffy adn watery as if she was holding back tears, something i was familiar with.

"do you mind if i sit here?" she sinabi in a raspy whisper.

i could tell sirius was about to object, so before he could i said. "sure, take a seat." and smirked at him, he pouted as i grined.

she was quiet as see sat sa pamamagitan ng the the door to the compartment as if she was trying to be invisible and quite frankly that was fine with everybody execpt me. i kept looking at her every so often still listening to James' jokes but also to see if she would laugh along or give some sign that she was actually alive and that she hadn't died.

the door opened to reveal a boy that i wouldn't hang out with even if i wasn't raised to pureblood standards, Severus Snape.

his hair was greasy was fell in strands around his face. he was already wearing his school robes, nobody paid much attention to him either but Siruis made a slight face and i couldn't help make one as well.

i didn't pay much attention to their conversation, but one word stood out from the rest: Slytherin.

"who in their right mind would want to be in Slytherin?" James sinabi his eyes wide. "i'd rather be a hufflepuff." i sinabi and it was true Snape must have noticed who i was, a glare shut him up.

"what about you mate?" James asked Sirius.
"My whole families been in Slytherin." he sinabi glumly with a frown on his face.
"bloody hell, and i thought you were alright!" James exclaimed, making most of us laugh, even sirius had smiled a bit.
"but who knows maybe i'll break the tradition." he sinabi a smirk growing on his face.

"alright what house do you want to be in?" Snape asked rudely not really caring for the answer.

"Gryffindor, where dwell the bravo at puso like my father." he sinabi proudly.

"you're obviously brawns, rather than brains." Snape sinabi

"Alright, then where will you be since you obviously don't fit into either." james sinabi and that seemed to make the red head in the corner come of her own thoughts.

"come on Severus, let's go." she sinabi and walked off.

"Severus? madami like Snivellus!" Sirius shouted down the compartment making James laugh.